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Sep 16, 2012

Uranus-Pluto square ramps up w Occupy Wall Street abuses by cops

Riots, protests, and violence from Uranus-Pluto square energies are occurring worldwide, as astrologers expected, and no less so than in American cities such as New York where police officers are abusing power and injuring peaceful, inconvenient demonstrators on orders, no doubt, to protect the status quo of corporate interests.

We may never know if 'black shirts' are involved (political agents planted to trigger police brutality toward peaceful protesters and make a movement 'look bad') on this the First Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (Sept 17, 2011) but depending on how neocon Romney operatives inspired by such characters as Karl Rove spin the current mayhem against Occupiers and President Obama's re-election campaign, it may eventually become transparent that someone is in Mitt's woodpile and trying to score points for his deservedly-desperate presidential aspirations.

Now I've never embedded a Tweeted photo before so I hope you can view the following *Occupy Congress image:

Astrologically, we may take the 2010 conjunction to the Aries Point (00Ari00, a World Point of Manifestation) by political revolutionary and rebel Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries as zealots and radical 'Utopians', as Reinhold Ebertin describes in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences. And, of course, Uranus remains in one sign of the Zodiac for approximately seven years. Perhaps you'll agree that this astro-description covers folks of the Tea Party Movement (co-opted by corporate interests such as the Koch Brothers--'blind zealots'), and simultaneously the Occupy Movement. One group wants genuine and beneficial change for society, and the other is faking it on that score and is determined to implement and shove dire conditions, austerity, misery, and an Ayn-Randesque "survival of the fittest" government that rides roughshod over the lives of all non-wealthy American people--particularly the weak, elderly, ill, and poor among us. And the austerity would affect rank and file Tea Party members, too--now won't they be surprised if their favorite radical Utopians get their sinister way?

So! November 6th soon cometh--which America do You prefer to live in?

*Interesting that tomorrow's first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street--September 17--is also the anniversary of the US Congress--September 17, 1787...creaking along with very poor aprroval ratings and under constant threat at 225 years old. And non-amusingly for those of us who prefer a sovereign, intact United States of America and working, honorable Congress, we can use the one-year-for-one-degree method for insight into the present condition of Congress: 225 years = 225 degrees = 7 signs (7 x 30) + 15 degrees = '15 Scorpio' (= year 2012) which in Sabian Symbols is quite descriptive of the negative, shadow side of how most of Congress behaves itself these days:

"Children Playing Around Five Mounds of Sand" (the wrong thing to build any House upon): "NAIVETE...neg: wholly purposeless ineptitude."

Plus, 15 Scorpio is the Eagle Point! Sounds more like the ethereal phoenix some have always claimed represents our nation rather than the Eagle. Guess the fire the ancient phoenix myth requires--so that a 'New Order' can spring from the Old--is part of the Republican Party's Austerity Plan for America a la the Romney-Ryan ticket. For after all, Pluto-Chiron's Statism + Corporatism = Fascism, said Mussolini.

But,'s painful to type it but President Obama is under the sway of Pluto-Chiron and its Plutocrat warmongers, too. Exs: 1. US Secondary Progressed Pluto-Chiron midpoint @8Pis18 = US SP Sun (the leader.) 2. US Inaugural 2009 Midheaven @26Cap10--the Goal of the US Presidency--was conjoined by the transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint @25Cap48 at noon est on January 20, 2009 at the Capitol Building, which also highlights US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx opposite our spying, propandistic natal Mercury Rx at Inaugural IC 2009, aka, The Drain.

Now what are We the People willing to do about all the corruption? Support Occupy Congress and the occupation of the Wall Street lairs of Big Casino Gamblers whom We the People were forced by Congress to bail out after Bush's Big Heist???

('15Sco': The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Apr 4, 2012

Is 'conservatism' the default position of Americans? (Thom Hartmann video)

This video may be a day late--Thom Hartmann reporting on Tuesday April 3, 2012, but is relevant to Campaign 2012 and the 'default position' taken by a majority of Americans when we're too busy and harried to pay much attention to the issues that dearly affect our lives--the position is 'conservatism'!

But as Thom points out, the current crop of 'conservatives' are not conservative at all, they're radicals. In Mundane Astrology I tend to describe them as the Uranus-in-Aries crowd, or, to paraphrase Reinhold Ebertin in The Combination of Stellar Influences: 'reformers' (of the radical kind), and 'utopians' who are ambitious, stubborn, violent (ex: 9/11/01 occurred under Bush-Cheney as did Financial Collapse 2008 and it's cruel and violent to tear to pieces our social safety net), 'blind zealots', 'fanatics who fight for ideas', 'restless', and 'dreamy enthusiasts'.

And these radical reformers have been 'in the house' more than ever--US natal 4th house (Ic 00Ari53) since transiting Uranus reached Aries Point the first time in 2010. And you know what election that hgihlights: the 'Tea Party' take-over.


Thom Hartmann
Sexy Liberal
Democracy Now!

Dec 13, 2011

'Revolution' Anonymous (video) w Uranus in US 4th house

America at Home: Utopians, Temples, and Anonymous

by Jude Cowell

Not only did Uranus reach the Aries Point of World Manifestation, first in June 2010, and repeating in 2011, but the Aries Point itself (00Ari00) conjoins a little something astrologers call the 4th house of America's natal chart (if you use the Sibly version--US birth data below.)

As natal horoscopes of nations go, the 4th H describes much about the nation itself, its Roots and cell memory of antecedents such as How we began--and also How we will end. It describes our homeland. The cusp (beginning) of the 4th H is the IC (Immum Coeli) which symbolically represents Midnight. The IC is the most hidden point in any chart, hints at End of Life Conditions, and is called The Drain, if you want to face the truth of it.

(You probably practice more Natal Astrology than I do and here I am telling you! How crazy is that?)

Our 4th Home on the Range...Mama, Pass the Apple Pie a la Mode

As the natural house of the Moon (Cancer; the womb; nurturing; security), the 4th H denotes what we need in order to feel psychologically 'at home' and it's where we feel most secure (assuming that we do.) The cusp of the opposite house, the 10th H of Career, Aspirations, and Public Standing, is the most visible point in any chart, there at the other end of the axis, the Career/Home axis, aka, the Parental axis for reasons beyond the scope of this article.

The Sanctuary of a Temple

Well, imagine my surprise today when I took a new site I found on Twitter called Temple Illuminatus for a test drive and soon discovered there a Group: Anonymous.

"The Temple is a Social Sanctuary that is open to all paths and people," says the site. Which obviously includes the hacktivist network, Anonymous with a video message meant for you in case you haven't received it yet...and do pass it around, if you will!


America's Sibly natal horoscope data: July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Sun Cancer/Moon Aquarius, a misty Water-Air blend indicating the American people's traditional concern for the public welfare, nurturing the world tendencies, and acting as protector of the underdog. That's our traditional personality until they screwed with us by their constant (mis)use of tiresome divide-and-conquer tactics of all kinds on every level of life.

American Consumers' Dream: wahh-h-h-hh! me want more! now!

Through our senses and emotions they manipulate us to a shameful degree.

Then there are The Austeres who, to save a buck to fund their quixotic notions, want civilization catapulted back into the late 1800s/early 1900s, if we let them have their mean-spirited way. They talk of 'redistribution of wealth' as a stop gap against aiding those in need but isn't that just what they've perpetrated these last decades as the world's resources were concentrated within the hands of an unelected power elite. They thieve because they can.

Hold On There, Mabel Sue

A fly in the ointment of the Great Planners is that they are in a very small minority, while the rest of us, the 99%, assert without doubt that austerity is "not acceptable", as politicians are fond of saying. Yet a fool knows that the Universe needs both concepts for balance yet the cosmos is resplendant with--not Saturnian austerity--but Jupiterian abundance!

Plus, intrinsic character doesn't change even after 235 years for it is imprinted upon us when we are born (see natal chart!) In Astrology it is said that, 'How something (or someone) begins is how they will end' or, perhaps you prefer the maxim that 'the end is in the beginning'.

It is. Ex: US natal IC 00Ari53 = Aries Point (00Ari00) ruled by contentious Mars, planet of motivation, energy, action, initiative, activism, the military, police, war, violence, and more. Yet any chart factor may express positively rather than negatively depending on motivation--it's where free will comes in, and where character always rules in the end.

So what is our motivation these days? To remain that elusive, mystical creature, An American? Is security (bestowed upon us by those who make the threats) worth our freedom? Seems we've already made that trade and it was, of course, the attacks of 9/11/01 that made the diff. All trembled while few noticed that the power that day's events handed the US government on a platter is reason enough to consider the possibility of false flag op tactics being used, but that's only my opinion as I gaze from afar (GA to NYC.) Yet 9/11's void-of-course Moon (We The People) tells a tale of her own, as previously discussed.

Utopians to America

We The People are We The People as long as we feel and say that we are. And personally, I'm not ready to give up the helm of America to the control of The Booted or to their syndicate bosses--in fact, the sharing we've been doing with plutocrats, oligarchs, and monarchs over the decades isn't working for 99% of us--and I refuse to give up on America in any way, disruptive anarchist Uranus to US 4th house/IC stirring up things and making radical changes in the Homeland, or not.

Reinhold Ebertin wrote that Uranus in Aries represents the 'Utopians' and you know how bossy they can be. So if quirky Uranus, planet of radical politics, anarchy, rioting, upheaval, sudden events, lightening, America, and many other things--is your cuppa planetary tea, you may wish to view a version of the Uranus Direct Station horoscope which times a recent celestial event on December 10, 2011, just hours prior to the Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11 (horoscopes shown, set for DC.)

