Nov 20, 2009

Book Tour of a 'quitter'? Palin's OOBs planets rogue it up

Perhaps Sarah Palin's book could be more properly titled 'Going Quits' or something along those lines as fans waiting in the cold all day had to leave without their copies of Going Rogue being signed by Sarah Palin.

Between 'going rogue' and being a 'maverick' we might expect Palin to have out-of-bounds planets in her natal chart or in current Secondary Progressions, but no, she does not. (OOBs planets - genius or instability - are detailed more in my previous post of this morning on Oprah Winfrey.)

Astrology Time

So I checked her current Minor (mental plane) and Tertiary Progressions (intuitional and spiritual plane) to see if any planets are now OOBs by progression and I found two such: Moon (+25:29) and Venus (23:58) in Palin's Tertiary chart (Tert.)

Further study is needed but this is an indicator of a mavericky 'doing anything I want' syndrome (Venus) along with massive public appeal and fame (Moon) so perhaps it's no surprise that her disgruntled book purchasers with frozen noses and no autograph after all their troubles are understandably alienated by her disappointing prima donna behavior. (They spent money on her book - suckas!)

Interestingly, Sarah Palin's Secondary Full Moon (a life culmination point within a 30-year cycle) occurred on March 15, 2009 @ 7Lib27, a waning time of life shared currently in the Secondary charts of America and the Republican Party.

Sec Full Moons aren't bad times, but part of nature's cycle when one has expanded as far as one can and it's time to savor past achievements - the bad things would be overreaching, over-estimations, and grandiose schemes when your time to shine is passing. Things may still be accomplished, but getting a grip on one's overblown efforts makes more sense in the long run.

Also in her Tert chart, Palin has a midpoint picture appropriate to our considerations...

Pluto/ASC = Jupiter: enhanced love of politics and law and use of knowledge of people and their motives to push ahead in life; an increased aura of sincerity. (Michael Munkasey); Tyl says it's: drive to major success; receiving a bounty.

I've noticed how she always tends to mention other peoples' motives, haven't you?

And perhaps a midpoint pic formed by the current ongoing transit of nebulous Neptune to her natal Sun-Mars-Saturn in Aquarius should be re-typed here in light of our subject...

Mars/Saturn = tr Neptune: a weakening of well-prepared plans for the development of desires; defects in training regimens; pretenses or cover-ups about the state of preparedness or readiness of self or others; inefficient use of energy. (Munkasey.)

Noel Tyl says: confusion; feeling threatened; self-torment about identity.

Well, it sounds as if Sarah Palin may have felt 'threatened' by shouting crowds (why? she loves attention!) and perhaps she wasn't as prepared as she and others thought she was for the perils and hardships of a book tour on the road.


Natal chart I'm using is the 'Sarah Palin Feb 11, 1964 4:40 pm pst Sandpoint, ID ASC 19Leo' chart circulating online; birth time unverified as far as I know yet a Leo Ascendant seems most probable. This chart gives the March 15, 2009 Secondary Full Moon as mentioned, with Sec Sun/Moon 7Cap27 conjunct Sec South Node.

Blog Note: be sure to read the Comments on this Palin post. One by "Anonymous" is an example of the caliber of some of Sarah Palin's 'fans' who defend her...rudely, and on a personal level. As if I just made up the Astrology in this post from thin air! Not my responsibility where and when Palin was born, now is it? jc
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