Nov 9, 2010

GM Foods: mad scientists at work!

Just because Science can, doesn't mean it should: results from when both Uranus and Neptune were transiting Aquarius, sign of the 'mad scientist' archetype, with science-loving Uranus now in confused, deceptive, victimized Pisces, sign of infections:

(NaturalNews) – As scientists are busy manipulating the genes of edibles including corn, soybeans, canola, papaya, zucchini, and now rice and salmon, an interesting fact comes into light about what exactly scientists know and don’t know about human genes. According to geneticist Steven Salzberg of the University of Maryland, “Not only do we not know what all the genes are – we don’t even know how many there are.”

Genetically modified foods alter healthy bacteria - and thus, our immune systems - so perhaps we should all read on... and protest before geneticists (and those who enable them) create a monster they can't tame. Unless, of course, population control and saving the world's real food for a select few upper-crusters are really their primary goals.

Well, salmon has always been my personal fave - but I vow to no longer purchase or serve it. Infuriating!
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