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Jun 20, 2024

American Revolution's Uranus Return/s Begin July 2025

Tensions Toward Insurrection Continue

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

With transit Uranus soon to lurch into Mercury-ruled Gemini, draw back into late Taurus, then lurch forward again, and considering the fact that erratic Uranus is the planet of independence, freedom, rebellion, zealotry, anarchy, upheaval, chaos, shock, disruption, separation, genius, and technology, it may be important for concerned planet watchers to keep an eye on the sky god's path through the Zodiac with a major shift from earthy Taurus into airy Gemini that will soon be upon us.

Additionally, we know that Uranus is our nation's totem planet of revolt and war and about every 84 years, it returns to position on April 19, 1775 (@00Gem32:16 at 5:00 am LMT).

Therefore, below is a tri-wheel of the three Uranus Return/s of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775) in our day with July 20, 2025 in the center, then October 24, 2025, and May 5, 2026 (outer). However, if the tri-wheel is difficult to make out, at least it provides us with a record of the three Uranus Return dates which could well be significant during 2025 into 2026, especially since 2025 will be the first year of whatever sort of presidency (or regime) We the People will be dealing with along with the malcontents who'll take exception to the order (Saturn) of the day:

Periods when Uranus is in communicating Gemini there's a tendency to take everything in a desultory or spurtlike manner. Like a bolt from the blue, quick comprehension is easy, and scientific interests and aspirations will be prominent. Yet restlessness can cause a tendency to scatter one's energies, and a new convincing orator may rise to the top of the heap. Some folks will be innovative, circumspect, creative, and well organized which can be positive or negative depending on motive, plus, original thoughts and methods may suddenly appear out of the ether and catch everyone's attention.

Now in closing, you know that quirky, often brilliant Uranus celebrates "birthdays", too, after its discovery in 1781 - in Gemini. So why not check out the maverick planet in a previous post if you wish!

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