As you know, Uranus was discovered in 1781 @ 25Gem by William Herschel and thus its concepts are deeply imprinted upon the national psyches of France and America in particular with Uranian ideas and ideals such as: freedom, independence, liberty, equality, individual rights--plus, dissent, revolt, and revolution!

Well, how's your DNA, your cell memory? Are You a Child of the Revolution?

Just asking because these bossy meddlers and reptile-brained social tinkerers play for keeps.

Which means that they are not playing at all.

Nov 17, 2011

OWS, Uranus, and some Astro-Highlights Dec 2011

OWS, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Uranus & Jupiter Direct, & a Capricorn New Moon

by Jude Cowell

As today's Occupy Wall Street Day of Action unfolds in NYC and across the globe I'm studying a couple of horoscopes in particular. So many charts to read, so little blogging time!

As you know, events are moving very fast in the real world lately though the illusion, fraud, deception, and speculation of the Jupiter/Neptune pair continue to affect matters as Neptune's bubbly nature merges with Jupiter's tendency to inflate. The positive side of this planetary influence is Jupiter/Neptune's sense of The Grand Spirit which I believe inspires the Occupy Movement--excepting the violence of agents provocateurs, and the down-and-outers who are attracted to Occupy encampments but who may not always conform to OWS standards of good behavior--or are not able to due to their overwhelmingly bad social conditions and habits.

As you've seen since yesterday, even 84-year-old women such as Dorli Rainey are pepper sprayed as if in punishment for freely expressing their views in America circa 2011, not such a Land of the Free anymore but definitely marking a return to being a Home of the Brave.

For as previously stated on this blog, all the strong-arming brutality is occurring under the Barack Obama administration--but notice he's not been in the country or even on the continent for days though he's due back in Washington this Saturday (11.19.11.)

....Astrologically, the strong-arming brutality may be found beneath our noses in black and white in the Uranus Direct Station horoscope--ex: the triggering of the degree of a not-to-be-spurned Venus at IC...

'18Cap' = "The Union Jack"...SUPERVISION...positive expression: the self's ever widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches (total surveillance saturation and the total heisting of our resources by wealthy gold-hoarding crooks--jc);

negative (unconscious/shadow side): smug or strong-armed paternalism.
(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

No, America isn't broken (or broke!), nor is the American Spirit. But thieves, gangsters, and political thugs are in the house and must be held up to examination, ridicule, and potentially, they must be held for trial and prosecution.

President Obama "Missed" His Chance to Play Wall Street Sheriff

No laundry list here of our disappointments over President Obama--you know the list anyway. (His natal Mars--energy-action-motivation-conflict--is veiled by US natal Neptune 22Vir25--so you're surprised he's extended and expanded WAR while promising otherwise?) And my suspicion is that he never meant to hold anyone on Wall Street accountable and rewards were forthcoming through corporate bail-outs and other means.

Yes, it is understandable that as he took office and in the days since, President Obama couldn't and can't bite the hand that fed him and led him into the Oval Office, plus, it's a mighty cushy job and all. However, a small astro-peep-eye! here: the dynamic energies of the Pluto/Chiron midpoint that crush--sit atop--Inauguration 2009 MC is telling of the US gov's Aspirations and Goals in Jan 2009 when the presidential oath-taking had to be done twice, as you know, with Inauguration 2009 Mercury (oaths; vows) Rx and combust the Sun @ '1AQ' describing the repeated--Rx--event. The oath-administering gaffe by Chief 'Justice' John Roberts (GOP) set the tone for their "Make Obama Fail" campaign ongoing--as if his first oath at noon wasn't official or binding on some weird ideological level where most of today's Republicans exist in their heads.

On my TV now is excellent coverage of the Occupy Movement by Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman detailing the events of OWS, including an interview with former Police Chief Norm Stamper who was on duty during 1999's Battle in Seattle (a label the media saddled the stand-off between patriots v riot police at the WTO Conference (which opened the New Millennium with its 'free' trade nonsense and other draconisms that have resulted in massive losses of US jobs) was rejected by protest.

So ordering pepper spray to be used on peaceful protesters was wrong, Stamper now says. Wrong then, wrong now! In 2011, a difference is that if The System feels threatened enough, police departments and their associates will act more heinously for they are more organized, trained, and ready for martial law enforcement than the first big push back in Seattle 1999.

Anyway, the two charts I'm studying are the Uranus Direct Station horoscope (shown below) of December 10, 2011 (just hours prior to the December 10 Lunar Eclipse @18Gem11), and the Capricorn New Moon chart of December 24, 2011 (@2Cap34; not shown.)

At the Dec 24 New Moon, Uranus 00Ari44 will be moving direct, still triggering its Direct Station degree, but not its minute (00Ari39 v 00:44) which shows how far the planet of revolt, protest, and upheaval has traveled since its Station Direct of Dec 10...not much, and the temperamentally sensitive Aries Point and US n IC are still ruffled--easy to do wherever feisty Mars rules.

It is my belief that the state and condition of Uranus, America's 'totem' planet of Freedom, Independence, Revolution, and exceptionalism is vastly important in both December horoscopes yet you only have to turn on the news, check news feeds, or watch videos to see that Uranian catabolic action is drenching everything it touches. Using the 'Sibly' version of the US natal chart, shows rebellious Uranus crossing and re-crossing our natal IC 00Ari53 (Foundation; Homeland; Endings) which well describes the uprising spirit of The People arriving in the US--since June 2010 and continuing--following the spirit's inflamed beginnings across the Middle East--Tunisia and Egypt being the stand-out locations for now because that regional story is not completely written by any means.

(For non-corporate news try Thom Hartmann.)

It seems America has found her Voice of Dissent as have our compadres in other lands, and what we see when watching coverage/videos of police in riot gear beating and arresting Americans exercising their Right to Free Speech is We the People pushing back--at last!--against a long-planned 'New World Order' of Bossy McBosses.

As we've witnessed The People's push back in the Middle East since February 2011 (Arab Spring), perhaps many in the US couldn't believe their eyes or grok what they were seeing, but it's become difficult to ignore the encroachments, batons, pepper sprays, and jail cells of a Globalist Agenda determined to establish an imperial one-world-government whose true intent is hidden behind a 'free' trade mask, among other obfuscations and ruses which our politicians are well versed in. They take prep classes, you know. Very organized are they but they can be tripped up!

Crisis Time: Jupiter/Neptune, Uranus, and US natal Midheaven

Dissolving Neptune 28AQ24 remains within orb of US natal Moon (The People) with its rootless-homeless-foreclosure-fraud-flood-storm vibes and as such, our n Moon can replace Neptune's spot in the following equation based on the YOD planetary pattern (Finger of God; crisis; crossroads; turning point; special task) formed by the sextile between the froth/inflation pair Jupiter and Neptune here 'pointing toward' US natal MC 00Lib53, where the sextile is supplied an outlet for dynamic expression on the World Stage...yet here, the energy expresses behind-the-scenes in the political 12th H:

Jupiter/Neptune = US n MC: speculators; visionaries; fortune hunters; wastrels; squanderers; harm or damage through thoughtlessness (or fraud, I would add--jc); philanthropists (a positive expression is a few of the wealthy volunteering to pay their taxes. Or is theirs a dreamy and empty Jupiter/Neptune proposal?)

For weeks now in transits, we've had the midpoint picture of Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. (All midpoint pics from R. Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

If we replace Jupiter with US natal Moon we have: Moon/Jupiter = n MC: socially minded or religious people; confidence; popularity.

Below is the Uranus Direct Station horoscope on which are penned a few notes that will not be mentioned so please click to enlarge and check them out, if you wish.

A Point of Change? Uranus Direct Station @ 00Ari39 in 6th house of Work, Health, Service (Police & Military); December 10, 2011 1:06:19 pm est White House, United States of America; Hour of activist Mars 13Vir09 in 11th house of Groups/Associations & Hopes/Wishes; Mars squares Sun/Moon (opposed and nearing eclipse degree of 18Gem11) and the Nodal Axis (click the Dec 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse chart link for more info on this problematic T-Square.)

Moon with South Node of the Moon

Nodal degree, a karmic or fated point, has Moon 14Gem19 conjoining the South Node end of the axis with its Saturnian, separative tone. Moon conj SN shows bad timing and difficult circumstances which are karmic (reap-what's-sown) in nature. We as a people should have been in the streets over these disenfranchising issues years ago! Perhaps President Obama is correct but on a different level than he meant: we have been a little bit lazy and have gotten a little soft--in the Social Protest department.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the Nodal axis is the Sun 17Sag52 (leader) in 3rd house of Communication and I suspect that Orator-in-Chief Obama may deliver a prime time address to the nation concerning the Occupy Movement at some point before December 2011 ends. Sun/NN links indicate major events occurring, seeking public contacts, and/or the growth and expansion of power.

This expansion of power is borne out by Venus (valuations; money; attraction principle; relationships) @ '18Cap', the degree of 1993's Uranus/Neptune conjunction/s marking the New World Order realm. Their last Great Conjunction occurred during the Age of Enlightenment/Age of Reason in mid-Sagittarius. Here as you see, vengeful-when-scorned Venus is at the Foundation of our Uranian Matters (Uranus to US IC) with Utopians (Uranus in Aries = Utopians, says Ebertin) stirring up the most basic issues within American society (our 4th H.)

And the Uranian concept of Equality is one of them.

