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Mar 6, 2024

Putin's Eclipse repeats in October 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Today as I watched Mary Ann's Revealing Light Tarot reading Vladimir Putin in 2024 - War Plans and Failure I was inspired to post here the Horoscope of Putin's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE") in the 8 South Saros Series primarily because an 8 South Eclipse repeats on October 2, 2024 @10Libra.

Besides being the PE of America's 2024 Election, it is also Putin's "personal eclipse series" with themes of "loss, separation, sad partings," and possible "physical injury" (B. Brady). So considering the number of injuries and deaths this Russian politician and former KGB agent has caused in the world, it seems appropriate that 8 South will repeat while his barbaric war against Ukraine, and his plan to reconstitute the "Soviet Union," are occurring simultaneously, and with other countries in his raptor's gaze as well.

So with my study notes penned on the charts, here's a dual image of Putin's generally accepted natal horoscope (lower left) along with the 1952 manifestation of his 8 North Eclipse @27Leo31 (upper right); aspects to the eclipse are listed (left side) and there are two of them: a square from Mars in Scorpio, and a conjunction with Pluto in Leo, both descriptive of the vengeful man whose Mars-Pluto energies activate in October 2024 along with his 8 South Eclipse themes:

Speaking of elderly politicians in the US (as so many do), October 2024 brings Putin his 72nd birthday - so he's no spring chicken either!

A Closely Related Post: Horoscopes: Putin Inauguration 2000 w/ Biden-Putin Meeting June 2021.

Feb 22, 2024

Biden SOTU Mar 7, 2024: An Accounting

SOTU 2024 Mercury Conjunct Hera

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As you've heard, President Biden's 2024 SOTU Address is scheduled for March 7, 2024.

Considering current events in the irksome political sphere, this should be a very engaging State of the Union, don't you think? Especially if we factor in the date of the annual address, chosen by House Speaker Mike "Moses" Johnson and his Maga comrades, for one reason because it's sandwiched between the two financial "tranches" set for March 1st and March 8th, leading to a likely Republican government shutdown atop the Maga agenda circa 2024. What a tiresome bunch of saboteurs they are. And why do these n'er-do-wells receive paychecks for their "service" to the American people?

Orating Mercury @26 Pisces: "A New Moon That Divides Its Influence." This would be SOTU 2024's Syzygy Moon @5Vir23 which manifested on February 24, 2024 - except that that, the previous lunation, was a Full Moon. Then perhaps the Sabian Symbol refers to the next New Moon coming after President Biden's Address which is the New Moon of March 10, 2024 @20Pis17. Rounded up we have a curious degree full of possibilities: "21 Pisces" = "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant." (My italics, multiple potentials.)

Here's a list of State of the Union Addresses through the years. Typically, we'll hear a list of Mr. Biden's legislative and other accomplishments which are significant and worthy of respect, despite what his backbiting opponents allege. And with SOTU 2024's messenger planet Mercury conjunct Hera, an accounting of sorts will be provided by the president.

So for your consideration, below is a dual image of the SOTU 2024 Horoscope/s set for the speculative hours of 8:00 pm EST (lower left) and 9:00 pm EST (upper right). A few of my notes are penned on the image, and of course it may be necessary to adjust the timing of the SOTU 2024 Horoscope once a correct hour has been announced:

Sun-Moon and the Quality of the Day

In closing, here are quotes from two brilliant men who were born with the Water-Air Sun Pisces-Moon Aquarius combo shared by SOTU 2024. This blend of conscious and unconscious energies reveals humanitarian motives, progressive thinking, and a tolerance for all kinds of people.

"The humblest citizen of all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error." - William Jennings Bryan.

"Life will be richer and better for all of us if we will make a journey in truth along quiet pathways of philosophy." - Manly Palmer Hall.

And finally, here's an Image for Integration supplied by The Harveys in their excellent Sun Sign-Moon Sign book (#ad) which seems applicable to our circumstances in more ways than one, so see what you think:

"A boy scout swims five miles in a campaign to raise money for the peace movement."

