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Dec 13, 2015

Colonial American History: Tour of the Newport Tower w Jim Egan - video

If you're familiar with History2's program America Unearthed with Scott Wolter you may have viewed the episode about the mysterious Newport Tower in Rhode Island. Among other things, the episode detailed some of the Tower's astronomical alignments with Sun and Moon, and a rare and magical alignment with planet Venus rising.

It's always Venus, isn't it? Even Presidential Election 2016 may be decided by the goddess planet as Evening Star! Update June 3, 2022: It was - Venus in Sagittarius = the outsider or stranger - rival party wins.

The where of the Tower we know. But the when, why, and by whom remain controversial. So America Unearthed notwithstanding, here's a realistic yet tantalizing look at the Newport Tower with Jim Egan including some early history of Rhode Island and its first governor Benedict Arnold, ancestor of America's much derided traitor of the same name, Benedict IV:

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