ASCENDANT 14Lib19 at 2:04:19 am est

US natal Saturn 14Lib48 rises as does transit Saturn 26:36 in 1st house, a condition you'd usually rather not see in any horoscope--Saturn in 1st H shows delay, inhibition, restriction, and contraction in Horary Astrology with 'loss' also a potential. Basically, status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus are now inconjunct one another, a time in society when priorities are difficult to establish, self-deception abounds, and the adoption of new methods will tend to be resented as people try desperately to hold onto old concepts (like corrupted, rotten to the core Capitalism?)

Now in America, we tend to count our Saturn exalted in Libra as signifying Congress (lawmakers) and the Legal System (SCOTUS, Department of Justice, regional courts and judges, etc.) Jupiter 00Tau47 Rx opposing Saturn suggests that markets are unstable, plus the (long-planned and manufactured--"EU was set up to fail"--or set up in too great a haste) crisis conditions within European Union finances are on tap with Germany perhaps acting as the main significator in a financial situation which may very well affect US banks and our economy.

(Jupiter's Direct Station occurs the day after the Dec 24 New Moo on Christmas Day 2011 @00Tau22. Will this change of Mr. Moneybags' direction be too late to boost retailers' quotas for 2011? Note: their quotas are always trumped up--I worked in the retail fashion industry in my 20s and I can tell you that retailing CEOs cry wolf annually for it helps them cut corners for the sake of the bottom line and shareholders, of course--in pursuit of The Almighty Dollar, as we used to say.)

Oh Venus, Make My Wish Come True?

Chart-ruler Venus is detached--out-of-bounds (OOBs)--so who knows what the NYSE will be worth in December 2011, plus, it's a difficult season anyway during the Jupiter/Saturn opposition as expansion/growth vies with restriction/contraction--ex: the Gang of 12, aka, the 'Super' Congress or Committee will have spewed out its recommendations before Uranus turns direct--or will it? Little public lip service has been paid to the concept of addressing imbalances during their secret negotiations other than Republicans presenting a theatrical 'balanced budget' amendment in the House this week--and in July 2011, too.)

Ho Ho Ho: Our Greater Benefic, Protective Jupiter

Once abundant Jupiter turns direct on Dec 25, 2011 in money sign Taurus (the Bull of Wall Street), perhaps funds and policies that benefit The People will be freed to do some good in our society. An alternate potential: the 1% will pay themselves bigger bonuses and dividends than previously planned--just because they can and because many of them are bitterly pouting because we dared complain over our usury-rate indebtedness to foreign entities, and over financially oppressive conditions imposed by a self-selected group of elite plutocrats, a group which includes the military industrial regime/complex and global investors.

Moon/Venus and Mars/Neptune

Also at Aries Point is Moon/Venus = Uranus: quick actions are dictated by feelings. However, the inconjunct between Moon and Venus shows that actions need careful calibration to be most effective, or effective at all.

This picture focuses the square-peg-round-hole energies of the Moon/Venus *inconjunct (the applying aspect to chart-ruler Venus) on rebellious, radical Uranus. To me this denotes that no matter how the 'Super' Congress ham-fistedness turns out, major financial and social (Venus) adjustments (inconj) will be forced upon the population (Moon) if the Gang of 12's central banking bosses surmise that they can get away with it.

However, the Occupy Movement and the amount of attention being paid to it may have made that elitist assumption a bit less of a done-deal though The Man's riot tanks and swat teams are ready to rumble, unless I miss my guess.

Additionally, the stressful Moon inconj Venus aspect contains a 'grit teeth and bear it' flavor which makes clearly discussions of our problems quite difficult. But maybe not as much as before since the Moon is in communicative Gemini, ruled by the planet of young people, Mercury! But uh-oh: the deceptive, often confused or misdirected Mars/Neptune energies are in play which echoes America's natal Mars/Neptune square...

Mars/Neptune = Mercury: receptive or sensitive minds; many plans without a chance of realization; nervous weakness from drug use or misuse of energy.

This very public Geminian Moon wants to relate and communicate while relational Venus in private wants primarily to control (Capricorn) the relationship with the public (Moon)--and our public finances. With the IC involved bwo Venus, Real Estate valuations are on the menu, too--and Venus rules the 8th H of Big Business, Credit, Debt, Contracts, Transformation, and the Occult. Yes, control of public perception over monetary conditions and other social ills is an imperative for the US government--this is and has always been the case. (US natal Jupiter '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"...this tendency was easier to hide in 1776!)

Hopefully, Washington won't follow the 'interrupt Internet service' plan of communication control, or worse: Uranus to US n IC = a disrupted or hacked power grid?

When The People Push Back: 1999 and 2011

Here are a few Astrology notes I posted concerning the media-labeled Battle in Seattle, if you're interested. There are two planetary trios of concentrated energy in the chart/s for that day (Nov 30, 1999, Seattle, Washington, using sunrise) which suggest protests, use of force/abuse of power, and a police state/oligarchic agenda:

1. Pluto/Chiron (the Plutocracy-Oppression team) = Sun 7Sag59/ASC, opposing US natal Uranus (revolt; anarchy--I suggest that WTOers, Bilderbergers, illuminized administration officials, globalist bankers, and their agents were anarchists against US sovereignty first.) The WTO Protests in Seattle will be 12 years ago as of Nov 30, 2011, m'peops! President Clinton(Sun) was acting in accord with Pluto/Chiron's instructions or, under the sway of plutocrat advisers (of which he is now one.) See 1999 in this 1990--1999 Timeline which includes some EU shenanigans, as you'll see.

2. Uranus/Neptune = Mars (3AQ21 at sunrise--'3AQ+' is Jupiter's position in the Inauguration 2009 horoscope, as I tiresomely remind you all the time)...this is a picture suggesting instability; misdirected energy; lameness or paralysis.


Blog Note: some text was just lost and though there are more factors I'd like to mention on these Aries Point/OWS topics for you, ATT&T is having trouble keeping me connected to the Internet this week. I've fought it all day but am finally wumped out with their 'misdirected energy' so if you've emailed me or commented on one of my blogs this week, please be advised that my replies, comments, and/or posts are necessarily on the spotty side at the moment, thanks to big gorilla ATT&T. Typos there be in this post and they must be corrected later. jc

*an inconjunct (150 degrees) is aka, a quincunx and contains crisis and/or health vibes even without the YOD pattern adding to its complexity.

Oct 23, 2011

Jupiter-Neptune! Subliminal messages in campaign ads? (video)

It isn't just the over-promising and fib-telling we must be on guard against when listening to candidates of Campaign 2012, it's subliminal messages affecting us on the subconscious plane that may actually sway us the most!

And on the topic of TV campaign ads in the US, am I the only one grown weary with the squeaky clean "And I'm a Mormon" ads now showing in the southeastern market several times an hour (it seems) which manipulate the viewer on a subtle 'we're just like you' level?

Interesting that the primary midpoint picture by transit that is still in effect is the one between the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, triggered by tr Uranus in Aries (Utopians, radicals, and/or protesters) which gives a 'reality v imagination' vibe to most proceedings. Jupiter relates to broadcasting and ideology, Neptune to the masses, the silver screen, public relations and propaganda, and disruptive Uranus, now at US natal IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) again, relates to sudden events, activism, unrest, independence, freedom, and originality.

The sign of Uranus describes behavior so with Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries there's no telling what to expect for there never is with technology-inspiring Uranus. And Mars will be Mars.

Anyway, if you watch the video above, do let me know what you think--on a conscious level!

Sep 28, 2011

Enlightenment! and a Curious Transit to Thomas Paine's Natal Chart

Thomas Paine = Illuminati, Uranus in Aries = Radical Utopians: America's Destiny?

by Jude Cowell

Since I wrote a piece in 2006 on the Sun to Chiron-Chiron to Sun double transit to the natal horoscope of Thomas Paine, I have read more references to Paine as a Freemason (already known) and as one of the Illuminati of his day.

And if you've read this blog before, you know I'm not fond of those who descend either biologically or ideologically from Weishaupt's Illuminati sect nor am I fond of their global domination plans which seem in 2011 to be well underway for major implementation, perhaps within the much-touted and often feared Year 2012. Yet even they are subject to the natural law of karma and must reap what they sow, much as they prefer to think otherwise.

After all, in 2012 a major market crash is predicted by astrologers and economists alike which is the 'crisis of opportunity' ploy of operatives such as Henry Kissinger and others you and I could name. For Financial Astrology of the markets, I recommend the work of mundane astrologer Theodore White at Global Astrology. Crash-forecasting economists are all over the place so you'll have no problem locating all you want.

Paine, Jefferson, Franklin, and Their Secretive Pal, Adam Weishaupt

Well, perhaps it's impossible to be certain whether Paine and his 18th century Illuminati colleagues such as Thomas Jefferson (a Freemason and Illuminatist--Ben Franklin was a Mason and Rosicrucian, plus, a Rosicrucian decoder was found at Monticello in Jefferson's effects after his death) were duped by Weishaupt's Utopian ruse of an eventual America where we'd all skip around the Sweet Williams while ripe fruit fell from the vines and "reason" would 'perfect' us, making laws unnecessary)--or, whether they were complicit in wanting to establish a totalitarian (Orwellian) regime of complete surveillance and servitude as America's eventual destiny.

Yes, I do have a difficult time meshing the legends of our Founding Fathers based on what what they did and believed in the 1770s and beyond with Weishaupt's devilish Utopian ideals for complete control of mankind. Many of America's founders were Deists yet the principles of the Age of Reason (or, Age of Enlightenment) show a strain of naivety embedded in the same old argument set up by Lucifer--that mankind doesn't need heavenly precepts but can 'do it by himself'.