Jan 30, 2024

Horoscope: Jordan May 25, 1946

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and World Peace

With the humanitarian tragedy in the Middle East worsening since the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel, Palestinian refugees have few options for reaching safety for their families. However, Jordan is acccepting Palestinians into their country so perhaps the May 25, 1946 horoscope of Jordan may be informative for those who wish to see the planetary influences operative during this dangerous time.

Adding to the complexities in the region, three American deaths by drone have occurred in the country and tension is high, yet President Biden now says he's decided how to respond to the attack in Jordan.

So below you see Jordan's noon horoscope, number 174 in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes (#ad). You'll notice that a few of Jordan's positions are close to the natal positions of D. Trump since he was born in New York USA approximately three weeks later; a few astro-notes are penned on the chart which may or may not be useful:

A previous post: Hamas' Founding Eclipse which repeated in 2023.

And this bi-wheel from 2021: Israel with the May 2021 Lunar Eclipse and a Nemesis Return!

Oct 2, 2023

Baseless Impeachment Undermines US Authority, says Saturn

Enemies of America Busier Than Ever

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

When the Impeachment of President William J. Clinton took place on December 19, 1998, House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his Republican comrades thought they were destroying the Democratic presidency of the 42nd President of the United States. Two articles of impeachment were entered: lying under oath (about an illicit sexual affair!) and obstruction of justice (aka, standing in the way of his Republican opponents' goal of removing him from the White House).

Yet with 'Bill' a highly popular president, the American people were having none of it so Republican machinations against Mr. Clinton, unsubstantially based to begin with, didn't turn out to be as harmful as they'd intended. Hillary had outed the "vast right-wing conspiracy" but it needed more practice to achieve its anti-societal aims. However, certain results did occur, and of these I fuss today!

Fuss because the Clinton impeachment campaign (and his unsavory behavior - but no "high crimes") undermined the reputation and authority of America and of the US Presidency around the world by the late 1990s and into the New Millennium. With the weakness of the Republican impeachment argument against President Clinton, the GOP went a-searching for justification just as they've attempted in 2023 - and have become laughingstocks.

A Tarnished Political Party - But Which One?

Back then, America's authority and reputation were tarnished by zealous Republican anarchists - just as the GOP-MAGA zealots try to do now against Democratic President Biden via his son, Hunter. And during both periods of time (1995/96 and 2023), GOP efforts to shutdown the government while they stew in tantrum mode occurred (more damage) and are occurring in order to make their Democratic rival for the White House 'look bad' at the 2024 election. Radical reactionary GOP-ers are really quite predictable, aren't they? No good policies from them for the American people, only malicious obstructionism and spiteful schemes of sabotage (exs: J6; government shutdown; Project 2025).

Pouty McPoutfaces then, Pouty McPoutfaces now

President Clinton's second Inauguration occurred January 20, 1997, and 1998 was also a very eventful year as US SP Saturn was getting underway in backward, inwardly turned motion; therefore presidential authority had subtly shifted and was not as 'looked up to' as our exalted Saturn had been. After all, an impeached president isn't a 'good look' for a boastful America, leader of the free world, as we styled ourselves. Of course, symbolically, US Saturn had progressed from Libra into Scorpio some time back but that's beyond the scope of this post. The point here is that by progression, US Saturn stood still in a manner of speaking, on January 4, 1997, changing direction - and that particular point in time is what you see in the horoscope, below, with a real time transit chart underneath showing Saturn conjunct Aries Point +1 degree:

And below are the planets at 9:09 am EST on January 4, 1997 Washington DC ('Trs' = transits), 16 days prior to Bill Clinton's second Inauguration. Wonder if Bill ever thanked the Republicans for re-electing him!

Saturn Rx Energy: Washington a Law Unto Itself?

So given the importance of karmic planet Saturn when it comes to authority, accountability, reputation, authenticity, limitation, consolidation, and other things such as government, law, and business, America's 1776 Saturn, exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, suggests that the US system of justice has also been affected by Saturn retrograde by progression and, symbolically, no longer in Libra. Plus, Saturn represents the safety urge and with its energies turned inward toward isolationism, little if any concern may be shown toward the consequences of America's actions which are often taken independently. On some levels, SP Saturn Rx reminds me of an unaspected Saturn, capable of acting without conscience in a lawless manner, never mind the collateral damage.

