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Jul 7, 2023

Expanding SCOTUS Could Save Democracy - Why Won’t Biden Risk It? - clip

Let's Save Democracy in America!

Expanding the Supreme Court could dilute the bizarro reich-wing 'handmaiden' leanings of a largely Catholic SCOTUS whose decisions of late have lost the Court credibility among a majority of We the People. Adjusting the size of The Bench has been done before and is warranted now. Here's recent commentary concerning the issue from progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann:

Then for a little cosmic input, a previous post displays the SCOTUS 1790 horoscope (first session), and here from July 2nd just past is SCOTUS decisions: Law and Domination, a post concerning the successful power grab by the US Supreme Court via their February 24, 1803 decision famously known as Marbury v Madison (1803 horoscope shown), a decision which shoved the unelected branch of the US government above the US Congress and far above The Will of The People in what should be our democratic Republic.

So with the weekend upon us, here's a famous quote that's been in the sidebar of SO'W for years. It's from Justice Louis D. Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky on November 13, 1856 with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Gemini, and served on The Bench from 1916 to 1939:

"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."

And we don't have both.

We have a rapidly expanding American Oligarchy ruled by economic royalists--unless a majority of US voters wise up and Vote Blue every chance they (we!) get. So to close, here's a brief video of FDR assessing "economic royalists" during his June 27, 1936 DNC speech with the June 27th Sun conjunct his natal Moon in the protective sign of Cancer.


Nov 26, 2022

A Chuckle for America's First Ladies!

If you've so far managed to miss Drunk History's America's First Ladies where among others, our nation's first female president Edith Wilson takes a bow, please remedy the oversight as soon as possible. For as many people know, the more We the People ridicule and parody US politicians and the misruling class, the better for our collective sanity.

My motto? Never allow a corrupt politician to escape an abundance of well-earned mockery! And include their donors and other enablers however and whenever you can.

After all, once a politician's exalted ego seeks the limelight and microphone, he or she morphs into a public figure - and therefore they belong to us to toy with as we please! And whatever propped up facade or mask of disguise they hide behind, it must be punctured so that reality sets in and our country's problems can be honestly addressed, even solved.

Now, just for you, here's a public domain photo of a young Edith Wilson lifted from wikimedia commons, the wife who stepped in and ran the country after husband Woodrow's debilitating stroke on October 3, 1919:

And check out Edith Bolling Wilson's natal horoscope (RR: B) if you wish, where you'll find that Edith's Mars-Midheaven conjunction was perfectly capable of running the show!

Sep 2, 2022

Reagan Lied! Government Is The Solution - Thom Hartmann

Friday September 2, 2022

Yes, I Believe in America! So I'm sharing this message from Thom Hartmann:

And for the artful dodgers who have so far managed to avoid it, view the horoscope of the Reaganomics Eclipse 1981: a Turning Point for America. For as Thom asserts above, "FDR was right, and Ronald Reagan was wrong." Neoliberalism was a turning point that now must go, and it's Democrats who are ending it - along with the much-touted "Reagan myth."

Well, I for one, am determined to help the fight by Voting Blue in 2022. And in 2024! Join me?

Jun 16, 2020

Democracy For Who? Do The Poor Have A Say? - Thom Hartmann (plus Ceres!)

Here's a June 16, 2020 clip from Thom Hartmann concerning a timely societal topic which contains within it many thorny and related issues:


In Mundane Astrology I tend to use asteroid Ceres as a marker for democracy, aka, Democracy. However, these days, America's fabled streak of Plutocracy has grown wider than ever and we find that on July 4, 1776 our Ceres Rx @8Pisces41 conjoined the 1776 natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint with the midpoint's plutocracy, exploitation, primal violence, and racism implications now coming to fruition across the land. And where is Ceres in transit as I type? At 11Pis38 which suggests that in 2020, America is actually in the midst of a three-fer Ceres Return due to the asteroid's retrogradation.

Exact dates of America's current Ceres Return/s are: May 28 (passed obviously); August 14; and December 20, 2020, the last a significant date for other reasons. Hopefully by December, solutions may be found, presented, or even implemented to address at least some of our nation's thorny issues within the realms of Ceres.

This may be possible since a Ceres Return spotlights our national Ceres concerns (in compassionate Pisces!) such as nurturing, home and family, parenting, food supplies (food chains), agricultural concerns and practices, protective instincts, and democracy with a cosmic laser beam to be dealt with in 2020 and, hopefully, to result in improvements for the population of our country which, whether Republicans and other selfish Ayn-Randers like it or not, includes the poor, elderly, ill, and weak among us. Even our Voting Rights are involved since office holders determine how We The People are treated or mistreated, how funds are allocated for the care of our people in need - and to 'promote the general welfare'. And yet as we see since 1776, the nation was set up from the start with the plutocrats in charge.

To close, here's one of my drawings of a protective mother and child:

Image: 'Ceres and Persephone'; pencil on paper by Jude Cowell.