Speaking as a Christian, their 'Reason Is All' illusion is bosh to me!

Of course, astrologically speaking, man's reasoning ability is a function of Mercury with one of the Enlightenment's favorite planets, Uranus (The Awakener; The Witness), acting as Mercury's higher octave of creative inspiration--the visionary idea of genius that arrives suddenly like a bolt from the blue. I suspect ace deceiver Adam Weishaupt had a lot of such moments, at least in his own estimation.

One clue concerning the awareness of our Founding Fathers of America's ultimate Illuminati-esque destiny has to be the mysterious case of the Cloaked Man in Jefferson's Garden--the one who allegedly rode up out of the darkness with the design for America's Great Seal at-the-ready as Jefferson took a break from consideration of the design along with his colleagues. Perhaps it happened that way, perhaps not. And perhaps Thomas Paine, newly returned from France, WAS that man, as some believe, and I can't deny that the theory of the mystery man's identity as Paine is plausible (and he may also have been co-author of the Declaration of Independence with Jefferson)--if so, he was acting as an agent of Adam Weishaupt when he delivered the seal.

Check out the reverse of the Great Seal, if you haven't, or look at a dollar bill if you have one. The pyramid with the all-seeing eye as capstone is certainly of a Masonic persuasion and the all-seeing eye of surveillance may be said to point forward toward intrusive spy satellites circling the Earth as I type (and agencies monitoring our blogs, websites, emails, and bank accounts!)

And the "1776" on the seal and on paper currency may not actually refer to America's founding year but to the founding by Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati Society on May 1, 1776. Cussedly, we pay homage to the Illuminati by celebrating 'May Day.'

So did Paine, Jefferson, Franklin, and others look forward to the collapsing of America as a sovereign nation--the one they risked their lives, families, and fortunes to create? Is a weird, chaotic, and savage 'Utopia' just around the corner?

What do you think?

Well, in The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin gives Uranus in Aries, its present position, as "Utopians" so we know that since 2010 such political radicals are 'in the house'--in the 4th house of America's natal chart, Sibly version (IC 00Ari53, conjunct the Aries Point of World Manifestation (00Ari00); IC = Endings; The Drain; the HOW? Point of any chart...instruments of our nation's demise?)

Uranus to IC may also relate to the House of Congress and the anarchistic, gridlocking Tea Party members (see a list of their names in this blog's sidebar) who campaigned on returning America to her former glory--a sentiment along the lines of Weishaupt's Utopian Dream of mankind's return to the Garden of Eden. But it seems to me that if that were possible, mankind would need God's cooperation to effect such a major change! And Weishaupt was anti-religion and anti-God--sorry, but man's 'reason' just can't do it.

And neither can 'religioso' candidates Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry.


Plus, the Bush-Cheney regime bombed the Holy Land where the Garden was located to smithereens, an indefensible action if one wants to cavort in the original Eden once again, and an imperial agenda which President Obama has followed since January 2009. Of course, as noted on this blog in 2008, Mr. Obama cannot discontinue the agenda of the plutonian one-world-government types because they and their bankers installed him in the White House and can take him out at their discretion if he doesn't play the Big Game to suit them. 'They' turn up these days in horoscopes as manipulative saboteur Pluto, apex planet in dynamic patterns such as T-Squares and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Well, soon transiting Uranus will return to Aries Point and conjoin the US IC again with much upheaval, but since I'm blogging away from home this week, I don't have my Astrology software or an ephemeris to remind me of the date. Perhaps you'll wish to check it out for the US may experience an event on or near that date which relates to the disturbing topics mentioned in this post.

Now one never knows what quirky, disruptive Uranus will catalyze into action, early, on time, or belatedly. But one thing we can depend on--that the radical Thomas Paine will not be awakening from his Eternal Rest for his work here on Earth, whatever it may have been and for whatever reason, is most definitely done.


For Sun/Chiron info ('destiny unfolding'), please click on the link to Thomas Paine's double transit of 2006; for Cardinal Grand Cross/Crisis info, click on the Global Astrology link above.

As you know, the scientific Age of Enlightenment was marked by a Great Conjunction of futurist Uranus and dreamy Neptune at mid-Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker on a Quest. Their last Great Conjunction/s--three times through 1993--marks the furthering of the New World Order which makes Uranus and Neptune the significators of the one-world-government vision of the Illuminati.

Ebertin gives their combination of energies as "inner illumination and enlightenment, inspiration, idealism, an interest in spiritual subjects, religious problems, mysticism, the growth of subconscious powers or forces." 1993's three conjunctions occurred at or very near '18 Capricorn' = "POLITICAL POWER"...negative (unconscious/shadow side) expression: "smug or strong-armed paternalism"--a 2011 example would be the Occupy Wall Street protests as NYC police strong-arm peaceful demonstrators--our fellow Americans demanding that Wall Street fraudsters pay for their crimes.

Wonder whose side America's founders would be on if they only knew?

(Sabian Symbol info from Marc Edmund Jones.)

Aug 5, 2011

Uranus in Aries, the History of Utopia (video), and ALEC

Of late I've complained often about an active Uranus in Aries representing visionary Utopians as Reinhold Ebertin mentions in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences.

For the DOW's 500+-point plummet yesterday, the midpoint picture of Uranus in Aries at apex between Jupiter (@ '10 Taurus' = "A Red Cross Nurse" which on one level implies Rosicrucians) and nebulous Neptune (@ '1 Pisces' = "A Public Market"--our 'consumer economy' and the NYSE) was in force as its been during the 'debt-deal/default' theater we've just been treated to by Washington (ad nauseum.)

As you know, Jupiter with Neptune is the speculation/wastrel/inflation/grand scheme pair of planets, a perfect dynamic for a pie-in-the-sky illusion such as Utopia...

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation; imagination v reality (Ebertin.)

And of course, progressive, futuristic Uranus itself relates to Plato's Ideal which remains but a dream unless and until it finds Saturnian form (practicality; solidity; status quo) to pour into in order to manifest on earth, the physical plane.

The Form Returns...

On August 28, 2011, Saturn for the third time in this 28-year cycle returns to US natal Saturn's degree (14Lib48) which should be a resolution phase for issues of accountability, responsibility, and--as the US government is determined to enforce upon the have-nots rather than upon the rich who caused financial collapse--austerity measures.

Since Uranus has an approximate orbit of 84 years, the last time Uranus was in Aries, Herr Hitler rose to power. This is an important astrological tidbit to know as you consider James Corbett's overview of Utopia while thinking of all that is transpiring to gridlock the US government, lower the people's approval of it, and overthrow our democracy--what little we have left to overthrow as Uranus Rx prepares to hit Aries Point (00:00) again, and recross the IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) of the US natal horoscope--Utopians in America...

For further reading on another historical Utopian (and a definite villain of our piece), you may wish to try Sir Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto. And don't be surprised if there's a Rockefeller involved...

Then there's Plato's Ideal State and his Theory of Forms if you're in a seriously philosophical mood.


Americans, the totalitarian coup d'etat is in progress and time's a-wastin'! If you're not a fan of corporations writing US legislation for a complicit Congress (as I type ALEC meets in convention in New Orleans, Marriott--to decide America's future), please visit ALEC Exposed and get involved. For if you haven't noticed yet, the American Revolution for freedom and independence must now be fought all over again.

Aug 2, 2011

Uranus in Aries! US infested by 'Coercive Utopians'

Such a definition have I found for you!

Check out Coercive Utopians and see if the listed traits remind you of any of the current denizens of Washington DC who star in the ongoing "R v D"/"con v lib" and 'default' dramas they keep us divided and conquered by.

You may also wish to scan through a just-published post--Time for Civil Disobedience in America?--where I fuss and grumble quite loudly over transiting Uranus in Aries, designated as "Utopians" in Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

Any type of contact between Mars (Aries) and Uranus may be radical, explosive, violent, or simply motivated by malcontent, of course.

So the current expressions shown in the US of radical behavior (described by the sign Uranus is in--here, Mars-ruled Aries) by a minority of activists which (since Tea Partisans entered Congress) has set up potentials for 1. government shut-down, and 2. financial default and credit rating downgrades for the US which the manufactured 'debt-deal/default crisis' conjured for public consumption, is the reason I stick with this blog's original description from when I set up Stars Over Washington in October 2005:

"Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them."

That's politicians of all parties and factions--along with their enabling, collusive, and bossy corporate partners and banksters in crime. You know who--like the Koch Brothers who bankroll the Tea Party and the money-printing, privately owned 'Federal' Reserve Bank whose stockholders and board members lists--including any and all monarchists, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds--should have been fully revealed to the American people decades ago.

Highly Recommended Reading: mundane astrologer Theodore White's latest comprehensive Global Astrology view and analyses of current events (including all the news article links you might wish); plus, economist Robert Reich writes on how President Obama's hands are tied by the 'debt deal' as he turns his belated attention to jobs creation.

Guess Mr. Obama can do this after signing the 'debt-deal' bill today because the GOP is done working him over for now--or are they?

Even so, why not take a brief scroll down the sidebar to the Search Bar and type away for a list of all my posts on such topics as the Tea Party, US economy, Rs v Ds, and any other subject which may interest you. After all, SO'W passed its 5,000-labels-only limit ages ago and is nearing close to 3,000 published posts! jc

Mar 29, 2011

Aries New Moon Apr 3, 2011 w US natal Mars rising

The more I look at the chart factors in the horoscope of the April 3, 2011 New Moon at a critical/crisis degree, the more worrisome they appear. Sadly, the cure isn't to stop looking.