Now if any of these Saturnian shifts and conditions suggest to you the feeling that many Americans have noticed in recent years - that our national leadership, and others in authority (CEOs, etc), act as if they're above the law, domestically and in the world, while wearing a mantle of authenticity - then sorrowfully, dear reader, I must say that you and I appear to be on the same page.

And so! In November 2024, let's not further lower the US presidential office and America's standing in the world by allowing a convicted criminal and fraudster to take the helm of the Oval Office, agreed?

May 30, 2023

Summer 2023: Saturn, Pluto, and Marjorie Taylor Greene

That Fussy Sedition Caucus on Capitol Hill

by Jude Cowell

Below is the 'noon' natal horoscope of maga woman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who behaves as a troublemaker (her Uranus in Libra); surrounding her chart are the planets of May 27, 2023, representing the weekend that "Debt Ceiling Deal" was brokered between President Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, a manufactured crisis, as you know.

Joe Biden was actually negotiating the nation's budget, not the made-up debt ceiling crisis with America's budgetary year running from October 1 to Septmber 30 so now, magas are running around with their wigs on fire while members of the Progressive caucus of Democrats are criticizing the deal as well. Of course, the legislation must pass through both the House and Senate before it reaches the President's desk, so patience with the process will be a virtue for us all.

Currently, karmic Saturn, planet of laws and lawmakers, in early Pisces now squares Greene's Sun in early Gemini, suggesting obstacles to her goal/s, yet transit Pluto, here @00AQ12 Rx, trines her Sun, making her feel powerful and in control. We see this displayed when she's temporarily given the House gavel to bang, and I'm sure you saw House democrats burst into laughter a few days ago when she had the audacity to "remind" the House to abide by the "decorum" of the House while banging her little borrowed maga gavel. The phrase, she's one to talk comes quickly to mind.

So here's a 'noon' natal horoscope of the Greene woman with May 27, 2023 planets highlighted in green and penned around the chart. Note transit Saturn is hitting her Sun-Neptune midpoint (see bottom right corner), and across the noon ASC-DESC axis, the transiting Saturn-Pluto midpoint (18AQ31) opposes her natal Saturn-Pluto midpoint @19Leo05! You'll also spy other planetary contacts to her natals even without an accurate birth time for the maga troublemaker, and beneath the image I'll add notes on the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') she was born into, the 12 North which is not penned on the chart:

12 North occurred December 24, 1973 with Themes of "accepting greater responsibilities due to another person being unable to carry on" (Brady). Speaker McCarthy? Is that You, Kevin?


News Alert 2:07 pm edt: in his Live broadcast, Thom Hartmann just reported that Dan Bishop (R-NC) has cited the "option to remove McCarthy" from the Speakership. Thom asks if removing Kevin negates the deal and blows up the economy, will Biden still be blamed for the crash? Well, we know without a doubt that, based on their past behavior, guilty Republicans would try to deflect the blame as they've tried before! If House Republicans can scare up enough votes, that is.

Dec 6, 2022

Scandals and Smears: On the Moon of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden 2009; acaben, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Hunter Biden February 4, 1970 Wilmington, Delaware

by Jude Cowell

With December holidays quickly approaching and an abundance of political issues heating up daily news cycles, no time has been spent by yours truly writimg about the natal horoscope of Hunter Biden. The constant drip drip by Republicans to make a huge deal over the laptop of President Biden's son (which has amounted to nothing, last I heard), plus, other potential Republican dirty tricks intended to make President Biden "cry" on camera have yet to turn up on my draft list of SO'W posts-in-waiting so here's a link to the 'noon' natal horoscope of second son Hunter Biden, its accuracy rated only X (time unknown). We could say that his 'noon' natal chart reveals 'what we know so far'.

Then as regular readers may know, this Capricorn gets fussy if it seems necessary to write about an individual's natal chart when there's no birth time known, so there's another reason I've held back from posting about Hunter Biden and the GOP's dirty tricks being employed against him meant to harm his father, current president and a potential 2024 candidate. Why, Hunter's natal Moon has not one but two possible signs to add to his 15AQ Sun: either Capricorn or Aquarius which makes a consideration of his personality blend more complex.

For context: the BBC's Hunter Biden: The struggles and scandals of the US president's son.

Capricorn Moon or Aquarius Moon?

