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Apr 21, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui 1.18.84

Update July 25, 2009: Cho's medical files have been found and were 'accidentally' taken home by the doctor who once served at Cho's school. The records are said to have been packed up with other papers by Dr. Miller when he left the school's employ some 14 months prior to the shootings and were discovered by him only last week. #

Original post begins here:

It was not my intention to post Cho Seung-Hui's natal chart (or Seung-Hui Cho, if you prefer) but having a few requests for it I'm relenting.

If you click to enlarge, you'll see some chicken scratch notes I've made although there's not room around the chart for all the transiting planets for April 16, 2007, day of the Virginia Tech shootings.

I have relocated his natal chart to Blacksburg, VA which is a way of seeing how a location affects a person for I've not found the exact location of his birth in South Korea.

You see on the chart some T-square formations intepreted which are dependent upon the time (using sunrise)--ordinarily I might not mention them but they seem to apply to this melancholic, obsessive young man.

Cho's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) is in the 3 South (3S) Series and we find that Bernadette Brady, in her book, Predictive Astrology, gives this Series as:

sudden endings with an emotional component; traumatic transformations.

"His" Eclipse prior to birth occurred Dec 4, 1983--and again on Dec 14, 2001 at 22Sag56. As you know, tr Pluto has been at this degree several times of late, deepening the meaning of his PE. (Late 2001 and the first half of 2002 may be significant to his ongoing emotional traumas.)

Here are the midpoints of the T-squares - which involve his obsessive Mars/Pluto conjunction - in case you cannot read my scribbles on the chart, or in case you are not visiting SO'W in person:

Sun/Moon = Mars: drive for fulfillment; urge toward fruition; the desire for marriage;

Sun/Moon = Pluto: a soul torn by inner conflict; having a biased attitude; changed circumstances leading to separation from others;

Moon/ASC = Mars: temperamental upset at the slightest sense of frustration; moody; conflicts with women;

Moon/ASC = Pluto: over-dramatization or obsessive importance of relationships; personal relationship with tragic consequences.

On April 16, tr Ceres was conjunct tr Moon 11Ari28 (at 7:00 am edt), and testy Mars was conjunct natal Ceres (7Pis42.) Ceres, the Mother, relates to security issues, and I believe these conjs are significant due to some of Cho's natal PE and other factors such as:

Uranus conj SN: upset by changing social conditions including war, revolutions, and there's a determination to preserve traditional worthwhile values against the onslaught of fads and new social movements.

Mars conj Pluto: obsessive determination and willfulness toward goals which may be only a deep desire to prove to the self that the goal can be achieved, then it isn't desired anymore. There is an unflinching ability to face danger, even death. In a crisis the immense power of this conj can be contained until the right moment to act, then all the power of Mars/Pluto is unleashed.

The Mars/Pluto conj gives an awareness of social problems in the environment but the persuading ability becomes demanding and has a threatening quality to it which others avoid.

Jupiter conj Neptune: tends to do everything in excess. Much delusion follows a tendency to carelessly trust confidences given to others because there's an assumption that they are trustworthy. In love there is a deep desire to believe that the relationhip will lead to marriage and a spiritual understanding of social obligations is well-developed.

Cults, drugs, and charletans must be carefully avoided for there is an extreme idealism with this conjunction and a touchy emotionalism that leads to emotional disappointments.

Here are two natal midpoint pictures not dependent on birth time both of which involve lusty Venus, a planet of relationships and of values:

Sun/Saturn = Venus: suppressed feelings; lovesickness; reserve;

Uranus/Neptune = Venus: high sensitivity; reveling in love; active fantasy life; peculiar love.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, on April 16, tr Mars and tr Venus (conj tr Midas) were squared which is key to understanding Cho's actions (Mars) on that day...squares represent blockages or obstacles. This relates to the above-mentioned T-squares in his natal chart (sunrise) giving conflicts with women; relationship with tragic consequences.

Natally Cho's Moon is out-of-bounds so his emotions (Moon) were not well-integrated with the rest of the chart. There are other indications of melancholy and feelings of inferiority as well which I won't go into now and which possibly are related to his lack of eye contact mentioned by roommates.

His Sun-Moon combo is Sun Cap/Moon Cancer at sunrise, but later, on the day he was born, the Moon entered Leo.

The Sun Cap/Moon Leo seems to apply more to what we know of his personality as of yet so I'm giving that combo's Image:

After a lone, silent climb up your mountain you greet the spotlight and television cameras with flair and aplomb.

Cho was noted for his silence, yet, a Leo Moon has a reigning need for recognition and approval. The "spotlight" and tv cameras are an obvious, aren't they?

He had a lack of ego definition which often results paradoxically in an overweening egotism, and given his Mars/Pluto conj's need for control, his tendency toward lovesickness and reveling in love fantasies, and a deep sense of inferiority, I believe a spurning by the young lady in question was used by Cho to ignite his judgmental traits and obsessions. (Or perhaps it was a mind ocntrol issue?)

My hope is that this is all I will be posting on this young man, and my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and friends of the victims and with the Cho family who are under such a crushing burden.