Apr 11, 2020

August 17, 2020 DNC with Syzygy Moon in Aquarius

DNC 2020 Changes Its Cosmic Tune

by Jude Cowell

As you know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has been postponed until August 17, 2020, still to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last I heard. Obviously, the change makes my previous post Moon-Tracking DNC 2020 and RNC 2020 obsolete on the Democratic side. However, the RNC (August 24) horoscope and astro-notes hold true unless Republicans change their convention schedule, too.

As it stands for now: RNC August 24, 2020: Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio; Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio contains vibes of fanaticism, a fighting spirit, and a need to always 'get it right'.

The rescheduling of DNC 2020 to August 17 gives the Democratic Party a Leo Sun and Moon (once Luna leaves 29Cancer59 at 12:39 am CDT--and as you know, '30Cancer' is the "A Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.) Voting/nominating planet Mercury is also in shiny Leo and is no longer Stationing Direct as it was on July 13th, the original date for DNC 2020.

Now the last lunation prior to the opening of DNC 2020 on August 17th (aka, the convention's Syzygy Moon) is the Full Moon of August 3, 2020 @11AQ46. This Moon adds humanitarian vibes to the DNC 2020 picture and if the American people don't need more of that quality then I don't know what we need! Besides, Aquarius is our US natal Moon sign of We The People.

And yes, our Trump nightmare will linger long after he's gone (like a very very bad hangover) so I'm going to go ahead and type it: on November 3, 2020 - if we have an election at all - #VoteBlue no matter how you do!

Mar 29, 2020

Is There Any Difference Between Mob Rule & Democracy? - Thom Hartmann

In a segment posted March 27, 202O, here's progressive broadcaster, activist, and author Thom Hartmann:

Astro-Note: I don't know about you, dear reader, but in Political Astrology I use asteroid Ceres as a symbol for democracy which tends to nurture and serve the people's needs. And where is Ceres as I type at 12:06 pm edt? At 21AQ53 and approaching America's Aquarian Moon (We the People!) of July 4, 1776.

Sep 27, 2019

US Congress: Broken When We Need It to Get Busy

Has the US Congress disintegrated right before our eyes, now broken beyond repair? The sabotage of the US government has been in force for decades and infiltrators are having their merry way. Politico's When Impeachment Meets a Broken Congress lays out the case rather well (especially if readers scroll down a few paragraphs).

And astrologers are likely to be familiar with recent and current planetary transits to the US Congress First Session Horoscope and those affecting Inauguration 2017 planets, plus, a long-term transit of Pluto square natal Neptune with potentials for: 'psychological issues that need professional attention, social upheaval, corrupt political institutions, feeling vulnerable, obsessions, compulsions, hallucinations, a need for spiritual regeneration'. And since Congress is intended to represent We The People, this heavy plutonian influence applies to the entire population.

See the US Congress First Session Horoscope of March 4, 1789 for more transit details.

Now as you can see from the March 4, 1789 chart, the Midheaven (26Capricorn) of the US Congress (MC = Goals, Aspirations, Public Standing) is currently in turmoil from the approaching Saturn-Pluto pair of compressed, unyielding energies, and the same for US Inauguration Horoscope/s (January 20, 2017, 2013, etc, at noon Capitol Building Washington DC).

Karmic Saturn and Pluto are working together as they move closer and their energies peak @23Cap46 on January 12, 2020 (conjunct Trump' natal Vertex of fated encounters--an encounter with dictatorship apparently although personally I'm hoping for downfall). The Saturn-Pluto pairing denotes potentials for: turmoil in rigid or older structures, upsets in existing checks and balances, secret preparations for future restrictions, use of secret police or military agencies, blocked sewage systems, and/or lengthy consideration of methods of removal or destruction (Munkasey). But whether Trump stays on top or not, the ongoing sabotage, mostly by Republicans, is in process of achieving its objective of collapsing America and 'drowning her in a bath tub' as Grover Norquist promised. After all, everyone knows that no empire lasts forever--including the vengeful Vladimir Putin.

So as noted, plans to deconstruct the US government have been simmering for decades--actually from the start--and many see the 2022 US Pluto Return/s as a major signpost on the way to...whatever conditions and events from the Revolutionary years will rhyme if not repeat by 2022.

And naturally, the saboteurs are banking on modern generations of Americans having little if any of the spunk and determination our forefathers possessed during the Revolutionary era so that fighting to rescue our Republic when time catches up with need will be a weak and wimpy affair, easily vanquished, our combatants soft and otherwise engaged with their phones and viral videos. For as you know stealth has been one of our opponents' handiest aids (as always with sabotage) along with infiltration, lies, fraud, cheating, political 'spin', propaganda, wedge issues, and the entertainment industry. Bribery and intimidation work well for them, too, with their mobster/global crime syndicate selves focused on dismantling democratic societies. That the US will no longer act as global leader seems evident to me and is one of the saboteurs' goals.

Plus, you'll remember that in December 2008, during the Bush-Cheney Financial Crash, America symbolically reached as far as she/we can go (or should go) in the world via our nation's Progressed Full Moon in Virgo. Now, despite the massive amount of rigging it's taken to hide the fact that our nation has reached its pinnacle, we're nearly 11 years beyond that point and the karmic imperatives are coming in fast. Are our crumbling institutional structures too weak to withstand the sabotaging forces of the global crime syndicate? For that's what the Washington establishment fights when it battles against Donald Trump although some politicians may be 'fighting' and resisting while secretly supporting the fascist cause he leads (or is the face of--an orange figurehead!).

