May 20, 2010

Uranus to Aries Point: artificial cell announced today!

No astrologer in the world is surprised at today's announcement of the creation of an artificial cell.

What are some possible applications for this lab-born Frankensteinian DNA which owes allegiance to no papa or mama? New vaccines, a weening from oil as an energy source, and a 'new industrial revolution' as well are some of the bright potentials mentioned today. (Hint: the world doesn't trust Science's cobbled together, GM vaccines as it is!)

Serious questions about the unintended consequences of creating new life forms remain, of course, unanswered at this exciting juncture.

Yes, Uranus to Aries Point (of World Prominence) now = scientific breakthroughs, and in 2010, the scene is greatly expanded by the presence of Jupiter at AP, too...therefore, much wealth is to be expected from such inventions!
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