So which lunar sign might it be for Hunter Biden, born on February 4, 1970? Due to the early loss of his mother and baby sister, I lean toward a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon but let's consider a brief overview of the two lunar signs which reveal clues about a person's reigning emotional need:

Capricorn Moon potentials include a repressed emotional life, a sober, practical, and business-like outlook on life, patience, endurance, a sense of duty, and awareness of responsibility. Considering the tragedy in his childhood, resorting to negative escapism such as drug use would be an obvious go-to for most people dealing with such a deeply depressive loss, and perhaps with the aftershock effect of feeling responsible for what they're not responsible for, along with suffering from feelings of helplessness and deep melancholy.

Perhaps we can agree that heavy emotional baggage suits a Capricorn Moon.

Aquarius Moon potentials are somewhat lighter and provide good powers of observation, deep concern for other people's troubles, an understanding and sympathethic nature, readiness to help others, the ability to change, a love of independence, and an abundance of hopes and wishes. (My italics.)

Two other facts about Hunter Biden's natal Moon: it's out-of-bounds of the earthly plane as no other of his planets are which increases the potential for estrangement from or loss of his mother, and on his day of birth the Moon left Capricorn and entered Aquarius at 11:20 pm which gives him better odds of being born under the rays of a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon.

For more Moon Sign details see The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin #ad.)

Oct 19, 2021

Nov 2021 Lunar Eclipse hits US Constitution's MC-IC

Tuesday October 19, 2021: Below is a bi-wheel with the US Constitution Horoscope, inner, and the November 19, 2021 Lunar Eclipse @27Tau14, outer. As you see, the MC-IC angles of the 1787 Horoscope will be spotlighted by the eclipse across the Taurus-Scorpio axis so we must wonder if it's simply a matter of secrets or inconvenient facts revealed or does it relate to some sort of culmination or fulfillment phase involving the horoscope's Security and Public Status Axis? Perhaps 'all of the above' as hostile forces continue their sabotage against this venerable Freedom Document at the heart of America's founding:

Curiously, asteroid Phaethon arrives in his chariot along with the Eclipse Moon, so both conjunct the Constitution's IC, the foundation of the matter. Meanwhile, conjunct the Constitution's MC, The Goal Point, in 1787 is asteroid Diana insisting upon freedom and independence. Also at IC you see the Moon-North-Node conjunction which signifies "immune system" (R. Ebertin) and adds to our sense of the US Constitution's under-assault condition and the need to repel hostile forces - and to preserve it and work within the system to make sensible changes and improvements. Yes, it is time for an update if the changes are sensible and beneficial but personally I can and will never trust anti-constitutional GOP saboteurs to do the tinkering under the document's hood. Who in their right mind could?

Now speaking of Saturnian stability, consolidation, and increasing wisdom (were we?) you see how transit Saturn @8AQ08 conjuncts the document's Ascendant (chart source: Campion #377 4:00 pm LMT) with the third of three conjunctions exact on November 20, 2021 just after the Lunar Eclipse. Therefore, a serious sense of heaviness has been in force for some time and will increase as 2021 draws to a close. For the US Constitution and its supporters this is a sobering period with future transits coming that will tell more of the tale. Limitations are a potential of the Saturnian transit along with responsibilities which may seem burdensome to some. Yet with karmic Saturn already within orb of the document's 1787 Ascendant, our recognition of difficult conditions and constitutional crisis is obviously underway for those who pay attention to such weighty societal matters. With the scofflaws we have making trouble these days, everyone probably should.

Then there's:

Transit Saturn conjunct 1787 Pluto (@14AQ12 Rx prominent in 1st house) bringing power and control issues with a potential for the loss of control in situations that are simply too large to handle, exact in January 2022 so that sober feelings will increase and grow as 2022 dawns and proceeds. We must watch for even more insidious attacks upon our Freedom Document using state laws and lawsuits, however ill-written they may be.

Now as you see, transit Jupiter @24AQ00 conjoins 1787 Saturn, one of the indications that changes are underway, or should be. Jupiter and Saturn are known as the 'societal planets' and this transit typically suggests a partial lifting of responsibilities and/or restrictions so we'll see if something of that nature hits the news wires soon. Or perhaps it already has and I missed it. Alternately, it may simply indicate that hard work and careful planning will be rewarded, or, that our system's tradition of checks'n'balances is under scrutiny since we already know it's under assault. And naturally, we may expect that the US Supreme Court is involved.