Well, as you know, the combination of Mars and Uranus is a permanent signature in the American natal chart and national psyche so we can't say we're not a warring bunch of varmints, can we? With Gemini the sign of multiplicity, America chooses and fights wars two or three at a time. Click to read more on these disturbing, protesting, incendiary energies which include America's natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini 'going angular' in the April 3 New Moon chart.

And transiting MIDAS conjoins US n Uranus as I type! Where there are wars there are war profiteers lurking behind the scenes for they seldom if ever put themselves in harm's way!

If I weren't under the weather this week, I'd go ahead and post the horoscope so you can view it. In lieu, here are the particulars for setting up the chart for yourself if you haven't already:

New Moon April 3, 2011 @ 10:32:16 am edt (says my Solar Fire software) Washington DC.

Now of course, one lunation chart can't 'do it all' but it can trigger other planetary and social factors. The recent entry into Aries - and crossing the World Point of Manifestation at Aries Point (00Ari00) - of quirky rebel and freedom- fighter Uranus is a major component of April's Mars/Uranus picture especially since the sign Aries - and now, transiting Uranus - are ruled by hotheaded, testosterone-driven Mars.

1927/28 and 2011

Yes, Uranus The Awakener is certainly busy this time around bringing strikes, protests, and stand-offs much as was the case when Uranus conjoined AP on March 31, 1927, November 4, 1927, and January 13, 1928. Combined with instigator Mars in 2011, powerfully explosive situations including the nuclear realm and more earthquakes are dire potentials.

Yet hopefully April won't bring more bad news concerning the nuclear meltdown in Japan, and I pray that the West's Libyan intrusion with its mildly named 'no-fly' zone will not take a wrong Martian-Uranian turn into chaos as well.

And I'm fairly certain you're with me on that.


Events of 1927 (ex: major earthquake in China), 1928 (major earthquake in Greece), and, for 2011, perhaps it's time for Japan to resort to the Chernobyl Solution.


Note: on President Obama's justification speech on Libya last evening, it amazes me that he can rail against Gaddafi's "exploitation" of the Libyan people's wealth and his poor treatment of them when we-the-people have been treated in similar disenfranchised fashion ourselves with more to come.

Where is Mr. Obama's outrage, staged or otherwise, on our behalf? jc

Mar 19, 2011

Vulcans to Libya, a SuperMoon, & Iraq War's Solar Return March 2011

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Allied Aircraft Flying Over Libya

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed that coalition planes are in the air above Libya. "Our air force will oppose any aggression by Col. Gadhafi against the population of Benghazi," he announced in Paris.

More at NPR.


Astro-Note: the Iraq War's Solar Return 2011 occurs March 20, 2011 at 4:55:59 am BAT -3:00 Baghdad, Iraq; ASC 1Pis17 w the Neptune 29AQ30/Chiron 2Pis37 duo rising; Hour Mars 19Pis44 in 1st house and out-of-bounds and precariously motivated in Pisces. Transiting Neptune at a critical 29th degree approaches Iraq War's natal 12th H Uranus 00Pis30 (planet of rebellion and radicalism), a time when there are unrealistic expectations about societal changes, social breakdowns, and ideals and spiritual goals that conflict with current financial and technological conditions: as before, precarious.

Tr Pluto 7Cap24 has now crossed the war's natal Midheaven (The Goal; The WHY? Point) and nears the Piscean Mars 9Cap11. Thus, a midpoint picture forms at the very top of the radix chart: Mars/MC = tr Pluto: extraordinary zeal and tremendous vigor; the desire to bring immense tasks to a successful conclusion. (Ebertin.)

That would be a long-desired goal yet there are many portents in the natal and Solar Return 2011 charts which I won't bore you with on this SuperMoon day. But when tr Saturn, now @ 15Lib01 Rx, reaches Iraq War's natal 7th H Moon 23Lib06 (the people),
a valley of depressed feelings and despairing emotions will be experienced as staged and engineered by a spidery global network of warhawks, Vulcans, arms dealers, and other profiteers.

The Vulcans Are Forging Their War Tools Again

Disturbingly, the Iraq War's Solar Return chart for March 20, 2011 - it's 8th anniversary so the 9th year now begins - shows tr Hidalgo (power; expecting obedience) and Lilith (an archetype associated with the Middle East, especially with Israel; also, spies, surveillance, & potential betrayal) are at SR Midheaven (MC 12Sag10 = US natal ASC) of the horoscope which signifies a tag team effort possessing superior forces to bring down the government of Libya....another "coalition" which has been approved by the UN Security Council for enforcement of control in Libya as our Western Imperial March across the region continues with oil and gas (SR Neptune and Chiron rising) the main issue to be dealt with.

Now which entity on the world political stage do you think the Iraq War's SR 2011 Hidalgo in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius represents?

SuperMoon in Virgo March 19, 2011

Today is March 19, 2011, day of a SuperMoon, a lunar phenomenon which tends to herald disaster or catastrophe. Starting another war, this time in Libya, is one form of disaster begun by men who sit far away from the melee lest their pretty minds be stained or unduly ruffled. Yet all Full Moons and today's SuperMoon in late Virgo indicate the culmination and fulfillment stage of seeds planted at the New Moon of March 4, 2011 @ '14Pis' = "A Lady in Fox Fur." (We note how often we hear Hillary Clinton's name in the news of late.)

Then on a more personal, inner level which addresses our deepest concerns, my friend Julie Demboski has published a column on the SuperMoon that is not to be missed. The Full Moon of March 19, 2011: Birthing Uranus in Aries contains Lunar food for Mercurial thought with Uranian insights for all who care to listen. Thanks, Julie!

Mar 14, 2011

Meltdown in Japan & New Nuclear Power Plants Coming to Georgia (USA)

You know how you return home from a weekend trip and there are zillions of things to catch up with? Well, that's my situation this morning as I read the latest info I can find on the horrendous earthquakes and ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan, a nation of good people for whom I pray in this, their time of great trial.

Then my terra-mail is opened and I am starkly reminded of Japan's nuclear disaster bwo the recent addition to our Georgia Power electric bills: $3.79 per month for their rammed-through legislation allowing a Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery in order to build not one but two nuclear plants in my home state. This is a pay-it-forward tax since the money has been forcibly added to Georgians' power bills as of January 2011 for future construction.

(Anti-nuke protests are now going on over the globe!)

And of course, it doesn't matter if the public (whose taxpayers' will be saddled with massive costs if there's a catastrophe) wants the worrisome nuke plants or not, or if we consider them safe to live near. Georgia's well known water supply shortages seem not to matter either - millions of gallons of cool water for future meltdowns notwithstanding. Smart planning? I think not. Especially since Georgia tends toward debilitating droughts in recent years which are difficult enough to deal with without potential radiation poisoning to worry about.

Of course, dead people aren't thirsty people, are they?

So what if our nation's antiquated power grid failed during one of Georgia's extremely hot summers? Electricity and water are needed to cool down reactors! And I'm not even considering here the threat of hacking by terrorists.

Water Water No Where

Guess we Georgians could spurn water and just drink Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (not me!) all the time "going forward" - but oops! Brewing Coke takes lots of water, too. Gotta work on that pesky getting-thirsty habit, it seems, for if it comes down to drinking water or having nuclear energy, Georgia Power's thumb on the scale has decided 'what's best' for this native Georgian. It all makes me wonder just who could possibly have thought that hot, dry Georgia was a good location for two new nuclear plants.

Uranus, Earthquakes, and Sudden Disasters: Uranus to Aries Point

For years, astrologers have been expecting big events (as well as one can 'expect' with quirky Uranus, planet of The Unexpected) as The Awakener has again crossed the Aries Point of World Manifestation in 2010 and 2011. And I'm sure we've all been hoping that Uranus to AP wouldn't come to this. Hard lessons from Japan's current nightmare and the folly of placing nuclear reactors on or near fault lines reminds me that I've never considered nuclear plants to be "safe" neighbors.

So if I thought that writing a Dear John letter to the powerful power company would help this deplorable situation, I'd write and send it along - and ask pointedly for my money back for this devilish project. Something along the lines of: nuclear power is only "safe" and "clean" until the first accident occurs, you numbskulls.

Or perhaps I should delete 'you numbskulls' for a better outcome...?

Oh well. Never mind that the state of Georgia experiences infrequent earthquakes, too (name a location that doesn't, right?) At least we're the state with the mysterious Georgia Guidestones which tout (severe) population control, among other things, and apparently was commissioned in 1979 by a stranger with the pseudonym "R.C. Christian", a Rosicrucian reference, as some (such as myself) believe.

It seems that the 'purpose' of the Guidestones (unveiled publicly on March 22, 1986, Elberton, GA) relates to our Founding Deist Thomas Paine and the religious theories he expounded in his pamphlet The Age of Reason. I say this because a carving on the Guidestones states,

"Let These Be Guidestones to An Age of Reason." Voila! The Utopians are coming for us!

Well, after hearing this weekend of the earthquakes and subsequent nuclear meltdowns in Japan, both reason and common sense tell me that building more nuclear plants when you're incapable of dealing with the refuse of the ones you have - and building them on or near fault lines - is self-destructive madness and as such, is not reasonable in the least.


