Oct 15, 2009

A Matrix of Propaganda

Not wanting to surreptitiously sneak a controversy-discussing website into SO'W's sidebar links list, I hereby announce the addition of Propaganda Matrix to the offerings here.

Mainstream propaganda we got plenty of without even trying so something a little different might fill in the gaps of knowledge that governments work so hard and spend so much taxpayer money to muddy - all to their advantage.

So if you're thinking of having an H1N1 swine flu inoculation, Propaganda Matrix is an alternate resource for balancing the WHO-network media-Big Pharma-government view that's bringing windfall profits to Big Pharma during what is, for most people, a recession.

And recruitment is up for our military as I expected when the financial crisis was hitting...Uncle Sam needs you and you need a job. Now they're officially admitting that it's due to a lack of jobs in the economy.

Thus US plans for perpetual war proceed purposefully...assuring perpetual debt into infinity.
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