US Constitution's Saturn Return/s: Legalities and Commitments

Then with karmic aplomb, the 1787 document will once again have a Saturn Return (@23AQ22 Rx - actually a three-fer return exact on April 16, 2022, July 25, 2022, and January 10, 2023 - dates are listed in the center of the bi-wheel). This period may seem discouraging at times but will also provide opportunities for Americans to reaffirm our commitment to America's founding principles and traditions. After all, the natal trine of 1787 between karmic Saturn and idealistic Neptune suggests that the document inherently contains a good balance between rational ideas and intuitive ones, plus, it is based on good ethics and values - things we should retain. So when transit Saturn returns to its 1787 degree in 2022 and 2023, Mr. Reliable will again trine 1787 Neptune in Libra so that spiritual development and karmic progress can be made - assuming that people at the helm of our country during that time are those who prefer America's founding principles and traditions and are determined to preserve them.

In closing, since the asteroid is prominently conjunct the November 19, 2021 Lunar Eclipse, here's a bit about Phaethon who was unprepared but assumed responsibility (a Saturn word!) anyway. Perhaps this cosmic picture will relate to the revelatory power of the Lunar Eclipse (and uncover a scandal or two) and must also involve President Biden because the Eclipse 'eclipses' his natal Scorpio Sun-Venus conjunction.

For a look beyond November 2021 try the Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope set for Washington DC.

Aug 18, 2021

December 2021 Solar Eclipse and Biden's Jupiter Rx

November-December 2021: 'Cosmic Blink' Eclipses and President Joe Biden

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday August 18, 2021: As you know, planet Jupiter can play multiple roles in a mundane horoscope such as financier, banker, corporatist, politician, broadcaster, and/or reverend or guru. In that spirit, let's spotcheck the natal exalted in Cancer Jupiter (Rx) of Joe Biden by using the December 4, 2021 Solar Eclipse Horoscope as a transit chart.

You'll find the 5 (New) South Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2021 on the List of 2021 Solar and Lunar Eclipses and as you see below in the 5 New South Eclipse Horoscope, transit Pluto @25Cap07 opposes for the third and final time President Joe Biden's natal Jupiter Rx @25Can08 (in his natal 8th house). Obviously, powerful forces oppose his financial and political goals, and the power struggle continues. This difficult opposition was noted in a previous post as, "Pluto opposite natal Jupiter (3x): January 29, 2021, August 4, 2021, December 4, 2021: Difficult legal and financial battles, power issues, avoid gurus including religious ones." Check out other transits in Karmic Planets Block President Biden's Plans into 2022 (and his planets!).

Yes, reforms, proposals, improvements, and legislative success of the Biden adminstration have been blocked, resisted, criticized, and/or delayed with the most recent example the ongoing catastrophe of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan when the Afghan army unexpectedly laid down its guns and accepted Taliban rule. This with transit Uranus, planet of shocks and the unexpected, conjunct the US Inaugural Ascendant.

Of course, multiple other planetary transits are in force this year into 2022 for President Biden and thus for America, some of which involve President Biden's natal Mars (unaspected). In fact, a Mars Return occurs for him on November 17, 2021 as notated, lower right corner with a square (blockage) from transit Saturn and a possibly perilous opposition from transit Uranus, thus forming a dynamic T-Square with potentials for: 'injuries: accidents; violent destruction; separations'; and/or 'a lack of adaptability' (R. Ebertin). Of course, with erratic Uranus involved, none of these potentials may express at all.

Here's an excerpt from the post linked, above, concerning an unaspected Mars:

"Natal Mars with no contacts or influence from other natal planets can act in an unrestrained, direct manner, and a build-up of negative Mars traits (anger, aggression, willfulness, lack of control, etc) may suddenly erupt in a temper tantrum or a show of force. However, maturity helps control such Martian tendencies with Mr. Biden's Scorpio Mars suggesting the potential for taking secret or hidden actions."

