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Nov 5, 2018

Nov 23 2018 Full Moon: The Really Big Picture

This is the DC Horoscope of the November 23, 2018 Full Moon @00Gem52 conjunct weeping Alcyone (keywords, "something to cry about").

Perfecting at 12:39:06 am est in Washington DC during a Mercury Hour (changes), we find chart-ruler Mercury Rx suggesting delays, reviews, and re-assessments which possibly refers to the November 6th Midterm Elections and the contesting of results via election fraud lawsuits and/or re-counts. As you know, a Gemini Moon is ruled by Mercury and there's little voting Mercury Rx at IC but in the 3rd house of Communications conjunct royal Antares, keywords: obsessed with success, but Antares is also a star of war.

In fact, the first of two applying Ptolemaic aspect made by chart-ruler Mercury is a square to warrior Mars @4Pis32 which also conjoins a royal star, Fomalhaut, keywords: success through noble ideals. Where Americans will find those 'noble ideals' is unknown by yours truly unless the Democrats grab control of the House and its committee chairmanships so that Trump's bone-spurred tootsies are held to the legal fire. If Republicans keep control of the House, the criminality of Trump and the GOP will continue and worsen for it will inflate authoritarian Trump's fantasized "mandate."

Mercury's second applying aspect is a conjunction with Jupiter which indicates a high volume of political information and ads, news about court decisions (once Mercury turns Direct on or about December 6th), international communications, and the expansion of very large plans.

Also note that in the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions (ex: Congress), Backroom Deals, Self-Undoing, and Karma is the current Solar Eclipse ('PE') which I have termed The Tower Eclipse due to its collapsing theme. No planets are posited therein but the wide conjunction of Mars and deceptive Neptune oppose from the 6th house of Military, Police, and Civil Service. Yet Partnerships, Open Enemies, and Legalities are also involved with Neptune @13Pis41 Rx setting at Descendant and its rounded-up degree of '14Pisces' = "A Lady in Fox Fur." Plus, 14Pis01 is the position of the natal Neptune of the Republican (now, Trump) Party who seem to follow Fox 'News' instructions at every turn.

And in the 4th house of Real Estate, restrictive Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, may be alerting us to a downturn in housing sales, in speculation and other financial schemes (Capricorn on the 5th cusp of Risk-Taking and Gambling, as in Wall Street), or possibly the Lesson Bringer is hinting at trouble in the mining industry. Yet with Sagittarius on the 4th cusp, is karmic Saturn a marker for limiting legal decisions? Disturbingly, the transiting South Node of The Dragon now swipes its tail at US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a negative indicator in the 5th house suggesting large events out of personal control.

That said, we see the 5th house Pluto @19Cap26 as apex planet of the Mars-Jupiter midpoint = "The Really Big Picture" (Noel Tyl) which echoes the recent midpoint picture that formed when transit Pluto hit the 1993 degree of Uranus-Neptune--'The big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise'..."18Cap" = POLITICAL POWER: 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' (Jones). In three words, authoritarian Donald Trump, dictator wannabe.

Now there are too many planetary patterns to mention in this brief post (which resists becoming a book!) so I trust you, dear reader, to ferret them out if you care to. But a few more factors should be mentioned in closing such as the 2nd hou$e Venus @26Lib08, leader of a Locomotive shape identifying a 'ruthless, high-powered executive' and this brings monetary policy and evaluations (currency) into the cosmic picture--and with shocking, disruptive Uranus at a critical-crisis 29th degree and retrograde in the corporate 8th house. Plus, as you know, the Venus-Uranus pair tends toward extravagance, eccentricity (including with money), unfaithfulness, and separation in relationships. Perhaps this is a reference to the Trump marriage since the Sun-Moon (marriage/husband-wife) midpoint, which I neglected to pen into the 12th house @00Vir52, conjoins the natal Ascendant of Mr. Trump and conjoins royal Regulus, keywords: success if revenge is avoided. But as we know with Donald Trump, it never is.

