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May 22, 2007

Litvinenko in news again

London seems to have setteled on Andrei Lugovoi as being Litvinenko's heinous poisoner but Russia says Lugovoi is not available for extradition as Ex-KGB Agent Accused in Litvinenko's Death.

Kovtun and Scaramella are not mentioned in the current accusation--nor is the mystery man who also attended the Nov 1 2006 meeting at the Millenium Hotel where the poison was delivered.

You know, the star Alphard in the constellation Hydra is associated with poisons and according to astrologer Bernadette Brady, Alphard is active in the charts of three European leaders who have left or are about to leave office by stepping down or by death: Blair, Chiraq, and Yeltsin.

Alphard is also connected to Bill Clinton's natal chart, btw. Perhaps I will post more on Alphard later.

Here are my previous posts on Litvinenko's poisoning and the subsequent, seemingly impotent investigation beginning with Nov 24, 2006:

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Kovtun in Hamburg

update 12.15.06;

Scaramella arrested in Italy;

supposed poisoner caught on video (the so-called mystery man.)

The UK and Russia are supposedly on a different page concerning Andrei Lugovoi's extradition for this crime. Supposedly.

Dec 11, 2006

Kovtun in Hamburg

Litvinenko Poisoning Case UPDATE:

German Police Confirm Polonium Traces saying that Kovtun already had the polonium-210 when he flew from Moscow to Hamburg Oct 28.

And at Raw Story--and with her usual enlightening abilities Larisa Alexandrovna's article Exclusive: Murdered ex-KGB officer was working for British security company brings in the Erinys Security Offices in London, Chalabi, the guarding of Iraqi oil pipelines after the Bush invasion, Russia' FSB ties to US energy companies and money laundering, Chechen rebels, false flag terroist operations in Russia, and a few other murky factors you may wnat to know about...including some possible reasons for Litvinenko's assassinationa...among others.