Now as you know, even before America's Pluto Return/s in 2022 we must navigate several Solar and Lunar Eclipses of note, plus, two titanic planetary conjunctions occur after Saturn-Pluto in January 2020--Jupiter-Pluto begin their cycle anew with the duo's financial implications on April 5, June 30, November 12, 2020 between 22 and 25 Capricorn (tri-wheel charts shown). And the Jupiter-Saturn (the societal pair) conjunct and end 2020 with a bang @00AQ29 conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS) and marking the beginning of a 20-year cycle. When Jupiter and Saturn combine forces there are more checks and balances issues and significant changes in governmental, religious, and social orders with a judicial system at breaking point (Munkasey)--and this must include the lawmakers of Congress.

So now I must regress because during all the years of writing Stars Over Washington (since 2005) I have encouraged readers to contact Congress with 'call often call angry' concerning their issues but now I strongly suspect that calls and emails to Congress offering our support and firm 'don't allow the institution to dissolve' messages would serve both the higher and lower purposes of We The People much better. Don't you?

Related Posts include: The Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of America's Pluto Return/s; and, The Facist Plot to Overthrow FDR (documentary). My point is, the fascists are at it again and have learned much from their previous mistakes and miscalculations.

Aug 5, 2019

Unelected Bureaucrats Run the US Government

At last! An American who tells the truth about who's actually running the US government and he's written a book on the subject. Discovered in the C SPAN podcast Q&A list, the video of the July 22, 2019 interview with Professor Benjamin Ginsberg of Johns Hopkins University has been placed in the sidebar of Stars Over Washington and a small amount of scrolling will locate it!

Professor Ginsberg goes into quite a bit of detail concerning the roles of Congress and the Executive Branch and their surrendering of authority in favor of the unelected officials (aka, career civil servants) who are really in charge as they wallow in their wealth and their disdain for the thoughts, opinions, and knowledge level of the American people.

No democracy this! The book was published in 2016, and hopefully, if you've missed it so far, you'll check out Benjamin Ginsberg's enlightening hour-long interview in one format or another. Here's a link to his book:

What Washington Gets Wrong: The Unelected Officials Who Actually Run the Government and Their Misconceptions about the American People available on Amazon.

And for the scroll-averse, here's a direct link to the Q&A video (same as the podcast but viewable).

As for Political Astrology on unelected 'career civil servants', this information provides a much stronger emphasis on the 6th house (and its polarity, the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions, Self-Undoing, Karma, and Hidden Enemies) in mundane horoscopes for the 6th is the house of Service which includes 'civil service'.

Note: please pardon the lack of an image with this post. I've made attempts but for some reason Google (Blogger) isn't allowing an upload of any image that relates to the topic. Is it too controversial? If so, I dissent!

Jun 12, 2019

Horoscope: US Congress March 4, 1789 first session

Current US Capitol Building Washington DC; public domain photo

June 12, 2019: The first session of the US Congress was held at Federal Hall in New York City on March 4, 1789; the first session ended September 29, 1789.

2nd session: January 4, 1790 --August 12, 1790 (Federal Hall, NYC); 3rd session: December 6, 1790--March 3, 1791 (Congress Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Legislation and other events that were addressed may be tracked through this time period (March 4, 1789--March 3, 1791) by the movements of the planets over New York and Philadelphia if one wishes and has the time and interest.

Assuming the gentlemen of 1789 would have begun their work around 9:00 or 9:30 am LMT, a horoscope may be set for March 4, 1789 NYC which reveals information in 2019 for comparing transits of our current day calculated--now that the US Congress is stirred to reassert its constitutionally mandated powers and duties in necessary response to Trump era challenges which are considerable, undermining, and anti-constitutional. As you know, our traditional 'three branches of government' were founded with co-equal powers and intended to act as guard dog over the other two branches yet Congress is now under threat by an Executive branch attempting a monarchical, autocratic take-over of government--implemented by an administration many would call illegitimate.

Below is the US Congress First Session Horoscope March 4, 1789 9:00 am LMT NYC--set for 9:00 am because this timing echoes the ASC/DESC and MC-IC positions in our January 20th Inauguration charts and places US natal Pluto conjunct MC, The Goal Point. Added underneath are comments concerning today's transits to the 1789 chart, plus, prominent transits in force on Inauguration Day 2017 12:00 pm est for they continue to affect the current administration and thus impact the lives of We The People:

Naturally, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron were unknown in 1789 but in 2019 they are not. Please enlarge the image to read basic chart information messily penned on.

