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Jul 10, 2021

July 2021 brings Trump both Lunar and Mars Returns

Saturday July 10, 2021: Below is a dual image of Tr*mp's Lunar Return on July 21, 2021 (lower left; Moon 21Sag12 conjunct his South Node, opposite natal Sun-NN) and his Mars Return of July 24, 2021 (upper right). You'll note that the ongoing transit of Neptune in Pisces opposing US natal Neptune in Virgo (a generational influence timing a period of racial and religious persecution) continues to square Tr*mp's natal Sun-Moon opposition and Nodal Axis which suggests for him a time when fantasy and illusion affect his self-image and public image, when ego demands are difficult to satisfy (are they ever satisfied for him?), an air of confusion and uncertainty surrounds him, chaos and scandals proliferate, a lack of loyalty plagues his circumstances, and marital problems may surface.

Now if the Select Committee's first hearing on the 1/6 insurrection is held on or near July 21st or 22nd as suggested by Committee chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) (dates subject to change, of course), then these Return horoscopes can provide significant information concerning Trump's moods, emotions, and daily activities (Lunar Return - but also compare to his Solar Return 2021 chart) and a new two-year cycle of activity for him (Mars Return) so hopefully curious readers can manage to read the notes penned upon the charts (they're easier to read when printed, I'm told). We may refer to these Return horoscopes in a later post depending on how events proceed, yet as you know, the charts are full of 'Tr*mp info' whether the Select Committee meets in July or not.

Tr*mp's Lunar and Mars Return Charts for July 2021:

Prominent potentials include "violence" and "upsets" (Lunar Return: ASC = Mars-Uranus), and a "crisis of self-preservation" (Mars Return: ASC = Sun-Pluto); also "exercising influence upon the environment" and "mental domination" (ASC = Mercury-Pluto), plus, "a person of fame" (ASC = Pluto/MC - R. Ebertin). And note that every time his Mars in Leo returns to natal degree, it reinforces his aggressive natal opposition to US natal Moon (We The People) and caution is advised. And note that the ongoing status quo blocks progress Saturn-Uranus square provides fertile conditions in society for upheavals, violent actions, and/or accidents to occur.

Additionally, around the time of the Select Committee's first hearing (if it transpires as announced for July around these dates), these horoscopes may be interesting to review:

And here's a related article from early July that you may or may not have read. I'm linking it in this post because of its rather sassy title, Republicans Terrified As Pelosi Names Patriots and Investigative Heavyweights To 1/6 Committee. To me this seems completely understandable considering that certain Republican congress members went all-in with instigator Tr*mp to "stop the steal" by attacking the very Congress and Capitol Building in which they all work, hoping to establish a neo-nazi foothold of "white supremacy" more securely within the US government. And the more toolish fools among them are still parroting Tr*mp's Big Lie! Meanwhile, Tr*mp's 'Big Lie' and other remarks are turning out to be suitable for legal use against at least one of the 1/6 rioters who followed agent orange's orders on 1/6, one of which was to go to the Capitol and "fight like hell"!

But as it turns out, the rioters' supposed justification for perpetrating a violent attack on our legislative branch of government was only an illusion, a fantasy fed them by you-know-who because he had several axes to grind and, as always, others were expected to do the heavy lifting, tomahawk and flagpole in hand.

Gotta keep those tiny little mitts clean, thinks he!

All that aside, if you haven't you may wish to consider the US Solar Return 2021 Horoscope for cosmic clues about our nation's upcoming solar year and the karmic opportunities for real progress that the Universe is offering our soul-sick nation. And considering all the negativity and destruction that Washington and the Pentagon have visited upon the world these many years, it's truly a gracious wonder that We the People of America have any positive karma left to ponder at all.

Now, dear reader, don't be shy! Your on-topic comments and observations are always welcomed and appreciated as long as your name is included! Jude