Oct 16, 2009

Of oil pipelines and Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions

Bill Sardi is asking if a long-hoped-for oil pipeline in Afghanistan is what's really going on with US war escalation there.

On Feb 12, 1998, UNOCAL's vp of international relations, John J. Marcesa, testified to Congress on a proposed pipeline through Central Asia, on the lack of human and women's rights under the Taliban regime, and how the oil and gas reserves in the region might shape US foreign policy.

Even the elusive Osama bin Laden was mentioned by inference, not by name, so the question begs: was the 1998 testimony a ploy to put this information into the congressional record to support future warmongering?

1998 was the year that corruption charges were brought against Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, and oddly enough, Pakistan's The Crescent Group was (is?) in a multi-national consortium with UNOCAL along with Russia's Gazprom, plus, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the government of Turkmenistan.

Also in 1998: President Bill Clinton presented a balanced budget - first one since 1969; impeachment attempts against Clinton began; US gov vs Bill Gates/MS for monopolizing; the central bank in Japan was raided and financial scandals mounted; President Boris Yeltsin dismissed all 29 of his ministers in a major power play; India and Pakistan both detonated nuclear weapons.

Oh, something else for 1998 that I almost forgot: US and UK naval forces threatened to bomb Iraq if Saddam Hussein didn't comply with weapons inspectors.

Astrologically in 1998, Neptune finally left staid Capricorn and entered boundary-breaking Aquarius where progressive, quirky Uranus already played with computers and such - and the information revolution was on.

I know of no Great Conjunctions of outer planets (plus Jupiter or Saturn, the societal planets) for 1998, but on Jan 9, 1997 at 27Cap09, a Great Conjunction between the inflationary, speculative pairing of Jupiter/Neptune took place upon US natal Pluto, and we're still suffering under its effects as global wheeler-dealers continue their plans for imperialist expansion and resource-plundering as mentioned in the above-linked article with 1998's congressional testimony part of the set-up and the attacks of 9/11 the major triggering event, as it turned out. (Americans won't go to war without a 'noble cause' as our politicians figured out several decades ago. Remember Pearl Harbor.)

The January 1997 conj was the last meeting of Jupiter and Neptune until 2009's three conjunctions, the final one being on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18 - again atop US natal Moon (the people): losing oneself in speculations; little sense of reality; the desire to dream; instability; wastefulness.

But then there's the one from 1997 - still influencing globalists' plans, imo:

Jupiter/Neptune = n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; a great loss.

America. She is a great loss, isn't she?


(No midpoint pictures were harmed in the typing of this post and were taken from Ebertin and Tyl.)

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clymela said...

HMMM??!! and then I was thinking that ol'Jupiter and Neptune meet up with little ol'Chiron who starts spinning her web/tale of their true motivations and this just throws a spanner into the works and those in the know start getting very fretful.