Nov 30, 2014

Week of Dec 1, 2014: Congress returns as Mars conjoins US Pluto Rx

Early next week and for ten days, the US Congress will be back in session prior to their holiday/end-of-year break. At the end of the week on Saturday December 6, a Full Moon @14Gem18 spotlights relationships, alliances, full awareness, and possibly opposition at the fulfillment or culmination phase of the Moon beginning with the seeds planted at the previous New Moon (Nov 22, 2014 @00Sag04.) As a pair, the two lunations may relate to several levels of events, activities, and enterprises of a Geminian-Sagittarian nature, of course, and these may include military concerns, plans, actions, and transport of supplies and troops ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire," a Sabian Symbol and degree which may also refer to the might-makes-right Republican Party and their recently finagled majority in the 2015 House and Senate.)

Note that the Full Moon @14Gem18 is quite near Fixed Star Rigel in Orion--its key phrase 'to bring knowledge' so education may be on someone's agenda. Royal Rigel can also have a civilizing effect on proceedings but it may take several more chart factors and influences in order to improve the behavior of the anarchists and zealots (identified by disruptive Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries) now 'serving' in Congress--and this is the 'old' Congress about to dissolve to make way for the 2015 group of hog castrators and whatnot. Who knows what neglect of duty and breach of public trust may be foisted upon the American people in 2015 and 2016 as President Obama's presidency grinds on down with as many problems and scandals as the undermining GOP can muster. Over-making their point (that the GOP is the only real leader of this nation) seems to be part of their deluded obsessions which hit something of a peak during the 2012 presidential election with Mitt Romney while the party's progressed chart showed a paranoid, self-deceived opposition between progressed Moon and fraudulent Neptune. The public watched political operative Karl Rove express their misguided impressions in real time on live TV!

But next week we find a Moon-Uranus flavor to the proceedings and in Politics and Business that denotes that some members will express great insights into the nation's problems but showing such care may involve use of unconventional methods. Executive orders come to mind. However, many leaders will be acting on their own whims and fancies with little idea of how they are seen by the rest of the world--the American public, or, the wider world. They've already made us all look like blathering idiots, imho, and no less so themselves. And what about Jonathan Gruber's Obamacare-related remarks about Democrats thinking the American people are stupid? Even if they do, it hardly compares to the stupidity (and misbegotten idealism) repeatedly shown these last years by many members of the US Congress who are supposed to favor better behavior and exalted thinking and debating.

Instead, the morons of Congress and their wealthy enablers served us "Green Eggs and Ham" delivered--as if we were children--with a self-important bravado that I admit was embarrassing--and I don't care even a fig for gasbag Ted Cruz!

Yes, it's true that the public has been in many ways 'dumbed down' (by toxically contaminated food, water, air, deviant entertainment, etc) yet our elected 'lawmakers' seem to be dumbing down themselves or pretending to in order to keep from doing the jobs they were supposedly elected (or installed) to perform, especially if strengthening our social fabric is involved. And they act the fool within such an esteemed institution and have made a mockery of it before the entire world!

Okay, I could fuss on, you know I could, but let's discuss the transit of Mars this week to US natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33. This transit comes around approximately every two years or so and is prominent now due to real world events: more war in the Middle East, protests and riots at home with a lamentable Police State mentality in force, murder and other violent acts, settled Civil Rights laws under fire--plus, Obamacare to receive more Supreme Court attention, total surveillance, DNA collection, criminalizing and imprisoning the populace, too many laws on the books, the secessionist movement rearing its sheeted head, crimes of rape--all supported by the Mars-Pluto pair's forceful, intense, and perhaps secretive Scorpionic undertones.

'Purposeful' is a good description of the Mars-Pluto effect in Politics though a me-first attitude with its narrow interests hints at anti-social motives as efforts are perverted away from the public good. Karma--reaping what's been sown--is also an element within Mars-to-Pluto transits and the CIA term 'blow back' comes easily to mind along with the Pentagon's tiresome tendency to make enemies where there were none before via furtive plutonian tactics. Well, they must chow down on a lot of un-indicted ham sandwiches over at the Pentagon cafeteria because they can act awfully ham-fisted.

