Oct 17, 2009

Freemasonry in America and Dan Brown's interview

Freemasonry Watch has the story of the abduction and murder of Captain William Morgan, if you're interested.

The Morgan murder seemed to be officially admitted by a current-day Freemason last evening on NBC's presentation about Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, with the Tom Hanks film being touted as well.

Since I'm just now looking at the Morgan murder I have no opinion of it, but that state of unawareness could change at any moment...

If you watched the interview with Dan Brown last night were you surprised at the statue of George Washington modeled as Zeus that once sat in the Capitol Building?

I heard of the statue years ago and thought of it during the 2008 campaign - especially during the DNC in Denver - when classic columns flanked Barack Obama, Republicans cried fowl since they thought they had dibs on Greek symbols for politicians, and mentions (by me admittedly) of Obama-as-
(the Sun god and god of medicine) ran rampant through cyberland.

It is well known that George Washington and several other founding fathers were Freemasons and perhaps members of other secret organizations, too. Actually, Stars Over Washington was founded in large part on my desire to uncover these links so I recommend that you follow the trail to Washington DC's true heritage without delay.

And I suspect that Dan Brown's book and the film itself will be very inspiring in our search for the true origins - and long-planned secretive mission - of America.

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