Meanwhile, some stabilizing cosmic assistance can be seen through the Saturn trine natal Saturn transit (highlighted in green) from 9 Aquarius to 9 Gemini, both mental Air signs, as you know. Old man Saturn represents karma and also the extensive experience of politician and former Senator, Joe Biden, plus, his long-time colleagues and friends who advise him - and with Saturn wearing his responsibility-and-accountability hat, Biden's recent use of President Truman's "the buck stops here" is indicated. Lesson-bringer and taskmaster Saturn approves.

Now in the bi-wheel, below, President Biden's natal chart (1942) surrounds the December Solar Eclipse Horoscope (2021), inner, a backwards way of showing the transits but I think it works.

Notably, the 5 New South Eclipse @12Sag22 ('benefits' and 'good news! - B. Brady) conjuncts or 'hits' the Ascendant in our July 4, 1776 horoscopes set for late afternoon, used by many astrologers though not by others. This personalizes the eclipse for America for those who use a mid-Sag Ascendant for the USA:

A Solar Return Full Moon according to the houses and signs involved indicates a phase of completion, culmination of cooperative efforts, tension, and/or some form of discordancy: a Revelation or a Change of Direction May Also Be Indicated (as with all eclipses)

Not shown in this post but a cosmic event which must be mentioned is the December 2021 Solar Eclipse's Syzygy Moon, a Lunar Eclipse @27Tau14, which eclipses Joe Biden's natal Sun at his Solar Return 2021 (which perfects on November 19th rather than the 20th: Sun @27Sco33 with a Solar Return Moon @00Gem58 conjunct North Node (direction); a Gemini SR Moon suggests fast-paced events, communications, paperwork, and/or agreement issues on the menu, plus, gossip, frayed nerves, or questions of unreliability may be prominent. Of course, this Lunar Eclipse could only indicate promiment or important events for Joe Biden's White House, or something disruptive, scandalous, or even health-related.

And significantly, the Pluto-opposite-natal-Jupiter-Rx transit conjoins the MC-IC Angles when the Lunar Eclipse Horoscope is set for Washington DC - with transit Pluto at the Foundation Point of the chart.

Now I realize that this post may be something of a head-scratcher but do add your thoughts in an on-topic comment if you wish, and, as always, your social network Shares are encouraging and always much appreciated! Jude

Jul 27, 2021

Uranus-Pluto: Can Biden's American Rescue Plan end the Reagan Revolution?

Uranus-Pluto: A Pair of Revolutionary Planets and Their Midpoint then and now

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday July 27, 2021: Since the first hearing of the House Select Committee on 1/6 has ended at 1:00 pm edt with intense Mercury-Pluto conjunct Ascendant @26Lib59, and chart-ruler Venus in fact-based Virgo making no applying aspects but squares the Nodal Axis: inappropriate social reactions (by some such as secessionist Republican Taylor Greene - and detailed today by four testifying police officers), I'm adding a link to some of Thom Hartmann's commentary concerning the Biden administration's economic efforts on behalf of our country and people about which, Thom asks, Does the American Rescue Plan Signal the End of the Reagan Revolution?

As he has before, Thom cites Peter Turchin's piece in Nature (published 10 years ago) in which he notes that we would see "massive political upheaval in 2020 because politics tends to go in cycles of around between 40 and 60 years, most often 50 years." And since cycles are the stock in trade for all astrologers, it's only natural that our curiosity should perk up concerning Turchin's prediction, yes? As Above, So Below. Or as some of us think of the concept, "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."

Mr. Turchin had then predicted that "we'd see people in the streets" (last year, 2020) "like we hadn't seen since the late 1960s -" and most astrologers easily recognize the riotous influences of the Great Conjunctions of zealous anarchist Uranus, the Utopian rebel, and powerful planet of transformation and death, Pluto, the hidden hand, in the mid-1960s, in mid-Virgo, across the victim-savior axis.

And as I've noted here and elsewhere months ago, the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint in mid-Pisces had for some time been precisely opposing the degrees of the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction of the 1960s, a cosmic circumstance I tend to ascribe to a triggering of such rebellious energies of upheaval and social protest against the lack or loss of rights, and, via the Black Lives Matter movement - in 2020 demanding that 'slave patrol' style police officers stop killing people of color which, of course, was triggered primarily by the cruel execution of George Floyd. Add the current transit of Neptune in Pisces opposing US natal Neptune in Virgo and we have racial, social, and religious persecution, in addition to the violent reactions and rebellion against authority made timely by the Saturn-Uranus square in rigid, stubborn Fixed signs as old and new ideas and methods clash.