Other concerns within this Scorpio-drenched picture are potentials for revenge, jealousy, perilous actions, natural disasters, and risk-taking. We all remain, after all, under the vibrations of the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse @00Sco24, a 'very Scorpio' degree area at the beginning of the sign and its first decanate.

Positively, some folks will use this transit as a period for rejuvenation and recuperation, discovering new uses for old things (Mitch McConnell? I kid!), investing one's assets, conducting deep research projects, performing comprehensive investigations, having surgery, engaging in daredevil sports competitions, practicing better self-control, studying metaphysical subjects, or perhaps for finding long-buried hidden talents and resources.

What will you be up to as 2014 draws to a close?

Personally I plan to use the next few weeks into January 2015 for family preparations and gatherings, relaxing whenever possible, blogging a bit (including Winter Solstice 2014--coming soon), and, as much as possible, completely ignoring the brazen fools who act like entitled monkeys hooting around the rafters of the Capitol Building of Sacred Geometry style architecture, a Masonic temple reflected from DC's Federal Triangle and aligned with Royal Star, Regulus.

Now if only the 'royal' monkeys of Congress were aware of and suitably embarrassed by who and what they actually are.


Blog Note: if you wish, type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search field for a link to the October 2014 Solar Eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC, plus, a list of related posts which includes an overview of the Solar Eclipses of 2015 into 2017.

Nov 30, 2014: just adding an article link for those who may be interested in Uranian Hollywood types. It's a freshly published post concerning the Astrology of James Dean's life and death: James Dean's Fatal Car Crash: an Eclipse Triggered by yours truly. Just as eclipses can be, this teen idol was a unique 'wild card' all his own! jc

Nov 21, 2007

Nov 24: Full Moon, Snow Moon

Crystal Pomeroy says that the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Nov 24 is a chance to consolidate goals established 11 months ago!

Her article on this Snow Moon (the last Full Moon in this solar year) is a must-read with its instructions for 'entering the portal to the Snow Moon.'

I, however, don't actually do rituals myself, I just pass them on for others to do, if they like. Because if you were going to do one, this would be a good one to do, especially with its poetic imagery...makes me want to draw a new snow scene for Nov-Dec 2008.

"Snow Moon" is the loveliest named Moon of all, imho, yet this Full Moon chart is discordant in several ways (including financially, politically, and other -llys as well) esp when the US and Bush natal placements are added in.

If you click to enlarge, you may find some readable notes on midpoints, etc.

Too bad this administration only listens to its own echoes. That's Bush's natal MC (Aspirations; the Goal) at the IC, the lowest point in the chart. Asteroid, Cupido, corporations; The Family, is nearing it at 22Ari09, now Rx.

Transit Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; class warfare; racism) is now hovering at 19Cap29 and so in this chart, the problematic midpoint rises just after Vesta. You see that Chiron 11AQ10 is conj 2nd cusp ($$) with restrictive, controlling Saturn in 8th house ($$), so there's that. Someone's making money, but it's not you and me.

If you do enlarge this chart, see rising asteroid, Icarus, and one of his keywords written there. Then you may notice the Sun 1Sag55 conjunct asteroid, Tisiphone, retaliation.

The Moon is conj Mirfak, the star most recently emphasized when Comet Holmes seemed to engulf Mirfak as the Comet exploded in Perseus.

You may see that the Sun is just beyond the "1Sag" degree: "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" which is a degree we must naturally associate with US military services...or perhaps the military industrial complex which is ruining much of the world. (I just finished watching--finally--No End in Sight.)

Yet I love a Full Moon as much as the next traveler on the path, so I like it when Crystal says that Snow Moon colors are dark blue and purple--my favorites.

Guess being brought home as a mere squalling bundle in snowfall stays with you a long time! The snowflakes, not the squalling. Okay the squalling.

The Book of Coincidences