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Apr 29, 2017

Astro-Notes: FOX News anchor Sean Hannity

A Brief Peek at Sean Hannity Through an Astrological Lens

by Jude Cowell

Now that Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O'Reilly have left FOX News, news reader Sean Hannity broadcasts his political views from atop the highest perch in conservative cable news. Some even say that Mr. Hannity is experiencing a renaissance and that the network now 'belongs' to him.

If you wish a view of Sean Hannity's natal chart you'll find his Sun @8Cap43, Moon @14Lib01, and Ascendant (Self; Physical Body) @8Pis53. As you see, his natal ASC and life are now under positive influences of the current 19 South Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 with its themes of: lucky breaks or wins, joyful events, pleasant surprises, and positive changes (Brady). Of course, these benefits are primarily for Mr. Hannity, not for the other guys and gal.

By Modified by CrazyLegsKC, original taken by Hello32020 [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Born on December 30, 1961 at 10:30 am est (Rodden Rating: A from memory) in Franklin Square, New York, Sean Patrick Hannity is of the Roman Catholic persuasion. His Sun squares natal Moon (Cap to Libra) and his Sun-Moon midpoint falls at 26Sco21. Mercury, planet of journalists and reporters, is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn as are Venus, Mars, and Saturn. In fact, Saturn (ruler of his Sun) is at a critical degree: 29Cap31 (in 11th house with communicator Mercury @17Cap00) with '30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference" (Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones).

Notable is his natal Mercury with transit Pluto now in the Mercurial neighborhood and marking a period of increased power and control while his concerns over what's relevant and most efficient intensify. Secrets may be part of his daily environment as well.

As for the shape of Hannity's chart, we find a BOWL shape with radical Uranus leading the rest of his planets from the 6th house. At 00Virgo, natal Uranus also conjoins royal Regulus, the king or the kingmaker star (key phrase: success if revenge is avoided). Does any of this sound familiar? If so, it's most likely because Mr. Trump's natal Uranus in Gemini also leads a BOWL shape but from his 10th house, and Regulus conjoins Trump's natal Ascendant in late Leo (with warrior Mars @26Leo and rising). There are other correspondences between their planets as well, but it's now after midnight so this must be a two-part effort. I should never type after midnight!

May 1, 2017 Update: here's Part Two which includes Mr. Hannity's natal Sun-Moon personality blend and the themes of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the sign of the showman and entertainer, dramatic Leo.

Apr 26, 2017

Neptune in Pisces and the FOX News Network

Neptune, Pisces, FOX News, and Pod Caster Bill O'Reilly

Recently it would be difficult for those who follow US news at all to miss what's been going on over at FOX News: sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits, firings of on-air personalities and head harasser Roger Ailes, Donald Trump's slavish adoration of Fox and Friends anchors , and so on.

Typing as an Astrology novice, it seems curious to me how transit Neptune has floated on and around the 14th degree of the planet's own sign of Pisces with both planet and sign associated with the media, the masses, the Collective, fakery, deception, corruption, uncertainty, loss, theft, veils, obfuscation, webs and networks. And particularly since 14 Pisces is the degree with the Sabian Symbol of "A Lady in Fox Fur."

So perhaps a quote from Marc Edmund Jones may enlighten us on the meaning of this word picture which is one degree from fixed star Achernar and its keywords: 'crisis' (at the end of the river) and 'risk of rapid endings'. For that is what news reader Bill O'Reilly came up against recently via the sudden ending of his career on FOX News after major advertisers withdrew their support of his program because of O'Reilly's legal problems with women.

'14 Pisces' = "A Lady in Fox Fur":

"This is a symbol of the ever-effective dynamic with which everyday custom endows mankind, dramatized here by an individual's desire to be in style and to express opinions of momentary weight. Men are strengthened through whatever they are able to possess or do and think in common, but this is their bondage unless they are also able to contribute a creative content to their own experience. The self gains integrity as it learns never to surrender its initiative, and so adds its touch to all reality. The keyword is TASTEFULNESS. When positive, the degree is high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light, and when negative, amoral opportunism."

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

As usual, I won't add where I think several points in this description of 14 Pisces fits the network, Mr. O'Reilly, and the situation at hand because SO'W readers are perfectly capable of figuring this out for themselves--and they may disagree with my opinion if they so desire--including all you ladies in FOX fur!

In related news O'Reilly replacement Tucker Carlson says that What Bill O'Reilly Did Wasn't Easy (an unfortunate way to put it!) And in defiance of Neptune's usual deceptive practices, the now-pod-casting Mr. O'Reilly vows that the truth will come out and although the time frame for such a revelation is uncertain, the truth is awaited.

NASA image of beautiful Neptune