Then notably today at 1:00 pm edt, we find that the transiting midpoint of Uranus-Pluto has moved on to 19Pis59 - conjunct the 1:00 pm Moon suggesting potentials for 'daring; ambition; determination; intuition; restlessness; bringing about changes by force' (R. Ebertin). Perhaps Luna is Rep. Liz Cheney! Of course, you know that transiting Neptune Rx @22Pis58 is nearby as well and with transit Uranus-Pluto within orb, society's current conditions of 'insecurity, uncertainty', and, for some mentally or emotionaly unbalanced folk, 'neuroses' are unfortunately activated (R. Ebertin).

Bad Policies and Financial Scams Always Make Social Conditions Worse

Then for economic considerations such as financial transformation in the US sometimes called the Reagan Revolution, Thom adds the fact that, "-- 50 years ago, in 1971, the modern conservative era was kicked off with the Powell Memo "(see link, below), "which started building a massive conservative infrastructure and led to the election of Reagan. Like old Confederate statues," Thom continues, "the shine on St. Ronny seems to have turned rather green." Thus the speculation that the 'Reagan Revolution' may finally be ending with Biden initiatives - and taking 40 years of social and economic harm, including the discredited "trickle down" scam against the American people, with it.

If so, it's a case of good riddance and huzzah.

For more details on such riotous topics, eclipses, and more, see a previous SO'W post from 2020: Summer 2020: Uranus-Pluto and Crisis Across America. Perhaps the title of the post and my commentary within seemed overblown or hyperbolic to some SO'W readers in 2020 but after the Trump Mob Coup Attempt of January 6th, this may no longer be the case especially for those who recognize the benefits of facing reality no matter how harsh so that our side's Uranus-Pluto energies and other resources can be harnessed to fight back against radical reactionaries of the fascist/neo-nazi persuasion.

The Capitol police officers fought such forces on 1/6, as they testified today to defending Democracy against the violent mob sent there, as one officer, Mr. Dunn, stated, sent by "a hitman."

So if you, dear reader, have any qualms about the true identity of said "hitman," I must wonder why in the world you would be wasting your precious time reading Stars Over Washington!

Also related: 1971: Nixon, Gold, Jupiter-Neptune, and a Solar Eclipse Series ends; The Powell Memo: a Genesis of Corporatism in Control ('noon' horoscope shown); Astrology of Reagan's First Inauguration 1981 (chart shown, links to his Inaugural address); and Reaganomics Eclipse 1981 a Turning Point for America (horoscope shown).

Above image: a vintage depiction of the US Capitol Building.

Apr 12, 2021

Karmic Planets block President Biden's Plans into 2022

April 12, 2021: Photo: President Joseph R. Biden {public domain}

2021 into 2022: Cosmic Influences Affecting the White House

by Jude Cowell

Well, it isn't as if a major shift of the US government's policies and tone to a more democratic position of logic and compassion could be easy after years of Tr*mpian mismanagement, anti-constitutional actions, lawlessness, and plain old brutality. Therefore, it must be no surprise to you, dear reader, that beneficial planetary influences upon President Biden's natal planets will be partially mitigated going forward by a few difficult planetary transits from karmic planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Karmic because they take a long time to get where they're going and represent a build up of energies and conditions which must eventually be dealt with via the planets they aspect.

So below are prominent transits now in progress - squares, oppositions, sesquisquares - that pop out at yours truly and suggest an extended period of blockages and obstacles to President Biden's plans and goals with forces and people (planets as actors) standing in the way of his, of our, of America's path to progress and improvement. And sadly for the common good, such blockages are what we've learned to expect from radical reactionary Republicans and their wealthy authoritarian enablers.

Note that 'coming soon' transits are italicized:

Pluto sesquisquare natal Saturn (5x, twice in 2020; 3 of 5): January 23, 2021, August 13, 2021, November 27, 2021. Goals are severely criticized and secretly or indirectly undermined.