Prominent Synastry potentials of June 12, 2019 Transits vs 1789 US Congress: Mercury trine Saturn--keen insights, realism, new ideas and plans, learning new skills. Mercury sesqui-square Mars--agitation, pressure to solve problems, working under stress, hostility, criticism, sarcasm. Saturn opposes Jupiter--frustration, delay, people and events block progress, hard work to remove or circumvent obstacles such as rules, regulations, policies, and laws. Pluto sextile Mercury--psychological issues, persuasion, propaganda, exposure (revelations especially via eclipses), discussion of deep, serious topics, powerful rhetoric, talking about changes and/or sexuality (women's rights and concerns). Pluto square Neptune--psychological issues that need professional attention, social upheaval, corrupt political institutions, feeling vulnerable, obsessions, compulsions, hallucinations, a need for spiritual regeneration.

Trump Inauguration 2017 vs March 4, 1789: Jupiter conjunct Neptune--pretence, illusion, fanaticism, flights of fancy and fantasy, loss of touch with reality, scandal, bankruptcy, propaganda, delusions, disappointments, paranoia, unrealistic expectations, speculation, over-promising, fraud, and risky schemes. Sun (POTUS) opposes Uranus--unexpected challenges, unusual events, normality disrupted, obstinacy worsens problems, a need to break out of old patterns, 'digging in the heels' (by a bone-spurred heel?). Neptune square Moon--blurred messages, confusion, an uncertain future, over-informed and/or misinformed, deception (including self-deception), fantasies, feeling lost, minds and feelings are flooded (floods), disturbed sleep (insomnia), weird dreams. Saturn square Mercury--narrow-minded thinking, exclusion, overly exacting judgments, plans delayed or hindered. Uranus square Jupiter--needing to break free of restriction (ex: ignoring laws and subpoenas), rebellion, sights set unrealistically high, recklessness, impatience, lacks of restraint and of wisdom.

So here we have a founding chart for the US Congress with a few notes on today's transits and those of the Trump administration in effect for the (assumed) 4 years of his tenure as he challenges the power of the US Congress and obstructs the ability of Congress members to fulfill their Oaths to the US Constitution and thereby to perform their duties on behalf of the American people.

As always, your on-topic comments concerning this post are welcomed and your Shares are much appreciated! jc

Apr 26, 2019

America's Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence - clip

April 24, 2019: Does the founding of America no longer belong to We The People? Here's an interesting presentation from Truthstream Media:

My personal opinion is that my Revolutionary ancestors who risked their lives and fortunes to help set up the place would not appreciate this 're-branding' of our nation at all. What do you think?

Apr 24, 2019

US Mercury-Pluto oppo to be 'hit' by Saturn and Pluto

Since all my current notes on this topic are penned upon the US natal horoscope, below, I'll add no text today other than to say that these Saturn and Pluto transits begin in February 2020 (the last of which perfects on January 1, 2021 conjunct and opposing our July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT positions) and their karmic energies will directly affect America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition which is already no picnic in and of itself for its manipulative, controlling, and surveillance activities against We The People:

A related post: Horoscopes: 1982 and 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions.

Mar 8, 2019

Mar 18, 2018

Two Faces to Every Coin, Two Sides to Every Issue, Two Choices on Every Path - Max Igan

March 17, 2018: Max Igan episode 327 via American Voice Radio in which Max reminds us that World War III started years ago and it's the power elite vs The People. Also discussed: crypto-currencies, social crediting, and the cashless control grid:

Support the independent work of Max Igan at Patreon.

Mar 3, 2018

March 2018 Deadly Storms: "A Tree Felled and Sawed"

The current Solar Eclipse series perfected on February 15, 2018 at the rounded-up degree of 28Aquarius, the degree of the late afternoon Moon of July 4, 1776, the US public's We The People degree. The Sabian Symbol for '28AQ" is particularly tragic during current storms and it's not only in America that falling trees are killing people but on Portugal's island of Madeira showing that my calling this 1 South eclipse the 'We The People Eclipse' is not a wide enough reference to much deeper meanings. Yet my condolences are wide enough to spread across the globe.

For as secretly feared, and knowing that damage, loss, disruption, and/or sudden events may accompany any eclipse, the February 2018 Solar Eclipse themes of 1 South are all too cryptic - flooded with ideas and options (Brady) with the unfortunate Neptunian keyword being 'flooded'.

Here is the Marc Edmund Jones version of '28AQ':

"A Tree Felled and Sawed...keyword: IMMEDIACY."


The Sabian Symbols in Astrology Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

Predictive Astrology Bernadette Brady.

Feb 25, 2018

We Don't Work for the Government - the Government Works for Us

Today SO'W is pleased to present another post written by Kevin Estes who provides us with a millennial perspective on the current condition of the US government.

We Don't Work For The Government, The Government Works For Us

by Kevin Estes

Years ago, the US Government actually performed its duty and worked for the people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the reason for programs like Social Security.

Dwight Eisenhower is the reason for our highway system, allowing us to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

Lyndon Johnson is the reason for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Food Stamp Program.

Even Richard Nixon, who is most known for the Watergate Scandal, is the reason for Supplemental Security Income, better known as SSI, and for the EPA.

Yes, upon a time Government actually worked for the people (the Democrats were becoming the left wing party, while the Republican party was more moderate). When did it go wrong?