For similar topics, you may wish to check out an intriguing reciprocal transit in 2006 which occurred within the natal horoscope of Thomas Paine. As you know, 2006 was the year that US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. Paine's reciprocal transit is: Sun to Chiron and Chiron to Sun - simultaneously! Read chart details, or skip the text and view a dual chart image here, if you wish, for his Sun/Chiron synchronicity in May 2006 is quite amazing to see!

Another previous post which unfortunately relates to today's topic of nuclear plants is the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 (chart details are included.)

And here is a post containing the Horoscope of Chernobyl with a few notes on the Atom Split chart and its Secondary Progressions.

You may remember that in August 2010, 500 wildfires were approaching the Chernobyl site yet I heard nothing of the outcome of that additional health threat. (Yes, all nuclear catastrophes - and bombings - sound precisely like the Scriptures' abomination of desolation prophecy to me. The Atomic Split irreparably broke a natural law, and sad to say, America was in the forefront of unleashing such horror upon the Japan.)

Well, if you're fatigued with state propaganda on such important topics, check out Democracy Now!'s coverage of the ongoing nuclear catastrophe to gain a clearer idea of what's really going on in Japan.

Feb 18, 2011

Chants of 'FOX lies!' at Madison WI rally (video)

This is great. Dissent! Speak Truth to Power. Yank Off Their Powdered Wigs! Power to the People. Non-Violence Is The Only Way (to win rather than lose.) And anyone who uses violence is against the best interests of the people (beware of [plants' in the crowd.)

We have an embarrassingly high number of Americans incarcerated behind bars and the eugenics crowd has taken over our nation. If all goes well tomorrow, I shall publish on this blog the horoscope of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933. Return, if you may, for it's very interesting in relation to current events and is an intriguing Historical Horoscope, too.

Flower Power to iFlower?

Glad the younger generations are activating themselves to stand up for American values which Do Not Include any style of politburo strong-arming (Thom Hartmann said today on his show that that's what he thinks the Rs want: a politiburo. I must agree.)

This group of fraudsters and usurpers have spirited away America's wealth (as their elders did before.) Now they want to shut the door to workers' being able to bargain on their own behalves - Governor Walker and his backers are intent on union busting.

In 2011, I should think that it would be illegal in the United States of America to disenfranchise a group of working Americans in such a way - and by taking a right away from them that they already have! Plus, their work serves the community!

These austerity freaks in Madison WI and elsewhere want to crash communities, not save them. Obviously. Unions are a powerful form of communal activity which have a history of being corrupted, yes, but if members in a particular town, city, community (or wide place in the road, for that matter) are agreeable on how their interests are being safe-guarded by union leadership, then the union should stand but continue to be accountable to its members. Corporations do it. They brook no interference at all in their activities, and they buy off politicians 24/7. If busted, unions will be starved of funds to back political candidates (and judges?) which is more than likely a big part of the GOP plot.

Teachers, firefighters, civil employees, and others who are under siege across this nation, be in contact with one another. Here in the South, I've never had a personal relationship with union members that I know of but I proudly salute you for standing up for your right to take a serious interest in your and your families' futures - don't let the jackboots take this basic human right away. Man made laws don't bestow this right for it comes from a Higher Source. Therefore, man made laws - or changes in them - have no authority to take away our sense of self-preservation.

US Political Class Purposely Radicalizing the American People

The human toll their radical actions ("cuts") are taking and will take upon this nation is yet to be fully experienced, sad to say. But The Line past which we will not tolerate oppressive government has been crossed though not all are on board yet. It's hard to see a Line in the idealistic sand when your head is under it.

Maybe things can stay as-is, they hope. Well, who doesn't wish for that? Excepting the chaos-creators mongering war and upheavals. Rising food prices are so very negotiable. And tamperable.

In this New Millennium we're being shown who and what they are. The raptor's breath is hot and dry, wolves lie in wait for the unwary and reptilian-brained politicians roam the land. Radical reforms come fast and furious now - too many at once for one person to keep up with.

Yet we all must try. So pass along what you know, dear reader, and keep in touch with all who will listen for the pen is mightier than the sword. Please don't wait for your neighbor to defend your liberty.

For with revolutionary Uranus to the Mars-ruled Aries Point, a Point of World Manifestation and the Ic of America's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene and Roots, we may find any moment (though we thought we were done) that the Second American Revolution is at hand.


A related topic? Solar Eclipse @ '30 Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution from July 22, 2009. Eclipse at a sensitized, crisis 29th degree.

Feb 13, 2011

Julian Assange writes on The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine; Johndro appears

Propaganda, its methods of implementation, its symbols and archetypes, and The Press are primary topics of interest to me though I'm not certain it shows through with my limited blogging hours and usual topics of news, events, and personalities. It's why I watch the Sunday morning parade of politicians and pundits on my TV - to keep an eye on their current...methods...of persuasion and dissemination of disinformation with a few true bits tossed in for a glowing patina of legitimacy.

Due to these Mercury/Pluto sorts of interests (by which our lives are so often directed insidiously and subliminally), I very much recommend to you an article by WikiLeaks' founder, editor, and spokesman The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine.

Now Thomas Paine is an intriguing figure in US, English, and French histories and in his day he schmoozed with the likes of Adam Weishaupt, a man said to be founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (May 1, 1776) which is not to be confused with earlier Spanish orders. And though I'd always been drawn to Tom Paine's life story, and that of Benjamin Franklin with whom I share a Sun-Moon blend, Paine and many of his brethren in the cause of Liberty and Independence were too deep in the bottomless pockets of Reason for my philosophy to gain hold for humanistic secularism, that dabbler in chaotic utopianism, leaves no room and has no heart for Faith, Hope, and Charity.

It was a different time then. And it's an eventful time now with the Cardinal Points of Global Manifestation and Prominence receiving electromagnetic stimulation - infusions - off and on from such directions as expansive, abundant Jupiter and electric Uranus, both lately at or about to cross Aries Point (00Ari00), the beginning of a new cycle (Western Astrology, Tropical) for the a word, Spring.

(You may wish to see Sun 2 Chiron, Chiron 2 Sun: the Strange Case of Thomas Paine, a slight re-titling here!)

As for jolly Jupiter's orbit in real time, there is a larger cycle of about 12 years before The Hierophant/Banker/Explorer/General/Guru/Comedian returns to AP in the Tropical Zodiac (or to 2Tau22, if you prefer); for Uranus, it will be about 84 years for Mr. Unpredictability to speed round again to the Vernal Equinox Point where he is now poised before crossing over into Mars-ruled Aries. Mars/Uranus contacts are volatile, in case you haven't guessed. Restlessness and excitement are also the Uranium menu.

Historically the transit of Uranus to AP tends to bring scientific breakthroughs into awareness, but many of which in 2011 we must be very concerned for certain moral hazards and risky ventures of those who may be classified as unscrupulous men and women of Science can and have caused all manner of ills for the human race. Profit-based Science creates monsters.

The rest of the Cardinal Grand Cross of energy: 00Lib00, and 00Can/Cap00, all signify a mode of being expressed by outgoing energy which may be tapped into.

Also I wish to draw your attention to rather high up in the SO'W sidebar to a new link: Johndro Geodetic Maps 2010 AD. Check out what's really happening at 2Tau22 these days. Hint: 32 degrees 22 minutes have been covered as of year 2010. L. Edward Johndro, math and physics teacher, early pioneer with electromagnetism, astrologer to FDR, and a researcher who determined the 'electrical ascendant' or what we now call the Vertex.

He and Kenneth Brown pioneered financial astrology providing clients with investment advice when it was even cooler then than it is now (and few there be who know of its efficacy for success in financial dealings. There is much more to say on such matters yet lack of time always seem to interfere in its sassy way.

Use of L. Edward Johndro (January 30, 1882 Franklin Centre, CN)'s Vertex (VX) retains its reputation as the most fated point in any horoscope. Earth's natural Spring Time occurs each year in March though some years the weather acts out of character from what the calendar tells us should be so!

Nov 21, 2010

No Politics today, but a new blog is born!

Yes, I am watching the Sunday morning talking heads and pundits on TV as they blab about Obama, Palin, Haiti, and START, but plan no posts for today concerning Politics or Astrology.

However, a new blog has been created just yesterday so I'm giving my own self a shout-out and sending you a cordial invitation to check out Woolly Mammoth Chronicles where Science's visionary DNA-cloning project and 'mammoth poetry' meet and greet!

And if you mosey by, please answer the brief poll in the top right corner.

Apparently the 'bright idea' pair of Jupiter/Uranus and Uranus = Aries Point ('scientific break-throughs') are working overtime in their genetics lab!


Fyi: soon a fresh article will be posted here concerning the Illuminati and written by my friend and ace researcher Alex D'Atria. I will be thrilled to publish SO'W's first Guest Blogger column! You may wish to keep your eye out for Alex's column especially if you're interested in the history of the Illuminati.

Jul 5, 2010

Uranus Rx Station 00Ari35 = new seeds and fated paths 7.5.10

Today at 12:48:28 pm edt, transiting Uranus changes direction and seems to stand still @ 00Ari35. In Washington DC, this occurs in 6th house (daily rounds, health, service, military and police forces) during an Hour of evaluating Venus 24Leo36 in 11th house.

Chart-ruler Venus applies to opposition with Neptune 28AQ23 Rx (5th house; 3A47) whose mystical, deceptive, illusory rays are still causing dissolution, disappointment, and a sense of rootlessness and loss to America's natal Moon (the people), and values are hard to define. Neptune is also involved in a YOD pattern (aka, a Finger of God indicating crises, special tasks, or a turning point) which will be discussed below.

