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Mar 4, 2009

Origins of Public Relations and Consumerism: video link

Zeeks! Propaganda Galore! Our Brains on Propaganda! Pluto-Chiron's consumerism yet another -ism!

This four part BBC series captured on video, The Century of the Self, concerns the rise of consumerism, the business and political uses of it, and reveals its guru, Edward Bernays, and his role in inventing public relations in the 1920s based on his Uncle Sigmund Freud's work on the Unconscious.

Turns out...funny America, the very foundations of democracy were cracking fissures while Dr. Freud was spouting on and on about the irrational, dangerous desires and fears lurking just underneath Average Joe's calm surface - a threat which totally crumbles the concept of democracy as run by rational people making well-considered choices.

Freud's unleashed monsters had been seen expressed in street riots and in the barbarism of Nazi Germany, and they were definitely not invited to tea in a status quo society of button-down types and their quiet little wives making apple pies and brewing Maxwell House at every opportunity.

Now if you haven't time to view all four parts of this BBC-produced series, my recommendation is to watch Part Four at the very least.

The series is a fascinating view of public relations and the manipulation it is based on and has old film footage interspersed - including some cheesecake of Dr. Freud himself (just kidding about the cheesecake.)

Also revealed is the tight team effort of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, whose similar ruling styles were not as coincidental as they may have appeared at the time. Yet one thing I must disagree with the BBC on - I assert that Clinton and Blair knew very well that the manipulative Freudian techniques had been developed by people in order to control the masses, not to "liberate" them. I mean, puh! give me a break on that one.

So given my fascination with propaganda, its methods and supposed justifications, it seemed a good idea to make this video report available here in case someone else has a similar fascination...and so I can find it again quite handily.

You know, I published the first-ever US Inauguration chart with hour verified by historical record (George Washington's Inauguration, of course), and I remember writing on the chart image that changing we-the-people's mentality was a goal because of its 10th house Chiron in (mental) Gemini...if you wish to view the chart and read my notes, try American Presidency Apr 30, 1789 which, being the first, is the archetype of all US presidencies following.

Now I must mosey because my favorite new show comes on at 9 pm...Tim Roth in Lie to Me.

I love how they divilge what various gestures mean, including politicians' rhetoric tricks, flourishes, and avoidances which the show drops in by way of tapes of modern day political thespians - at podium or elswhere - because Lie to Me is all about reading faces and gestures, and with great acting, too.

Just my style - steamy Lie to Me Tea served with crusty Propaganda Biscuits nestled on one of the dessert plates Madison Avenue told me I had to have to make my life complete.

So as we-the-dupes know, completing-the-set in this manner simply never works. But it will send you a snowballing credit card balance from h*ll - as enabled by the politicial thespians of Capitol Hill.