In 1981, Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, lowering the top income tax rate from 70% to 50%, and then in 1986 signed the Tax Reform Act Of 1986, which lowered the top rate from 50% to 38.5%. After these tax cuts, the economy entered a recession in the late 80s and didn't recover until the time Clinton entered office. Reagan is also known for the Iran Contra Scandal, which involved the sale of weapons to Iran.

Bill Clinton, despite presiding over a strong economy throughout this two terms in office, signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act in 1996, which significantly reduced welfare benefits. He also repealed the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, which lifted strong regulations on the banks that were implemented by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The repeal played a big role in the Great Recession that took place in 2008-2011.

George W. Bush is well known for his two sets of tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, both of which heavily benefited the wealthy, and also played a major role in the 2008 recession, as he refused to raise taxes while two wars were going on. He also signed the Patriot Act into law, suspiciously shortly after 9/11, rightly making people wonder if it was a planned attack for the purpose of suppressing freedom of speech by labeling violators as "terrorists".

Barack Obama is well known for Obamacare, which is a federal mandate to purchase health care, and likely a ponzi scheme to make health care providers richer, as premiums increased under this law.

And Donald Trump recently signed a huge tax cut for the wealthy into law, while taxes will go up for everybody else in 2025.

All of this, in the name of making their donors richer at the expense of the "little people".

How To Fix This

Simple. Get the money out of politics! If it was made illegal for corporations to bribe politicians, politicians wouldn't feel the need to make the rich richer, and have more freedom to govern according to the political indicators in their astrology charts. In Obama and Clinton's charts, the left wing economic and cultural indicators are very strong, so it's very likely that if they didn't have to be owned by multi million dollar corporations in order to get elected, they would have run the country in a much more progressive manner, similar to the likes of Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. As long as big money is involved in politics, the rich will continue to get richer at the expense of the poor.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, and will be there until shortly after the 2024 election. It is no coincidence that the Great Recession started when Pluto first went into Capricorn, and that the issues regarding money in politics have been at the forefront throughout this transit. The Mueller Investigation, with Trump, Kushner, and many other Republicans being investigated for collusion with Russia, as well as money laundering, is likely a precursor to future laws prohibiting big money from influencing elections. With Pluto, the transformer, in Capricorn, the sign of government and big business, laws making the bribery of politicians illegal will be inevitable.

And these oligarchs know this, which is why the US Government is growing more and more authoritarian every year, in an attempt to slow down these changes, before Pluto enters the humanitarian sign of Aquarius for good in 2024. However, nobody beats astrology in the end, and it's foolish to believe that you can.

Eventually, the government will once again serve its original role, to work in the best interests of its citizens, keep us safe, and ensure us a good quality of life, but that won't happen until the oligarchy that has been in place for close to 40 years collapses.

Thanks Kevin! Perhaps the upcoming August 2018 Solar Eclipse--'The Tower Eclipse' with its theme of existing structures collapsing--will spark such a collapse of oligarchy in the US! After all, the US government was and is meant to be afraid of We the People--not the other way around. jc

Sep 29, 2017

The Pentagon's Progressed New Moon 2017

Did you notice recently that a bi-partisan Senate passed a bill for much higher defense pending worth billions of dollars? The New York Times wrote about it. That's where our health care money went along with funds for other needs of the American populace: lining the pockets of the Pentagon's 'conquest-at-all-costs', 'global cop' perpetrators.

Instead of cutting the over-bloated military budget so that Congress can take care of our needs, they came together to provide Trump a 'win' of several more billions of dollars than he'd asked for! This outrage spurred a peek at the Pentagon's natal horoscope and a check-in on the current secondary progressed (SP) phase of America's military 'death star' and wouldn't you know? Recently the Pentagon had an SP New Moon which perfected on March 22, 2017 at the critical degree of 20Cancer27.

Now using fixed stars in progressions is traditionally a no-no so I apologize for considering that the Pentagon's 2017 SP New Moon at 20 Cancer is significant. But it is the degree of fixed star Castor, one of the dark-light twin stars along with Pollux. Castor key words include sudden fame or loss, crippling of limbs, murder, and mental illness (which perhaps can be stretched to include sufferers of PTSD). These keywords are found in Anthony Louis' book, Horary Plain and Simple.

And in his Encyclopedia of Astrology, Nicholas DeVore adds for Castor: "The mortal one of the heavenly twins; associated with Apollo" (the "sun god", an asteroid/archetype that rises @29Leo45 in the natal chart of Donald Trump who thinks he is one). DeVore also gives a few key words for Castor: violence, sudden fame, honors, followed by disgrace or imprisonment. Rising: weakness, sometimes blindness; injuries to face." Also, you note that 29Leo was the position of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Money, Guns, and a Little Butter

Now astrologers use an SP New Moon to time a new cycle of activity that lasts approximately 28 years or so which apparently shows that the Pentagon and US military generals have no intention of tossing out their world domination plan and Global Cop initiatives--no matter what it costs the American people and no matter how many dire needs of We The People remain -un or -under funded. It's money for Guns over Butter for Pentagon generals and their current POTUS puppet Donald Trump!

