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May 24, 2016

The Core Values Of America Are Progressive! - clip (w/ Saturn/Uranus)

America's Core Values? Saturn and Uranus!

How prominent is planet Uranus in America's natal horoscope and the American psyche? Discovered in 1781 between the American Revolution and the French Revolution, the quirky 'sky god' of lightening bolts and awareness, of rebellion, genius, innovation, progressive ideas and ideals, and independence has been referred to by yours truly as American's Totem Planet...our primary planetary representative in the Cosmos, we could say.

Yes, shock, disruption, and breakage can suddenly occur with Uranus in the picture, and destiny is diverted onto a new and unexpected path toward the future.

True enough but then there's US natal Saturn, planet of conservatism, authority, austerity, responsibility, restriction, authenticity, laws, government, business, the past, and the status quo, exalted in the sign of Libra in our July 4, 1776 panoply with all the diplomacy, balance, fairness, and scales of justice the sign confers. Yes, it's Plato's Ideal (Uranus) poured into Saturnian Form--and the form became the New Atlantis, that Utopian Dream of Plato, Bacon and others, with a capital city ("on a hill") that morphed into the New Rome of Washington DC, determined at all costs to conquer the world.

Yet with our nation's Uranus at 8 Gemini and Saturn at 14 Libra, this Airy (mental) duo of exciting ideas and decent values had moved beyond an exact trine (120 degrees) by July Fourth but had engaged as such off-and-on in their beneficial trine aspect denoting that our early American revolutionaries went on to earn the freedom they enjoyed through taking measured risks. Optimism in the future and adherence to ethical standards aided our early rebels in their quest for a New Order of the Ages as shown by our ethical Libran Saturn and futuristic Geminian Uranus.

So which planet is more descriptive of America's core values?

Republicans are fond of saying that the United States is a conservative nation. In part, of course it is. Yours truly is conservative in some ways but progressive in others for everyone has both Saturn and Uranus somewhere in their natal charts and if both planets express, then why not a blend? Yet America was founded upon the ideals of freedom, independence, and equality and has long been touted as 'the only nation founded upon an ideal'. Agreed. And that ideal and the novelty and genius of our founding is most closely described and identified by Uranus in Mercurial Gemini with Plato's Ideal a model!

Okay, I'll hush for now and turn you over to progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann who has some ideas of his own: