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Dec 10, 2008

But who will take America's place?

Der Spiegel has an article by Wolfgang Nowak which is either a clear-eyed assessment of the coming new order, financial and otherwise, or a fascinating bit of propaganda designed to place certain ideas into the collective unconsciousness for future activation when the time is right.

(There's been a lot of that going on already, and the February 2009 Digital TV 'Divide' will make their messages even more subliminal.)

The article contains a photograph of an American flag with the caption: 'Who will take America's place?' which is where I snagged the gist of a title for this post.

Who will be the decisive powers in this new world order?, Nowak asks.

What new world order?, ask I.

Among other things, Nowak is promoting the idea that the world must pull together (my words) to solve global problems...problems which were, I might add, created by many of the same people and groups that have worked in a long process to tear down social fabrics the world over and create the chaos they think is needed so that structures can be rebuilt to their liking.

You and I are only collateral damage.

Nowak's article cites journalist Charles Krauthammer as speaking of "the dawning of a new era, (in) which for decades to come, the United States would serve as epicenter of the world order."

And this pronouncement from Krauthammer-on-high (aka the Trilateral Commission membership list, a group which has been cornering the market on gold of late, says Patrick Wood at The August Review) was uttered "just 17 years ago" - which puts it at 1991, the era of Bush Senior's public calling for the New World Order - at the United Nations.

Well, Nowak is spokesman of the executive board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society, the international forum of Deutsche Bank, so we may be assured that he has no corporate fish to fry, right?

But perhaps I'm being too harsh. Sure, that's it. It's little gnattish blogger, me. I'm the problem.

So okay. You may wish to check out the Society's new Foresight project
ostensibly created to "analyze and compare the future visions of emerging and existing world powers" in this 'multipolar world' now bereft of American leadership.

And we have US neocons and their enablers both here and abroad to thank for that.