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Nov 20, 2009

Bernie Sanders vs Greenspan 2003 video + AUDIT the FED!

On Sept 16, 2003, Sen. Bernie Sanders 'dressed down' then-Fedhead Alan Greenspan in front of the House Financial Services Committee and it does my heart good to see and hear Sanders' rant again. It does my heart angry to hear Greenspan give his namby pamby answer which fails to address the basic accusations leveled at him that wealthy people in country clubs are the exception and are not the real people of America.

Out of Touch Out of Mind

The 'greatest gap between rich and poor' in 2003 has only widened under the rest of the Bush-Cheney regime and is continuing to chasm under President Obama who was handed the White House baton of bankrupcty and told to make do. (Or told that world government plans are on track.)

Now this video shows an event that occurred years before Greenspan's 'flawed' remark about his philosophy but is worth your 5 minutes' viewing if only to remind yourself of how Bernie Sanders was on to the deceptions and frauds long before 2008's financial 'collapse' which I assert here again was orchestrated by the Fed and its shadowy colleagues.

And if Alan Grayson has his way, yesterday's approved amendment to audit the Fed will gather support until the American people finally find out what the Fed actually does with all that funny money they have Treasury print in spite of the Constitution's giving coinage powers only to the US Congress.

The vote was 43 to 26 Thursday afternoon (11.19.09) with a surprising No vote from its former supporter Barney Frank (D-Mass) whose actions have become more and more suspicious as time - and the bankrupting of America - go on.

Building anew upon ruins means the NWO can bring the "Change" it prefers in spite of an entire world in disagreement. Makes me wonder if 'insurgents' in the Middle East are in truth fighting against the NWO by undermining American efforts (NWO in the form of Western control of their governments and natural resources) as should be the rest of us!

UPDATE August 14, 2015: #FeeltheBern

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