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Jul 6, 2009

Astrology follows Obama and the Moon July 6 - 10, 2009

Today in Moscow, US President Barack Obama arrived to meet with Russian leaders President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vlaimir Putin.

When a Mundane Astrology chart shows planets (which for our purposes includes 'the lights', Sun and Moon, for ease of expression) meeting together, something of the archetypal flavor of that planet (actor) is evoked and a journey may be described.

In Pres. Obama's case for this trip abroad, we have a few conjunctions as he travels, landing at the Vatican on Friday, July 10, the day of the Great Conjunction (so we know it's a world event/s) between Jupiter 26AQ01 (Mr. Obama was born with Jupiter Rx at '00AQ+' so I nominate him for Jupiter's role - basically, Jupiter is the faster mover of the two so Jupiter 'comes to' Neptune, in this case, Obama to the Pope of a worldwide religion based on Neptunian veils of religious fervor...and clouds of incense.

This is the second of three Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions as speculation and grandiose plans hold sway over the globe, for 2009 is the year of Jupiter/Neptune's inflationary tactics and high-flying dreams. Still there's something to be said in favor of a hopeful attitude that perhaps the power elite chaos-creators will get hold of themselves, their egos, and think twice about plans for world domination.

Speaking of which...with Pluto now at 1Cap40 Rx, Luna must pass the 30th degree of Sagittarius (the seeker, but what doth he seek?) to reach Cap; '30Sag': "The Pope Blessing the Faithful" so a ring-smooching seems to be on Mr. Obama's menu. This should culminate on Friday, Day of Venus, with this week's position of Venus 5Gem46 conjunct transiting Pan, a Capricornian trickster; I associate Venus/Neptune with the Vatican...idealizing (Nep) a woman (Mary, Mother of Jesus.)

For Obama, natal Venus 1Can47 is snugged between Pope Benedict XVI's natal Mars 29Gem28 and North Node 00Can09, a World Point for his NN, a point of destined encounters and meetings, and contact with the wider public.

A midpoint picture is formed between the two natal charts of Mr. Obama and Pope Benedict (birth data I use for each of them at end of this article):

Mars/NN = Venus: getting together affectionately, passionately.

Yep! A major ring smooching is coming up. But that's not all...

Whenever Pluto has been at 00Cap+ of late, His Dragonhood has conjoined Pope Benedict's natal South Node, a point of separation. Generally this can mean separation from power, but also violence and war. Is there some fomenting going on in secret antiquated halls?

So Moon meets with Pluto today, then she goes on to meet with first Chiron 25AQ24 Rx, Jupiter 26AQ01 Rx, and Neptune 26AQ01 Rx at their Great Conjunction (July 10, 2009; Moscow, Russia, 9:18 am CDT +5:00.) This is the minute given by this software as the first minute they click into the same '01' minute so I use it in case an audience with the Pope may occur during the morning hours of Friday. Of course the entire day is flavored with this major conjunction between two 'religious' planets: one codified (Jupiter), and one urge-to-merge infused (Neptune.)

So as the Moon approaches the Jup/Nep pair, three midpoint pictures form. As usual the pics may operate in an 'any, all, or none' manner...

1. Moon/Neptune = Jupiter: grand imaginings and plans.

2. Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: dreaminess; an emotional swoon; going with the wind; becoming involved in speculations and gambling.

3. Moon/Jupiter = Neptune: success feels like it's leaving one's grasp; losing focus of objectives.

As President Obama carries financial and political pollen from one world leader to another on his trip, Mercury, planet of travel especially air travel, is dancing upon Fixed Star Sirius, a star strongly associated with America's natal chart.

Sirius, the Dog Star (Alpha Canis Major), once worhipped in Egypt as the guardian, and indicating the announcer in the form of a barking dog; keywords: the fire of immortality which I for one relate on one level to the Illuminati's 'eternal flame.'

There's an element of faithfulness linked with Sirius; Ebertin and Robson agree that a person influenced by Sirius (in this case, Mr.Obama as the young-ish man (Mercury) traveling (Mercury) to meet (conj) with the Sun 19Can27 (leader) on Friday for the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction) so this is a ceremonial and public level on which the two - or should I say, three? - leaders will gather. plus a private level, too. Perhaps there they'll say what the really think and what we are not privy to know.

If uprightly directed, the energy of Sirius may bring more gain than is expected in one's endeavors as the mundane becomes sacred. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.) Therefore, a small action becomes a symbol for the collective yet this is a demanding star that brings either huge success - or a scorching, maybe even a scalded dog yelping!

Mercury is oriental, too, which decribes the last-to-rise-before-the-Sun phenomenon in Astrology this is the dot the Is, cross the Ts mindset. Reporters?Speechwriters? Negotiators or trade representatives? Or all the possibilities on different levels?

For compexity's sake, there are also two bodies riding along with Mercury - Hygeia (health; perhaps a doctor and/or nurse?), and one of the two Isises (Isis #2, I call this one) now at 12Cap34. Is a daughter under the weather? Perhaps it only describes the usual arrangements for a president taking a long distance trip with his family and acts as a medical precaution for the one they once called, The Leader of the Free World.

Proserpina (transition) rises in Friday's Jupiter/Neptune conjunction chart as transiting asteroid Hopi (ambush; prejudice) sips Napoleon brandy with Pope Benedict's natal Pluto/SN conjunction. This is an old prejudice for the Pope but it also represents a chance to let go some of the poisons from his past.

So our 'Sirius' travels to announce and perhaps to warn, Jupiter's idealism and money issues meet the spiritual guru in his own neighborhood, and event-timing Luna shifts across the faces of the planets while pollinating from one to the next. Moon to Jupiter is generally a happy time (although both planets are often prominent in charts of poisonings and other offings.) Moon/Jupiter is a chance to travel, for certain, with emotional changes involving joy in the process.

Moon to Jupiter (or vice versa which is usually better since Jupiter 'stays longer' than the Moon) indicates publicity - which of course is a given here = reward, success, and optimism. In the political arena,
the religiousness of the judiciary becomes important which implies SCOTUS concerns on one side or the other - or on both.

Might Sonia Sotomayor's nomination for SCOTUS be a topic of discussion or negotiation?

Moon/Chiron contacts indicate that perceptual shields are open - so please be careful which frequency you tune in to.

Then Moon reaches Neptune, a refined, bewildered, sensitive, and/or spiritual time when subconscious forces are at play and one may be emotionally (Moon) deceived (Neptune) if one isn't careful, or perhaps 'deceived through the emotions' is closer to it. This is an idealizing (Neptune) a woman (Mary) descriptor.

And as you know, Tuesday, July 7, 2009 brings a Lunar Eclipse in mid-Capricorn, sign of politics, law, business, and management. Seems to me that that old time religion is good enough for traditionalist Capricorn, yet the US president of the moment doesn't seem overly encumbered with that particular Rock of Ages.

However, Mr. Obama, as all US presidents, will be kissing the Pope's ring this week.

Wonder if PM Putin ever puckered up for the same ceremony of adulation? Got photos?


Pope Benedict XVI: April 16m 1929 9NS); 4:15 am MET, Marktt, Germany; from BC.

Pres. Barack Obama: August 4, 1961; 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii; from BC but disputed.