Pluto opposite natal Jupiter (3x): January 29, 2021, August 4, 2021, December 4, 2021. Difficult legal and financial battles, power issues, avoid gurus including religious ones.

Saturn opposite natal Pluto (3x): February 17, 2021, September 20, 2021, October 31, 2021. Battles for authority and control with no clear victor, larger forces attempt manipulation of events and/or people, a transformed sense of responsibility and authority.

Saturn square natal Mars (3x): April 19, 2021, June 26, 2021, January 7, 2022. Derailed plans, patient, calm persistence required, hard work, eventual success.

Neptune sesquisquare natal Pluto (3x): April 25, 2021, August 28, 2021, February 24, 2022. A confusing time when goals and objectives require reassessment for best results.

Uranus opposite natal Mars (3x): June 4, 2021 (with energetic Mars conjunct his natal Jupiter exalted in Cancer, possibly a financial indicator), November 4, 2021, March 25, 2022. Unpredictable people and events, possible danger, threatened security, unstable conditions, quarrels, rebellion or revolt.

Now naturally, these transits to natal planets activate any of their aspects in the natal horoscope. A prominent exception in President Biden's natal chart is his unaspected Mars @12Sco35 in 11th house of Groups and Associations (but depending on the house system used, very near his 12th cusp or inside the Unconscious 12th house.) Natal Mars with no contacts or influence from other natal planets can act in an unrestrained, direct manner, and a build-up of negative Mars traits (anger, aggression, willfulness, lack of control, etc) may suddenly erupt in a temper tantrum or a show of force. However, maturity helps control such Martian tendencies with Mr. Biden's Scorpio Mars suggesting the potential for taking secret or hidden actions.

Yet to me, the most interesting natal aspect is his Saturn-Pluto sextile which has, and can at some point, become the base of a YOD pattern by transit or progression whenever a planet reaches the apex degrees of 7 - 10 Capricorn (YODs can time a crisis, karmic opportunity, or special task). On its own, a Saturn-Pluto sextile indicates one who insists upon having detailed information before making decisions, is a good organizer, defends against victimization, and often deals with issues of power and control (A. Epstein). Plus, a fortunate objective of the sextile for our difficult societal conditions is a desire to refine or reform authoritarian forms of government, a massive effort which seems to be underway!

And if we wish to include one fortunate transit that can mitigate any or all of the above influences, it has to be transit Saturn trine Biden's natal Saturn which puts him easily in touch with like-minded people, forms a measure of stability to his governing methods, and provides for a balanced approach due to the wisdom he's gained from past mistakes and experiences. This beneficial trine has and will occur three times in 2021: in March, August, and December.

More about Neptune's Influence: Scandal or Inspiration?

Now prior to Election 2020, many observations were expressed online about the fact that transit Neptune in Pisces was knocking on the natal 4th house door of Joe Bidenandnd dire predictions were suggested. The final of three exact conjunctions to his Pisces IC occurred on February 19, 2021 so the karmic planet of undermining, dissolution, erosion, deception, theft, and loss is now floating within Biden's 4th house of Domestic Scene, one of the Psychological houses. And of course, with Astrology being all about polarities, Neptune's nebulous energies can boomerang into his 10th house of Career and Public Status as well suggesting how his opponents are searching for old or new scandals to exploit against him and the Democrats. However, Neptune transiting 4th house indicates circumstances that require flexibility, adaptability, inspired thoughts and actions, and, in this particular case, represents the presence of secret service agents within Mr. Biden's environment. My guess is that Joe Biden's natal Uranus trine Neptune provides him with the ability to side-step influences from lower or degrading forces by correctly handling higher levels of consciousness, utilizing a natural talent for seeing through illusion and dishonesty, and identify a man with highly developed intuition which can raise our society to a higher plane.

For another consideration see the Biden-Harris Confirmed January 7, 2021 Horoscope - with Nemesis rising.

Joseph Biden's natal horoscope.

A Closing Note: As you see, these transits to Joe Biden's natal planets give us only a basic look at the cosmic weather affecting him and thus the country (2021 into 2022) so factor in transits to Mr. Biden's progressed planets, his planetary returns, and so forth, for a fuller picture of the period, both positive and negative.