Another applying aspect of chart-ruler Venus is a sesquisquare (3 interlaced semisquares of drive and determination) to North Node, perhaps a signature of a need for meetings, or, of a desire for contact with the public.

Venus applies (5A55) in opposition to Chiron as well, an aspect describing great openness and receptivity to others with perhaps the collective's fear of the unknown surfacing (in tandem with the SN-based July 11 Solar Eclipse bringing unconscious material to the surface - but with successful outcomes.) This may relate to the 2012 prophecies being uppermost in some people's minds this week, for planet Venus is said to be the culprit in an ancient-days catastrophe the likes of which some folk expect to recur in 2012 (or 2011.)

(Yes, there are 11:11s in this chart: the cusps of the 6/12 houses: 11Pis11 on 6th cusp, placing the 6/12 axis in Nodal Degree with NN 11Cap57; 'Nodal degree' indicates a fated or karmic condition, and there is another 'fated' factor within the YOD pattern, see below. Perhaps this describes the dire conditions for US troops in the Middle East and/or police actions in the US or on the suffering Gulf Coast, along with the limiting conditions being navigated by our nation's authority figures as mentioned below.)

ASC 6Lib59 shows that America's first natal planet to rise is Saturn 14Lib48 (n 10th house) so with Uranus now Rx, will radical reforms be put to simmer? Uranus is strongest today at Station and will be strong this week as it remains @ 00Ari35 but the Senate doesn't return to duty until next Monday, July 12.

Plus, today's chart shows Sun 13Can34 still on its US natal Sun degree, here in 10th house with Mercury 22Can02 preparing to return to its natal degree 24Can12 Rx in n 8th house (Sibly chart.) With US n Saturn rising, we get the baggage of our n Sun/Saturn square to deal with and the inferiority complex it implies.

Supporting those feelings (which with maturity should ripen into a sense of responsibility and accountability, traits or their lack soon on global display with US Saturn Return upcoming, after tr Saturn crosses US n Mc again) is the 10th house SN still within orb of US n Sun (the leader) which shows a karmic condition whereby past selfish actions interfere with the qualities of leadership; his willpower is thwarted by current conditions as past frauds and losses (SN) prevent President Obama from implementing that which he would implement.

Major circumstances in the environment deny him the opportunity and resources for expression of his solar-directed goals resulting in a loss of power potential as obstacles are thrown in his path, and what he does accomplish may be credited to others. Sun = the President, but also the nation itself, and the only thing to do until this transit of SN-to-Sun passes is to show mastery in the areas which he is able to command.

As noted, this karmic condition is at the top of today's chart for all the world to see which obviously includes the past wastefulness of the prior administration (SN = past behavior affecting the present.)

At Midheaven (Mc; the Goal or Aspiration Point) is 7Can57 which puts US natal Venus and Jupiter on the world stage; both planets have monetary implications, as you know. And SN at Mc indicates things are not going well in career matters or public status; SN is a Saturnian point of separation and loss as the Dragon's Tail (SN) swipes across the White House for all to see (Mc.)

Before I mention a few details on transit Uranus Rx, let's consider the YOD as mentioned with Saturn at apex. Adding to its fated quality is the fact that Saturn and Neptune are both @ 28 degrees of their signs, and Saturn is posited in the karmic 12th house of the Unconscious; Large Institutions such as hospitals and prisons are provinces of the 12th house, too, and Politics' behind-the-scenes quality works secretly in 12th house where backdoor deals are made.

First, the midpoint picture formed by the YOD's three planets using a blend of Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey...any, all, or none may apply:

Moon/Neptune = Saturn: prolonging indecisiveness increases disappointment; showing caution and reserve when beginning to neglect what you care for; hard work to restructure ambition; shaking off indolence; a sense of suffering under the yoke; being strongly influenced by prevailing yet temporary conditions which will pass; feeling inhibited, frustrated, or paralyzed; depression, despair, or pessimism.

So poor old Saturn is working behind-the-scenes and feeling stymied. But activist Mars 15Vir37 is there to keep him company although Mr. Action can feel frustrated in Virgo. (A 12th house Saturn in classifying, discriminating Virgo is often a sign of the scientist. Politically speaking and in the realm of business and law, he's the manager, and/or the Democrat.)

Well, apex Saturn makes for a karmic YOD pattern, as noted, and since Saturnian form is always a must for brilliant Uranus to pour his genius ideas into (and get them off the drawing board and into reality), impatient Uranus is being made to wait. This is one of the primary factors shown here with the retrograde phase of any planet signifying delay or review.

Apex Saturn shows that proper timing, patience, and inner maturity are the necessary ingredients to prepare for the turning point the YOD describes - without those qualities, the promised new direction will bring failure if it is unwisely forced.

Saturn's safety and preservation needs are preceded by current anxiety and uncertainty and will not abate until Uranus moves beyond its current position, with Uranus The Awakener now conjoining US natal Ic 00Ari53 (Home, Homeland, Domestic Scene, What We Need to Feel Psychologically Secure; Endings.)

Since tr Uranus is Rx as of today, this 'hit' will recur after Uranus turns Direct and re-crosses n Ic, which shows a Cosmos wanting to be sure we 'get it' with today's second 'hit' becoming internalized for further planning - yet ideas from the first 'hit' (June 2010 with expansive Jupiter in tow) will be brought to the surface of the Collective Unconscious during this transit.

Actually today's Rx Station is part of Uranus' testing phase of our lasting values, but here, the form that our brilliant ideas must have in order to be implemented are otherwise engaged in a crisis-ridden YOD, a pattern with inherent testings of its own.

Master astrologer Erin Sullivan says that Uranus' second pass in transit, if Rx, indicates that a new seed is being planted which matures into comfortable integration by Uranus' third pass (mid-March 2011 and after.) Erin further states that, 'Very frequently the events or inner experiences...during the retrograde transit are not fully developed until well after the degree is cleared." (Retrograde Planets, Sullivan.)

Now apex Saturn may be feeling like an unwanted outcast at the moment with self-defeating attitudes quite entrenched and reinforced by the harsh outer realities which we're all experiencing.

(And notice I'm not mentioning the ongoing Cardinal squares between Saturn/Uranus to Pluto, and Jupiter/Saturn to Pluto, for how many times can I type the same info? ;p Plus, toss your browser in any Google-y direction and you will find thousands of analyses of the conditions created by the Cardinal squares' and Cross' difficult energies which are similar to those during the Great Depression; also notice how often economists such as Robert Reich and various talking heads have mentioned the conditions of the 1930s and their possible recurrence. If you or a loved one have lost employment, the 'possibility' is now a reality.)

So what other factors ensue from an apex Saturn in YOD formation?

Well, the two quincunxes (aka, inconjuncts; 150 degrees) from Moon (the public; publicity) and Neptune (the masses; the media) indicate feelings of inadequacy and insignificance with painful awareness of economic or psychological deficiencies; yet due to the corrective nature of quincunxes and Saturn's natural determination to overcome difficulties and obstacles, we may expect this YOD to provide better organization of our energies which will bring greater efficiency and stability to situations.

This testing (a Saturn word) YOD can free us on some level from negativity and burdensome attitudes which hold us back. Social responsibility with purposeful activity results as steady focus and self-discipline make the difference toward the success or failure encountered along the new path shown by the YOD (and by Uranus to US n Ic.)

Our potential for commitment to stable Saturnian principles and our resolve to find workable solutions are called on here if fateful consequences are to be mitigated (for too much unaccountability, irresponsibility, dishonesty, and unrealistic expectations have been indulged in by those in charge and by some of the populace for dire outcomes to be wholly avoided - as already demonstrated by Financial Crisis 2008. Moon inconjunct Saturn shows we-the-people's deep sense of being exploited, and we should continue to question authority's actions; also, refuse to be an emotional patsy for anyone in your personal or public lives as they will try to guilt you into taking over what are really their responsibilities. I'm also looking at you, BP.)

And whatever we do, the applying trine (120 degr) to the Moon 26Ari00 from secret hand Pluto, with his deep connections to publishing, mass media, and the world's wealth, should not be allowed to lull us (trine) into accepting his public relations campaigns at face value.

For as my flower power generation was once so fond of saying: Question Authority!

And for 2010 I would add, Work (Saturn) to ferret out the true motivations (Pluto) behind the many masks worn by the plutonian power elite and share what you find with others!


Beyond the scope of this article (and mentioned in previous posts) is the historical marker for scientific breakthrough, Uranus to Aries Point. Plus, the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus indicates 'new explorations and discoveries' as comprehensively detailed in Anne Whitaker's excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus.

Jun 1, 2010

Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto June 26, 2010

Chart shown: Lunar Eclipse 4Cap46 conjunct Pluto Rx; 6th house of Employment, Service - including police and military, civil servants, rehab centers, health in general, our daily rounds and schedules; Hour of Jupiter 2Ari14 in his own 9th house with Uranus 00Ari33 at Aries Point of World Manifestation.

ASC 26Can01 with US natal Mercury Rx rising and our natal Pluto on Descendant (propaganda and control of info and communications); Sun 4Can46 with Mercury 2Can16 are in 12th house of Secret Deals, Hospitals, Karma, and Self-Undoing, and are nestled among America's natal planets in Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, and Sun; Pluto opposes America's Cancerian planets (not our Mercury yet) and the triple transit is in full force here.

More Foreign Raids on the US Treasury?

