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May 18, 2009

Saturn's Direct Station 5.16.09 + the Bilderberg Enclave 2009

While I was away for a few days and lounging on a NC barrier island, Saturn grandstanded with his Direct Station May 16 and Lavender Moon published an enlightening article on changing Saturnian perspectives and what we may wish to do about them in our personal lives.

If you're interested in Saturn or are astrologically on the Saturnian side with planets in Capricorn or in aspect with lesson-bringer Saturn, I recommend you check out Lavender Moon's perspective!

You know, Saturn's tendency to bring loss into our lives only applies to things whose time it is to pass away - Saturn rules old age and Time. But he may also bring lessons of loss to us when we don't honor him as the guru of slow and necessary changes...but you wouldn't irresponsibly diss him, now would you?

And naturally Saturn's Direct Station 14Vir55 occurred during the Bilderberg Group's annual enclave near Athens, Greece May 14 - 17, on May 17 at 5:07 am EEDT, with 2Tau21 rising, MC 18Cap49 (one of the primary degrees of the NWO - Uranus/Neptune conj of Oct 24, 1993); an 11th house Moon 23AQ51 conj transiting Pandora.

Sun 26Tau19 in 1st house conjuncts nasty Fixed Star Algol (intense female rage), and there's little retrograde Mercury 28Tau22 - reviewing or revising plans.

Authoritative old man Saturn is just barely into 5th house (Placidus; Tropical) and opposes two transiting midpoints of note relating to power grabs and propaganda; here are their midpoint pictures (Tyl; Ebertin) which apply as usual in an any, all, or none manner:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; restriction; potential loss in relationships through power struggles.

Mercury/Pluto = Saturn: unrelenting demands; driven by fear; needing control; exposure to bitter and heavy attacks; quarrelsomeness; scepticism; irritability through overwork; insistence on a point of view.

Since Saturn makes no applying (or separating) Ptolemaic or Minor aspects to any planets in the Direct Station chart, the strength of a Saturn station emphasizes these pictures which fall in the 14 - 16 degree range of Virgo (and its polarity, Pisces), and I think that Virgoan issues - health, work, service, management - are mainly what's in play for stationing Saturn's karmic influence as 'he' changes directions and his long-term perspectives crystallize or harden.