Oct 17, 2009

Astro-peek at a Boy in a Balloon - real or hoax?

Balloons, one level of Jupiter-Neptune floating up from the collective unconscious!

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has taken a look at the charts of the boy-in-balloon controversy and gives her opinion on whether it was a hoax or not. (Scroll a bit to 'Oct 16' for the balloon story.)

Being involved of late with much artwork I'd had no time to have an astro-peek at the situation and was grateful to find Julie's insights into this odd matter.

Next time someone wants to lose their child in a helium balloon and call attention to it, may I suggest a real balloon, not a homemade one? Some lovely rainbow stripes would have been nice on camera. Can you tell on which side of the real vs hoax debate I stand?
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