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Jan 10, 2023

Brazil: A Blueprint for Insurrection

by Jude Cowell

As you know, it isn't rare for nations to have multiple founding horoscopes based on a variety of events such as proclamations of republics, independence declarations, even horoscopes of revolutions can apply. The January 8, 2023 insurrection against the government of Brazil inspires a consideration of astrology charts for Brazil for one or more must be affected by the January 8th planets and the uprising of Bolsanaro's thuggish Bolsominions, an event which mimics the Trump-MAGA coup attempt of January 6, 2021. See MSN-TIME's Brazil Attack Reveals Trump's Insurrection Is Now a Blueprint for details.

Of course, in the US, it's like Ground Hog Day repeating in South America two years, two days later. Meanwhile, former president Jair Bolsonaro has been holed up in Florida USA since he lost the presidency in October to Lula da Silva, and has followed a similar bogus script used by his idol, Herr Trump, with "stolen election" the alleged justification for violently attacking Brazil's National Congress, Supreme Federal Court, and the city's presidential offices. As reported by USAToday Hundreds Arrested in Brazil....

As for Horoscopes for Brazil, here are the charts I've curated for you with some brief planetary information added:

Brazil - Discovery April 22, 1550 17:34 LMT Bahia; ASC 9Sco25; MC 1Leo18; Sun 11Tau37/Neptune 6Tau17; Moon 24Can40 (Campion #036)

Brazil: (Old) Republic November 15, 1889 3:00 pm Rio de Janeiro; RR: B

Brazil - Independence from Portugal September 7, 1822 4:30 pm Ipiranga; ASC 27AQ29; MC 28Sco09; Sun 14Vir34/Mercury 23Vir48; Moon 7Gem09/Jupiter 6Gem03 (within range of transit Mars Rx in Gemini)

Brazil April 21, 1960 9:30 am BZT Brasilia (Distrito Federal); ASC 13Gem49 (transit Mars now in Gemini); MC 18Pis11; Sun 1Tau24 (Hitler's Sun position); Moon 9Pis15.

Now here are dual horoscopes of Brazil's January 8th insurrection set for the approximate beginning time of 2:30 pm LMT and ending time of 7:30 pm LMT, according to the USAToday article linked above; a few of my notes are scribbled on:

Note that rising at 7:30 pm is "30 Cancer" with its descriptive symbol "Daughter of the American Revolution", another indication of Brazilian thugs mimicking Herr Trump's militia troops and anti-democracy politicians who've tried to link the January 6, 2021 uprising with 1776 which was a patriotic struggle for freedom from an oppressive foreign government while Trumpists are determined to enslave America to fascist-style tyranny - but with their efforts shrouded in lies and having its genesis in Herr Adolf's 'homeland' abroad.

Cosmic Time Links Then and Now

So in Brazil, the January 8th insurrectionists have the Brazilian Revolution of 1930 to link themselves to (October 3 - November 3, 1930), an armed insurrection across the country that ended the Old Republic of 1889 with Getulio Vargas becoming president, in case the Brazilian public falls for it as a 'reenactment' of their glory days of violence.

Of astrological interest are the two solar eclipses that Brazil's 1930 Revolution was influenced by, the 4 North of April 28, 1930 @8Taurus ('restriction, restraint, illusion') which repeated in our era on June 21, 2020 @00Cancer (a Cardinal World Point of manifestation), and 4 South of October 21, 1930 @28Libra which repeated on December 14, 2020 @23Sagittarius ('strong emotions over money and/or relationships; deep frustration; sudden endings of relationships; a sense of fate; avoid rash actions' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

That's right! It's the 2020 Electoral Vote Count Eclipse that triggered Herr Trump to stage his rampage against the loss of power. And which has now inspired Trump-wanna-be Bolsonaro in Brazil to use the same ploys as he tries to claw his way back to the presidency.

For as we know, historical and eclipse cycles repeat, humming similar tunes.