Therefore, I shall assert that if America really is as "broke" or is "bankrupt" as some politicians love to assert, We The People can look to the Pentagon, private contractors (mercenaries), and to hidden CIA black ops budgets when we decide to 'follow the money' out Washington's back door.

After all, who can forget Mr. Trump's 2016 Campaign during which he was asked about America's "crushing debt" and how he would 'handle' it while playing POTUS and he responded with, Yeah, So I'll Declare America Bankrupt!? As you know, this financial tactic worked for him personally in the past and he's shown since January 2017 that America is little more than a corporate cash cow for him anyway so...

May 25, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump Solar Return 2017

Mr. Trump's Solar Return June 13, 2017 2:39:08 pm edt 9th house Gemini Sun; White House

Hour of Mars; contentious Mars, out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and emotionally touchy when in tribal Cancer, conjoins torturous Hades by degree and rules the 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies. War and conflict continue...

Chart-ruler Venus @7Tau27 just barely into 7th house makes no major applying aspect so her sign, house, house rulerships (1st and 8th), and degree are emphasized.

Evaluating Venus in Taurus suggests conservatism, loyalty, love of luxury, and materialistic values and the 8th house is the house of Corporatism, Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, and such. Death, transformation, and the occult may also be involved.

Significantly, the Solar Return Sun rules the 11th house of Groups and Associations (Leo cusp) so new alliances should form especially with the Leo North Node (encounters) posited there, with Leo the sign of leaders, rulers, and monarchs (weddings, funerals?), and meetings with male personages (possibly involving officers of the law) will occur with transit North Node precisely conjoining Mr. Trump's natal Mars @26Leo (watching transits to this chart during the year will be useful for those who have the time). Plus, speculative ventures and a love of pomp and ceremony will surely be noted through his solar year.

Please enlarge the image to read basic chart notes unmentioned in the following text such as the two Grand Trines, one in Air, one in Fire, representing closed circuits of energy and potentials for laziness and/or protection!

When Old Man Saturn, Lord of Karma, Comes Along

Natal Sun @22Gem55 is in Return 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, Foreign Travel, and Legal Affairs. His Sun applies to opposition with restrictive, karmic planet Saturn Rx in 3rd house of Communications which shows Mr. Trump's ongoing troubles and scandals since transit Saturn continues to oppose his natal Sun and North Node (both posited in natal 10th house along with quirky Uranus in Gemini), and conjoin his natal 5th house Moon (22Sag) and South Node (family and/or health issues; separation; lack of popularity). As you know, during this Saturnian phase in his life (which we've discussed in previous posts) Mr. Trump is experiencing increased responsibilities, difficult demands, criticism, and oversight that his enlarged ego does not appreciate. He thought the presidency would be "easier" he said, but taskmaster-lesson-bringer Saturn commands otherwise because unreliability, irresponsibility, superficiality, immaturity, and refusing accountability are completely unacceptable now. Past actions are under a microscope and his typical slipshod, ad lib way of working tends to undermine what must be a more responsible and serious position in the White House.

Wouldn't better organization be helpful?! For cosmic Saturn often brings failure and loss to those who will not heed his instructions for prudence and care and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in August (see link below) may tell a disruptive and unpredictable tale for Mr. Trump and, since he's The People's representative, for our nation, especially with judgmental Saturn bringing Trump's executive order/s on immigration under scrutiny and knocking them down (so far). Judges have ruled in ways that limit the power of the presidency in the immigration matter and Mr. Trump's past statements have been used as justification.

Well, perhaps Saturn's Direct Station upon his natal Moon on August 25, 2017 (4 days after The Great American Eclipse which hits Trump's natal Ascendant @29Leo (with rising Regulus) and sizzles his 26Leo Mars will bring at least some of his legal difficulties to conclusion since Saturn @21Sag10 will (seem to) stand still upon his natal Moon on that date--and is within range of his (separative, Saturnian) South Node simultaneously. Of course, this transit may indicate a trial of some sort, an indictment, an impeachment, an important hearing, another legal decision, an event relating to the three 'Russiagate' investigations, or even a divorce or other separation (such as a WH staffer leaving employment).

Will Fortunate Jupiter Step In?

Difficult outcomes for Mr. Trump--unless protective Jupiter, here rising, mitigates Saturnian conditions so that the Trump administration can manage to keep itself intact enough to continue its White House residency. He is, after all, in process of benefiting from a three-fer Jupiter Return, with the third and final conjunction (return to 17Lib27) occurring August 4, 2017, and Jupiter Return horoscopes are 'good for' approximately 12 years. But even his Jupiter Return chart shows Pluto closely squaring natal Jupiter (0A04). However, transit Jupiter's Direct Station is within 2 minutes of this Solar Return Jupiter and occurs on June 9th @13Lib12 under the rays of a Full Moon @18Sag53 (ruled by Jupiter). If feelings of up-down, stop-go energies assail Donald Trump this summer it wouldn't surprise me. Plus...

