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Aug 18, 2021

December 2021 Solar Eclipse and Biden's Jupiter Rx

November-December 2021: 'Cosmic Blink' Eclipses and President Joe Biden

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday August 18, 2021: As you know, planet Jupiter can play multiple roles in a mundane horoscope such as financier, banker, corporatist, politician, broadcaster, and/or reverend or guru. In that spirit, let's spotcheck the natal exalted in Cancer Jupiter (Rx) of Joe Biden by using the December 4, 2021 Solar Eclipse Horoscope as a transit chart.

You'll find the 5 (New) South Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2021 on the List of 2021 Solar and Lunar Eclipses and as you see below in the 5 New South Eclipse Horoscope, transit Pluto @25Cap07 opposes for the third and final time President Joe Biden's natal Jupiter Rx @25Can08 (in his natal 8th house). Obviously, powerful forces oppose his financial and political goals, and the power struggle continues. This difficult opposition was noted in a previous post as, "Pluto opposite natal Jupiter (3x): January 29, 2021, August 4, 2021, December 4, 2021: Difficult legal and financial battles, power issues, avoid gurus including religious ones." Check out other transits in Karmic Planets Block President Biden's Plans into 2022 (and his planets!).

Yes, reforms, proposals, improvements, and legislative success of the Biden adminstration have been blocked, resisted, criticized, and/or delayed with the most recent example the ongoing catastrophe of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan when the Afghan army unexpectedly laid down its guns and accepted Taliban rule. This with transit Uranus, planet of shocks and the unexpected, conjunct the US Inaugural Ascendant.

Of course, multiple other planetary transits are in force this year into 2022 for President Biden and thus for America, some of which involve President Biden's natal Mars (unaspected). In fact, a Mars Return occurs for him on November 17, 2021 as notated, lower right corner with a square (blockage) from transit Saturn and a possibly perilous opposition from transit Uranus, thus forming a dynamic T-Square with potentials for: 'injuries: accidents; violent destruction; separations'; and/or 'a lack of adaptability' (R. Ebertin). Of course, with erratic Uranus involved, none of these potentials may express at all.

Here's an excerpt from the post linked, above, concerning an unaspected Mars:

"Natal Mars with no contacts or influence from other natal planets can act in an unrestrained, direct manner, and a build-up of negative Mars traits (anger, aggression, willfulness, lack of control, etc) may suddenly erupt in a temper tantrum or a show of force. However, maturity helps control such Martian tendencies with Mr. Biden's Scorpio Mars suggesting the potential for taking secret or hidden actions."

Meanwhile, some stabilizing cosmic assistance can be seen through the Saturn trine natal Saturn transit (highlighted in green) from 9 Aquarius to 9 Gemini, both mental Air signs, as you know. Old man Saturn represents karma and also the extensive experience of politician and former Senator, Joe Biden, plus, his long-time colleagues and friends who advise him - and with Saturn wearing his responsibility-and-accountability hat, Biden's recent use of President Truman's "the buck stops here" is indicated. Lesson-bringer and taskmaster Saturn approves.

Now in the bi-wheel, below, President Biden's natal chart (1942) surrounds the December Solar Eclipse Horoscope (2021), inner, a backwards way of showing the transits but I think it works.

Notably, the 5 New South Eclipse @12Sag22 ('benefits' and 'good news! - B. Brady) conjuncts or 'hits' the Ascendant in our July 4, 1776 horoscopes set for late afternoon, used by many astrologers though not by others. This personalizes the eclipse for America for those who use a mid-Sag Ascendant for the USA:

A Solar Return Full Moon according to the houses and signs involved indicates a phase of completion, culmination of cooperative efforts, tension, and/or some form of discordancy: a Revelation or a Change of Direction May Also Be Indicated (as with all eclipses)

Not shown in this post but a cosmic event which must be mentioned is the December 2021 Solar Eclipse's Syzygy Moon, a Lunar Eclipse @27Tau14, which eclipses Joe Biden's natal Sun at his Solar Return 2021 (which perfects on November 19th rather than the 20th: Sun @27Sco33 with a Solar Return Moon @00Gem58 conjunct North Node (direction); a Gemini SR Moon suggests fast-paced events, communications, paperwork, and/or agreement issues on the menu, plus, gossip, frayed nerves, or questions of unreliability may be prominent. Of course, this Lunar Eclipse could only indicate promiment or important events for Joe Biden's White House, or something disruptive, scandalous, or even health-related.

And significantly, the Pluto-opposite-natal-Jupiter-Rx transit conjoins the MC-IC Angles when the Lunar Eclipse Horoscope is set for Washington DC - with transit Pluto at the Foundation Point of the chart.

Now I realize that this post may be something of a head-scratcher but do add your thoughts in an on-topic comment if you wish, and, as always, your social network Shares are encouraging and always much appreciated! Jude