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Jun 24, 2009

Did you notice? America is a bank-owned state

Samah El-Shahat has written an informative series of columns on Why America is a Bank-owned State which quotes Nouriel Roubini concerning the Geithner (non-) stress tests.

As I blogged during the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama would not have been a presidential candidate at all if he hadn't gotten in with the power bankers and agreed to do their bidding. He won for promising to dance to their tune and because 'the electorate' liked his pitch the best...makes the medicine go down more easily with such obvious oration abilities.

But is he dancing fast enough? Perhaps, because already the American people, our economy, and our futures are trussed up like turkeys on a spit, so I'll look forward to El-Shahat's next article in the series.

And since no banking or government officials are honest with us, Obama's 'failure' may be pre-written in their script while he's secretly being richly rewarded for a job well done - assuming he doesn't end as their sacrificial lamb!