Transit Pluto Continues His Blockade

Yes, another ongoing karmic condition for Mr. Trump this year is saboteur Pluto Rx @18Cap44 in the Return 4th house (Basis of the Matter; Security; Real Estate; Mining) which continues to square Mr. Trump's buoyant natal Jupiter (Station Direct in natal 2nd house of Money and Values). Of course, Pluto is lord of the Underworld which also relates to the multiple criminal syndicates across the globe, and wealthy, stealthy Pluto is 'the dragon' guarding the riches tucked away in hidden places. (With Mr. Trump I always have the icky feeling that mobsters are hiding just behind the curtain!) Of course, the Deep State (Pluto in Capricorn) and other status quo elements entrenched within the US government are dogging Trump every chance they get and Pluto's association with Publishing identifies the media touting his scandals and alleged scandals 24/7 although Trump and his favorite Neptunian media types are muddying the waters in efforts to rescue him and his presidency while avoiding mention of his glaring incompetency and disdain for rules, traditions, and laws.

Puppet master Pluto square his natal Jupiter may also be playing a role in the blocking of Mr. Trump's legal maneuvers although the sabotage may only be from behind the scenes (as with most sabotage--and leaving behind incriminating fingerprints is a no-no for the win-win crowd of manipulators!)

Now let's consider the double Air Sun Gemini-Moon Aquarius blend of energies in this Solar Return Horoscope since Mr. Trump will have a year of its influence which is quite different from the usual Gemini-Sagittarius influence instilled within him at birth:

Sun Gemini-Moon AQ is a sober yet serious/bright vs light combination. A tendency toward wit and intellect may be noticed as well as an increase in curiosity (much needed!) His natal restlessness and Geminian quest for youth continues but the Aquarian input may help him gain a more in depth understanding of his duties. A search for Truth will continue to be a preoccupation although illusion and deception still swirl around and within him (we mustn't expect too much clarity from his indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square which tends to distort perception, garble words, and inconveniently reveal secrets to the wrong people).

This is a 'reformer' and 'negotiator' combo which should feel quite familiar to him, plus, an increase in reasoning ability may be noted and will hopefully be beneficial to all, thanks to a more detached Aquarian Moon which may resonate more easily with the American people's Aquarian Moon. Actually, a broader view and less subjective viewpoint would be very helpful in his current position as president though this blend's negatives are disturbingly a part of his nature already: talking far too much, allowing his mind to run too fast and neglecting the realities of life, and being disconnected from the painful, darker aspects of himself'. (Paraphrasing the Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign).

Now there are several other important chart factors in Mr. Trump's Solar Return 2017 horoscope, of course, and I trust you to ferret them out at your leisure. But for now I want to close this post with a statement I have made here and elsewhere but which perhaps needs repeating, that:

Although I consider him unqualified and sadly overly flawed to uphold his presidential position, I much prefer that Mr. Trump do well in the role of US president because it means that America does well. And I add here that there are multiple forces, domestic and foreign, determined to undermine his presidency, and these efforts, as a Child of the Revolution, I do not appreciate and certainly do not applaud. Tragically, in effect, it is the US presidency that is being undermined just as it was for 8 years of Mr. Obama. And you know the culprits, the visible ones anyway.

And so I dissent because I care! And if my writing and chart reading seem 'partisan' to you, as some say they are, I completely agree for I am partisan on behalf of the Common Good--and am cheering for a sovereign America to give up the empirical roles of Global Cop and World Conqueror so that the American people may be decently treated by Washington (my former residence) as we should be...a Government Of, By, and For...We The People!


Jude Cowell

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August 2017 full of Mr. Trump's Karmic Returns; Summer Solstice 2017: Saturn at Midheaven; and The Oregon and South Carolina Horoscopes of The Great American Eclipse.

Feb 1, 2017

Are the Republicans Giving Away the Public Trust Land to Corporations? video

Feb 1, 2017: what a lucrative part of the GOP plan, man! But who will benefit? Here's Thom Hartmann today speaking with a concerned caller:


A related post: Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" about Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) whose chart connection with starry Serpentis in Scorpio (sign of betrayal) may be worth remembering since he introduced the legislation to sell out public lands and their natural resources that belong, thanks to Republican Teddy Roosevelt, to...

