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Jun 24, 2024

Astrology of Trump Sentencing July 11, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

On July 11, 2024, the degree of Chart-and-Sentence ruler Mercury @14Leo11 rounded-up to "15Leo" = "A Street Pageant" and there are other indications of protests, fanaticism, and potentials for violent actions in the horoscope shown, below.

For one thing (and I didn't list its potentials on the image), the incendiary pair of Mars and Uranus are snugged around the natal Midheaven ('MC'; The Goal) of convicted felon Trump. This forms a potential midpoint picture that suggests: acts of violence; putting a pistol to someone's head; execution of drastic measures; an inflexible character; desire for independence; injury; accident; surgery (paraphrasing R. Ebertin). May all who participate in the sentencing hearing stay safe!

Additionally, there's a Grand Trine, a closed circuit of energies, between the Virgo Moon, radical Uranus (conjunct enraged Algol), and wealthy manipulator Pluto (conjunct Altair the eagle: the Vatican?) and if we stretch to include Neptune 29Pis54 Rx, the Trine becomes a high-flying Kite pattern with the Moon as the tail and Neptune as the rudder. Hopefully, the protective nature of Grand Trines will apply.

Yet if we discount the Kite, it's the Moon-Neptune opposition which identifies the deceptive environment and efforts of fantasist Trump and the mass deception under which he, his wealthy enablers, and his gullible cult members have been operating under - much to the peril of America.

Meanwhile, Trump's first natal planet to rise in the sentencing chart is his 2nd house Neptune (5Lib50 Rx) which necessarily brings along the entire trio: his Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter at Station and this spotlights his grand schemes, speculative activities, hypocrisy as a tool, and his well-known tendency toward scandalous behavior:

Now for those who would appreciate an unmarked version of the July 11th sentencing chart, check out the version I've published to a new mirror blog recently set up called Stars Over Washington Reporting. It's still in its infancy stage! jc

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