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Nov 26, 2022

A Chuckle for America's First Ladies!

If you've so far managed to miss Drunk History's America's First Ladies where among others, our nation's first female president Edith Wilson takes a bow, please remedy the oversight as soon as possible. For as many people know, the more We the People ridicule and parody US politicians and the misruling class, the better for our collective sanity.

My motto? Never allow a corrupt politician to escape an abundance of well-earned mockery! And include their donors and other enablers however and whenever you can.

After all, once a politician's exalted ego seeks the limelight and microphone, he or she morphs into a public figure - and therefore they belong to us to toy with as we please! And whatever propped up facade or mask of disguise they hide behind, it must be punctured so that reality sets in and our country's problems can be honestly addressed, even solved.

Now, just for you, here's a public domain photo of a young Edith Wilson lifted from wikimedia commons, the wife who stepped in and ran the country after husband Woodrow's debilitating stroke on October 3, 1919:

And check out Edith Bolling Wilson's natal horoscope (RR: B) if you wish, where you'll find that Edith's Mars-Midheaven conjunction was perfectly capable of running the show!