Click chart image to enlarge and read a few of my notes such as the list of planets involved in multi-T-Squares and a dissociate Grand Cross as well, thanks to Saturn hanging back in Mutable Virgo. Since I've mentioned most of the midpoint pictures formed by these mainly Cardinal configurations, I'll not repeat myself here.

Mars 10Vir24 conjunct 3rd cusp makes the only applying aspect to chart-ruler Moon (and thus the Eclipse): a helpful trine (5A37.) Yet activist Mars feels quite stymied in staid Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker, health, practical nurturing, and criticism. (Read more on Mars below.)

Fraudulent Neptune (in 8th house of Debt, Credit, and Big Banking) and status quo, restrictive Saturn remain inconjunct indicating continued staunching of credit flow and financial untruths affecting hapless victims - and the communications (3rd house) which influence them and cause intense emotions.

In 11th house lurk asteroids Pan conjunct the Venus/Uranus midpoint = 'erratic or extravagant with money', and MIDAS conjunct the Venus/Jupiter midpoint = over-indulgence with money affects prosperity and growth; foreign raids on the treasury; religious interference in the justice system.

However, there are two midpoint pictures particular to this LE, one perhaps more problematic than the other for the president; the first involves an opposition between Mercury and Pluto with its propaganda implications - plus, as mentioned above, America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition is emphasized on the ASC/DESC axis with its surveillance/spying vibe; Jupiter adds religion, philosophy, ideals, broadcasting, and Big Money to the plutonian devils' bargain:

Mercury/Pluto = Jupiter: diplomacy; the art of persuasion; public recognition; the need and power to control info and materials released to the public (or perhaps not controlled in the light of this Full Moon! - jc); increased public relations maneuvers (Nov 2010 elections? scandals? jc); gaining a good reputation; great successes; crooks and swindlers. (Jolly Jupiter isn't always honest!)

Saturn/Mc = Sun: needing to fight hard and having the capacity to do so; becoming the master of your own fate in spite of early obstacles; driven to perform for praise; lack of courage; insufficient powers of defence with regard to other people; emotional depression; illness.

Saturn/Mc = Moon: subordinating oneself to the needs of family; strict family values or ethics; impressionability; depression; renunciation of one thing and the adoption of another to better fulfil needs; an attack on private emotions.

(All mdpt pics from: Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply and they may be triggered at a later date by transits and/or progressions.)

With the Lunar Eclipse's Sun @ 4Can46, we know the US has a birthday coming in July and the usual question of 'what to get' is second on many an astrologer's lists of quandaries; first is which natal chart to use for US Solar Returns: charts with Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius rising? Well, they're all in use and each has much to recommend it.

For 9/11/01 studies, I believe Sag rising or Gemini rising work best but you may disagree. And using a Scorpio rising chart can always be used for Scorpionic matters such as Big Finance, Spying Agencies, and such...even for 9/11 with its questions of betrayal from the US government against we-the-people. Yet a Gemini ASC gives freedom-loving Uranus rising indicating an 'ability to cope with the unexpected' so naturally I like that chart, too!

Well, for today's post we're considering only the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010 @ 7:30:18 am edt, the White House, DC; chart-ruler Moon is ruled by Saturn which emphasizes the Can/Cap axis of Security, Ambition, and Homeland. Controlling, coping Pluto has eclipsed the Moon (though I'm glad the chart clocks in with Moon already moved beyond powerful, manipulating Pluto, 0S41) and an infection may develop which affects the health of the people.

Now Celeste Teal, in her masterful book Eclipses, has titled this LE 'A Rough Patch' and you can see what she means. A cadent house indicates stages of preparation, Pluto shows awesome power and obsessions with it, and the presence of the North Node here brings an influx of new elements and energies into daily life, plus, a need for adaptability in matters of the 6th house.

NN Lunar Eclipses are usually more positive than SN ones; we may expect new developments and revelations of previously hidden things with any Lunar Eclipse yet the NN association bwo Jupiter here (SN being Saturnian and indicating a release of energy) is more positive. Yes, something often comes out into the open with Lunar Eclipses, and to tell you the truth, financial affairs in general and possibly more econo-scandals are highlighted here (a 1st house comfort-loving Venu$ in showy Leo quindecile sneaky Neptune in 8th house: obsessions, veilings, and difficulties with finances. Neptune/Chiron continue to represent the ongoing BP oil disaster of April 20, 2010; Neptune to US natal Moon, the foreclosures and other dissolutions for we-the-people.)

Sorry to say that US military actions cannot be ruled out and they may be on the US plutonian menu of aggressive imperialism for the rest of 2010 (shhh! Sun the leader and Mercury the planner are consulting together behind the door of the secretive 12th house; more bad karma on the way.)

Yes, US troops may come home (hurrah! perhaps part of the June 26 influx of energy is our martian soldiers returning home) while other troops are deployed anew, for after all, President Obama did make one promise during the 2008 campaign which he has kept scrupulously on behalf of the NWO: military escalation in Afghanistan.

So to my dissenting American gaze, it seems that the haunting specter of the exportation of power clings round the edges of the June 26 Lunar Eclipse chart set for Washington DC, and there could be delays or obstructions to transportation, trade, and/or communications. Plus, I do hope the power grid isn't affected unduly...power (Pluto) grid (Saturn-ruled Cap.)

Yes, Summer 2010 will continue our 'season of discontent' especially with disruptive Uranus now re-active on the world stage (Uranus = AP historically indicates scientific breakthroughs though 'radical global changes' are certainly possible as well.)

Actually, research on secret projects may be what comes to light under the Moon's bright rays especially with circuit-breaker Uranus holding at Aries Point in 9th house...perhaps 'foreign scientists'?

A spotlight on the 6th house reflects the folly of indiscretions which can bring danger as clandestine projects are revealed - or perhaps it's the danger which causes them to be uncovered in the first place...hopefully, Pluto's plutonium isn't implicated.

So as usual with Full Moons, relationships are strongly emphasized and balances must be found at this, the culmination/fulfillment phase of seeds planted at the previous New Moon two weeks prior, a New Moon in Gemini conjoining US natal Mars, planet of war, soldiering, violence, riots, and protests.

Yet astrological Mars also rules energy, initiative, motivation, and new starts - and Mars here @ 10Vir24 - conjunct 3rd cusp but just barely entered into 2nd house of Earning Ability, Valuations, and Self-Worth - makes the only applying aspect to the Moon...a helpful trine (5A37), as noted above. Mars in 2nd house usually means 'the more you work, the more money you make' yet finding salaried employment would be integral to that interpretation, wouldn't it?

So this particular LE chart indicates 'obsessions' (Pluto) as noted, along with 'conspiracies among men' yet I'm banking on its 'North Node influx of new energy' with a potential for Jupiterian luck to pull us through a difficult summer; however, large storms should continue to be expected in residential areas which will especially threaten the Gulf Coast region all the more thanks to BP, Halliburton, and Transocean and their over-confident and environmentally dangerous oil drilling.

A Political Peep-Eye Afoot?

Lunar Eclipses tend to work on inner levels yet the presence of the NN here brings its effects onto outer levels with contacts and encounters in the physical realm. Yet it will be our attitudes (Moon) which carry us along for ill or good because where our thoughts go, so go our emotions. (I think Dr. Laura Schlesinger said this, among others. Scripture says it another way, that As a man thinks, so he becomes. Political manipulators and propagandists know this truism very well and use it regularly as they assault us on the level of the senses.)

My advice remains: If you find yourself being taught to hate a particular politician and all they stand for, you might consider the possibility that you're being used a tool for other peoples' purposes! And Uranus to AP says, It's time to Awaken, my Brothers!

So will the second half of 2010 bring new fiascoes or political scandals that give conspiracy-minded folk such as myself new focuses for their rants and rages? Does George Bush love neocon kool-aid?

Yes, this LE will uncover stuff which some will wish were left buried. Even interesting skeletons, buried treasures, relics, and fossils may be found with ancient Pluto's influence so near the astrological Moon which rules, among other things, the past.

Perhaps a secret relating to power elite Pluto will come to light! He hates that which means, I love it.

And with the Goal/Aspiration Point of the LE chart @ '11 Aries' (Mc), we may know the identity of the primary focus of many of our angry citizens based on the Sabian Symbol that describes him for it's the ID of the One who has the most opportunity to 'use' a LE infused with Pluto's secret powers; Sun (the leader) is in 12th house of secret meetings, deals, karma, and self-undoing; imho, more war would be a generator of 'self-undoing' as it has already shown itself to be:

'11Ari' = "The President of the Country"...or, "The Ruler of a Nation"...

'Keynote: The power resulting from the formal integration of the collective desire for order.' (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.)

Oh dear, this actually sums up June 26's Cancer Eclipse conj Pluto quite well! The people (Moon) desire order and security (Can/Cap; Pluto in Cap) above all - even at the expense of our jobs, financial health, and the world's peace.

Mr. Rudhyar continues that '11Ari' indicates: 'CENTRALIZATION OF POWER' - which describes the anti-constitutional agenda in process of being implemented in America for several decades now. How are you liking its plutonian results so far?


Just typing aloud: wonder where our returning soldiers will find jobs? Once they (hopefully) recuperate, that is. Wouldn't it be great if some formed worker-managed and owned manufacturing plants or other socially helpful enterprises which we could all support? And I know we would! jc

Well, how about another perspective on the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010? I'm about to check out the Lunar Eclipse article at Funk Astrology with the chart set for London, if you care to join me!

Also, you may wish to view the Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010 with details, a celestial event which is overlapped in time by the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010.