Oct 15, 2009

A Matrix of Propaganda

Not wanting to surreptitiously sneak a controversy-discussing website into SO'W's sidebar links list, I hereby announce the addition of Propaganda Matrix to the offerings here.

Mainstream propaganda we got plenty of without even trying so something a little different might fill in the gaps of knowledge that governments work so hard and spend so much taxpayer money to muddy - all to their advantage.

So if you're thinking of having an H1N1 swine flu inoculation, Propaganda Matrix is an alternate resource for balancing the WHO-network media-Big Pharma-government view that's bringing windfall profits to Big Pharma during what is, for most people, a recession.

And recruitment is up for our military as I expected when the financial crisis was hitting...Uncle Sam needs you and you need a job. Now they're officially admitting that it's due to a lack of jobs in the economy.

Thus US plans for perpetual war proceed purposefully...assuring perpetual debt into infinity.


clymela said...

Dear Heart-I just don't get your attraction to Alex Jones. Every time I have seriously tried to listen to him I am so turned off by his disgusting music and scare tactics.
Have you tried Amy Goodman on a seriously ongoing basis? She gets around to all the points Jones wants to make but she does it with our intelligence and intuition in mind. She is tough and refined-she knows where the devils are trying to hide and she knows how to reveal them.
I reread the 5/2009 Kate Wolfstar and Melody's offering. Probably not moving to the Amero this year but then we still have two weeks of October and then November left.
Alex Jones and his lot are too anti-Semitic for me-I identify as a Chinese Jew even though my blood is Northland Europe-Scotland/Ireland/England/German-I have actually known those who carried the Nazi tatoo from the camps.
I always wonder why the anti-Semites aren't more confused about the fact that there seems to have been absolutely no Nazis left in Germany or other parts of Europe after the war but they go on and about the Jewish led Illuminati. whats up with that?
You know, Dear Heart, how much I love your work and how I come here everyday,EVERYDAY, to see what you are thinking about. and I love your work but I cannot bear the anti-Semites and no matter what they say what happened in Europe in the 20th Century was real.

clymela said...

OOH!! Maybe you might not want to "post" that-just a personal rambling to someone I really like and trust and read faithfully.

jude cowell said...

Published your 1st comment because i wanted to say that i had no idea Alex Jones is anti-semetic, clymela! (Your 2nd comment came along with it. Oops!)

When i post something here it's based on the article or video of the moment - wish i had time to vet or edit everything anyone says or writes but then i'd never find anything to publish.

And no, i don't always agree with every statement made but i do believe in keeping public conversation stimulated (to the extent that one small blog can) - but thanks much for the heads-up on Mr. Jones!

Actually, it's Zionists that concern me - and they seem to make decisions that our Congress should be making on OUR behalf which would have quite different outcomes if things were done in our best interests.

As Scripture exhorts us: Pray for the Peace of Israel. And I do.


jude cowell said...

Amy Goodman, yes, meant to say that i agree she is excellent! ;p

clymela said...

Well I was coming over to say that I was researching one of my heros, Father Frank Morales, and saw him with Alex Jones and started to question my belief that Alex Jones is an anti-Semite.
I may just be simply mixing up all the outliers I read and listen to and I love Amy Goodman for her refinement. This is why I thought that my response was not quite ready for the big time.
At any rate much of what is coming down these days of the Obama administration are things Frank Morales was explaining years ago. I wish I had access to his conversation on the allowed disintegration of the Bronx and the years of abandoned buildings,lack of credit,etc. and then when all the strong ones had left because they had to the banks swooped in bought up everything and "renewed" the Bronx and voila!! life is good for the right folks.
At any rate this is what is going on at the national level now. I have been paying attention not because I bought property and lost it but because I have friends who got sucked into this and who got really hurt-good people who just couldn't afford California real estate unless they were given this wonderful opportunity. Believe me they had good counsel but the lure hypnotized them-one friend lost %50,000 gathered through her deployment into the Iraq war requiring her to leave her children behind with parents and siblings who charged nothing and therefore she had this nestegg. Do you have any idea how much money $50,000 is to government social workers such as us? She lost it all because "the bottom fell out of the real estate bubble".
I thought then of Father Morales words and I think even more of his words these days as I watch this play out loud in front of all of us. At any rate GOOGLE has a wonderful tape of him and Alex Jones talking some heavy s--t-here it is I hope: Frank Morales Speaking at the Project Censored Awards.
Love you as always and keep on keepin on Dear One. In the future I will warn you that a heads up is needed.