Oct 10, 2010

James K. Galbraith's progressive response to economic crisis (video)

Economist Dr. James K. Galbraith spoke at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers’ 9th convention last month, where he brought delegates a message not often heard from economists – that there is a progressive response to the economic crisis.

Galbraith – the son of famed Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith – regaled delegates with his analysis of the roots of the economic recession that has destroyed jobs, families and communities. He said the crisis wasn’t an economic crisis but a fraud perpetrated on innocent victims.

Click to view the video of Dr. Galbraith's September 2010 analysis. #

In September 2009 I posted on Dr. Galbraith's views and included one of his quotes concerning the US financial system and the predatory class along with some basic astro-notes detailing his Sun-Moon blend which Dr. Galbraith then generously weighed in on by leaving a Comment confirming my astro-suspicions about him.

Now my question is: may the US have Dr. Galbraith as Treasury Secretary please? He was born in Boston after all! For what a difference such a progressive point of view could make when the US and global financial systems need it most.

Oops! How un-globalist of me: it should be 'global financial system'... not 'systems'.

My bad. The globalists' agenda. Though yes, I'd "like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony" a la Coca-Cola, too. But not under a goose-stepping totalitarian regime.
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