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Nov 21, 2007

Nov 24: Full Moon, Snow Moon

Crystal Pomeroy says that the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Nov 24 is a chance to consolidate goals established 11 months ago!

Her article on this Snow Moon (the last Full Moon in this solar year) is a must-read with its instructions for 'entering the portal to the Snow Moon.'

I, however, don't actually do rituals myself, I just pass them on for others to do, if they like. Because if you were going to do one, this would be a good one to do, especially with its poetic imagery...makes me want to draw a new snow scene for Nov-Dec 2008.

"Snow Moon" is the loveliest named Moon of all, imho, yet this Full Moon chart is discordant in several ways (including financially, politically, and other -llys as well) esp when the US and Bush natal placements are added in.

If you click to enlarge, you may find some readable notes on midpoints, etc.

Too bad this administration only listens to its own echoes. That's Bush's natal MC (Aspirations; the Goal) at the IC, the lowest point in the chart. Asteroid, Cupido, corporations; The Family, is nearing it at 22Ari09, now Rx.

Transit Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; class warfare; racism) is now hovering at 19Cap29 and so in this chart, the problematic midpoint rises just after Vesta. You see that Chiron 11AQ10 is conj 2nd cusp ($$) with restrictive, controlling Saturn in 8th house ($$), so there's that. Someone's making money, but it's not you and me.

If you do enlarge this chart, see rising asteroid, Icarus, and one of his keywords written there. Then you may notice the Sun 1Sag55 conjunct asteroid, Tisiphone, retaliation.

The Moon is conj Mirfak, the star most recently emphasized when Comet Holmes seemed to engulf Mirfak as the Comet exploded in Perseus.

You may see that the Sun is just beyond the "1Sag" degree: "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" which is a degree we must naturally associate with US military services...or perhaps the military industrial complex which is ruining much of the world. (I just finished watching--finally--No End in Sight.)

Yet I love a Full Moon as much as the next traveler on the path, so I like it when Crystal says that Snow Moon colors are dark blue and purple--my favorites.

Guess being brought home as a mere squalling bundle in snowfall stays with you a long time! The snowflakes, not the squalling. Okay the squalling.

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