Apr 14, 2009

Did Bush conspire with Iran?

Prevaricator extraordinaire Ahmed Chalabi says that Bush conspired with Iran before the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

But then the Bush administration wasn't (and isn't) known for its own clarity or truth-telling. Murkiness, oui. Honesty, nyet.

That's one of the troubles with the 'ends justify the means' crowd from the world crime syndicate - or syndicates, whichever more closely applies to the tentacle/s near you. They can't believe one another even when it counts.

It's a bit like the world financial crisis: what is the world coming to when thieves can't trust thieves? Oh yeah - the old saw about there being 'no honor among thieves' is old precisely because it's true.

That they could masquerade as long as they did as 'upstanding corporate businessmen' is one of the biggest jokes of all - with the rest of the world the butt.
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