Jan 6, 2017

"..and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

An Open Letter to the Readers of Stars Over Washington,
Are you part of the 'Posterity' for whom the Founding Fathers ordained the Blessings of Liberty as written in the US Constitution? Are you a participant in the Great American Experiment established 241 years ago and based on lofty ideals? How easy to forget what men and women sacrificed and died for in those long ago days and to take for granted the Liberty, Freedom, and Independence their actions bequeathed us through the decades since. Ours is not a perfect union, that we know, but it is close enough to be worth fighting for again in 2017 and beyond. Yes, it is a herculean task we now face as we realize more fully in recent months that All Is At Stake.
The forces now lined up against We the People wear a different mask than in Revolutionary days yet conquest and control remain the oppressors' objectives and to this we must respond. Now it is not pitchforks in the streets that are called for as much as righteous indignation and resistance to allowing our nation to take the low road of bigotry and hatred, the narrow-minded path that leads not toward but away from the ideals established by Founding Fathers such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Mr. Paine.
Are the American people up to such a task? Are binge-worthy TV shows and tech gadgets lulling us into complacency?
Astrologically, there is a caution perhaps too well concealed from our consciousness unless we purposefully shine a light upon our nation's 'hidden square' of July 4, 1776 (256 degrees) and take its lessons seriously. The aspect is between the Enlightenment Planets, Uranus and Neptune, the planetary pair used by certain social tinkerers and puppet masters as a signature of 'the new world order' or 'global government' which has come to oppress not liberate, to deny not empower, We the People and the rest of the world. The oppressors' watershed moment in modern times consisted of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993, the true effects of which have reached a culmination as transit Pluto arrives at the pertinent conjunction degree of 18 Capricorn and forms a fretful picture for those who prefer the benefits uplifted in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
1993 Uranus-Neptune = 2017/18 Pluto @18Cap (opposite Pluto's discovery degree and thus more powerful): the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl) is the caution that transforming Pluto now embodies with conquest and control the power elite's long-term goal via the restructuring of world power. Those Americans who cannot or who refuse to 'feel it' are apparently inattentive to current societal events or perhaps they feel that resistance is useless, why bother. How glad modern Americans must be that such sentiments didn't hold sway during the American Revolution!
So what potentials and cautions are revealed by the hidden square in America's natal horoscope (and psyche) of July 4, 1776?
Refusal to honor societal obligations, feeling apathetic when it comes to demonstrating our opposition to political subversion, ignoring the corrosion of our traditional values and principles embedded in America's Freedom Documents--these are only some of the effects of a negative aspect between radical Uranus and inspirational Neptune, planet of the masses. Also associated with negative Uranus-Neptune vibes are: muddled thinking, lack of clarity concerning social movements and issues, mild acceptance of the bondage that power-mad leaders represent, fear of 'rocking the boat' or 'becoming involved' lest personal security is adversely affected, laxity toward corrupt political and other leaders in society, apathy about holding crooks and fraudsters accountable for their crimes, a lazy expectation that others 'will deal with it'--the list goes on and the unfortunate results are incompatible with the principles proclaimed in the US Constitution and undermine any moral standards we care to name.
Now is the time when We the People cannot afford to relax our watch though many of us turn away. It is for those who fight and re-fight for freedom, liberty, and independence who must recognize the danger when it presents itself and then call it out for what it really is. For no one ever promised that the Revolutionary era's many benefits would continue forever without major 'tune-ups' and without our dedication and constant attention to what is so easily lost and hard-won when regained.
A Fellow American
Constitution We the People

By Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg: Constitutional Convention derivative work: Bluszczokrzew (Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Jan 5, 2017

Washington DC's Secret Symbolism: From Past to Future

Can Washington DC's Past Inform Our Nation's Future?

by Jude Cowell

Did you know there's a website containing curious facts concerning our capital city and its monuments, particularly the phallic obelisk, the Washington Monument? Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets (#ad) reveals some of the past machinations of our Masonic Founding Fathers and their contemporaries who designed Egyptian, Roman, and Greek tributes and symbols that were purposefully built into the city's architecture and monuments.

This could be a fascinating topic for US History buffs who wish to see below the surface of the time-honored myths associated with America's Founders, with Washington DC's construction, and with the beginnings and continuance of the US government these 241 years. The Founders' esoteric leanings seem especially a timely study in my opinion since the continuance of the US government is more in question now than ever before for we face a questionable, nontraditional regime of a chaotic, ham-fisted Trump administration and its lack of a mandate from We the People.

Predictably, Sun worship plays a major role, of course, and we've see this plainly in our 'cult of personality' presidencies through the decades, with Trump no exception (Campaign 2016 was all about his 'character' and 'temperament'). What isn't widely appreciated is how US Constitution Day, September 17th, plays into the solar idolatry with the Sun seeming to pause atop the Washington Monument at 6:43 pm each year--on September 17th. Here, as in Freemasonic rituals, there are death and rebirth themes laced underneath the surface and even the blood and sacrifice of the Civil War are part of the picture as is the assassination of President Lincoln--and the positioning of his Memorial (1914--1922). Stand at the bottom of its steps on a certain date (April 9th), look toward the Reflecting Pool, and at 7:38 am you'll see the same solar performance as the Sun 'sits' atop the Washington Monument.

Coincidental? Puh!

Now I'm not certain the website linked above mentions it so I will...the star that the Washington Monument points to in the heavens is Porrima, a star of fertility--and of prophecy. Yet isn't it curious that our first Masonic president, George Washington, known as the 'Father of Our Country', never generated natural children of his own? At least, as far as I know! This infertility may have been caused by an early case of smallpox, if memory serves, but still...he was, they say, a good dancer (natal Sun in creative Pisces, ruler of feet)!

Now there are other curious facts concerning our nation and its purpose and you can probably think of them on your own but I do hope you'll visit the website I mention (buy the book or not! I did so it's on my shelf as I type) if you haven't, and perhaps you might ponder the facts of the mysterious case we call the United States of America and divine what our nation's ultimate destiny is meant to be--especially with such a presidency appearing on the future dance card of We The People.