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Aug 18, 2023

Horoscopes: Judge Chutkan and Trump

Authority v Power: Trump's and Those Propping Him Up

by Jude Cowell

For my Friday post of the week, here are two images: A bi-wheel of Donald Trump natal (inner) with Judge Tanya Chutkan's 'noon' natal chart (her birth hour unknown) surrounding it.

The planetary contacts between them that stand out to me are her Mercury @22Gemini (conjunct his 10th house Sun-North-Node and radical planet of chaos, Uranus), Mars @27Taurus (conjunct his MC-Algol conjunction), Uranus @28Leo (conjunct his ASC-Mars-Regulus trio: Uranus-conj-Mars suggests the danger inherent within their relationship including his viol*nt thugs, fellow gangsters, and the global criminal network). Then significantly, there's her Saturn Rx @9AQ53 (opposing his powerful 12th house Pluto at apex of his Mars-Saturn midpoint of death, fury, and destruction).

Then notably, the August 1, 2023 Full Moon @9AQ16 spotlighted her natal Saturn and opposed his natal Pluto, for him a time when his attempts at manipulation will not turn out well. Authority challenges power and Saturnian limits and restrictions are called for. Is Trump nearing the end of his lifelong crime spree?

The August Full Moon focused its rays upon Judge Chutkan's Saturnian authority and the task to oppose and challenge his Plutonian activities of subversion and criminality. One of the potentials of the Mars-Saturn = Pluto midpoint picture is, intervention of a higher power (R. Ebertin) such as the US legal system holding a criminal defendant to account with accountability one of legal eagle Saturn's demands via facts and reality, and with past abuse of power becoming significant to the present:

And here is a synastry grid of the contacts between them with squares indicating obstacles or blockages, and oppositions showing challenges and/or adversaries:

Mar 24, 2018

The Progressed New Moons of Trump and Bolton

Below is a dual image of the Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moons of both Donald Trump (lower left) and John Bolton (upper right). Trump SP New Moon we've discussed here previously and since Trump's natal chart is apparently accurately timed (birth data, below), the date of Trump's SP New Moon is assumed to be accurate.

John Bolton's lack of a correct birth time is more problematic when attempting to assess his progressed planets--the SP New Moon you see here issues from a 'noon' natal horoscope--and the SP New Moon's degree for Mr. Bolton is the same (8AQ52) for all three 'natal' charts I've progressed for this post--setting his natal chart for 12:00 am gives an SP New Moon on October 16, 2018 while 11:59 pm gives October 17, 2017. As noted, a natal chart set for 12:00 noon results in an SP New Moon on April 16, 2018, as you see. And since Mr. Bolton is scheduled to take over the position of National Security Adviser for Donald Trump on April 9, 2018 (last I heard), I'm choosing the 12:00 pm natal chart to calculate Bolton's SP New Moon, symbolically the beginning of a new cycle of life as will be his new White House job (if nothing goes wrong):

As you know, the timing of an SP New Moon denotes that one has been living previously within a darkened Balsamic Lunar Phase of endings, partings, and things going bump in the night, and may time a period when secrets abound. A good example of this phase and its effects is Donald Trump who was 'elected' during the phase and began his White House tenure under it. Balsamic phases are not favored periods during which to begin a new phase of life or a new project or job as we've seen with the many departures and endings of his alliances and relationships since he entered Politics. It's also a period of life when someone cannot carry on and another must take the reins in one's stead. If this can be applied to a previous president's term ending and a new fellow moving in, then there we go--Trump in the White House.

Otherwise, the constant hints or threats of VP Mike Pence taking over the POTUS helm could be part of this Dark of the Moon time which will symbolically come to a close on September 16, 2019 with Trump's SP New Moon @3Virgo12. For a view of the SP New Moon chart you see here along with the chart of the beginning of Trump's Balsamic Phase in April 2016, try this previous post. Of course, with SP New Moons, it takes time before the new life phase and its new themes become apparent to the individual as the lunar light symbolically brightens toward the culmination of an SP Full Moon.

Sabian Symbols Are Informative for Lunar Phase Degrees

Rounded up, the Sabian Symbol for Trump's SP New Moon '4Virgo' seems applicable to his concerns: "A Colored Child Playing with White Children." Now this doesn't mean that Trump is a colored child (though he behaves like a pouting little man-baby) but it does reveal a particular issue he must deal with at this time of life, and of course, the suggestion of racism and bigotry tend to be on his menu. The Keyword for '4Virgo' is: INTIMACY...and its negative expression = lack of capacity for psychological adjustment. I think most if not all people have given up hope that Trump can or will choose to change his behavior to any appreciable amount.

As for Mr. Bolton (whenever his SP New Moon perfects), his SP New Moon's rounded-up degree is '9AQ": "A Flag Turned Into an Eagle.". The Keyword for '9AQ" is: DRAMATIZATION...negative expression = vindictive pride. For Mr. Bolton, the Balsamic Lunar Phase holds true since he's stepping into the White House position left open by Trump's recent ouster of General McMaster (though I must confess that 'vindictive pride' sounds very much like Donald Trump's behavior). Plus, that Bolton may also be in a Balsamic Phase bodes ill for his new position lasting.

Planetary Shapes Also Inform

A further comparison may be made via the shapes of the planets in the SP charts: Trump's SP planets form a BUNDLE denoting an opportunist and archetypal dictator with narrow interests, one who can build the small into the great (which includes a tendency to turn mountains into molehills--and to build towers, one supposes). Supporting the Balsamic endings vibe is Trump's SP Saturn conjunct SP Midheaven which can be a potential marker for a fall from grace if conditions are right and other chart factors and transits concur. There certainly are those working against him to facilitate such an outcome to Trump's political career.

(Note that the natal chart of Benito Mussolini contains a BUNDLE shape of the archetypal dictator--at least, that's how Benny chose to use those particular energies.)

John Bolton's SP New Moon is a different tale for his SP planets form a SEESAW shape denoting one who constantly weighs pros vs cons, works mentally within polarities, and sees the world as full of conflicts. Bolton's natal Mars-Uranus opposition supports such a world view but unfortunately it does so on a grand and explosive scale and may be used by Mr. Trump to 'justify' war maneuvers and further power and territory grabs.

Feb 8, 2016

FDR's "a test of our progress" outs the Plutocrats of 2016

Way back in 2006, 2007, and 2008 on Stars Over Washington a frequent mention or quote involved the following excerpt from Franklin D. Roosevelt's Inauguration Address of January 20, 1937 (the first inauguration that was switched from early March to January 20th and which gave the presidency an airy, more rigid Aquarian Sun of leadership instead of a watery Pisces Sun). Since then the US economy has tanked and somewhat recovered (in an illusory way for the 99%) and many economists, pundits, and prognosticators are predicting another meltdown in 2016 or later.

As an astrology novice, I, too, have been guilty of such doubts if only because of the natural law that 'what goes up must come down' and the bubbly, fraudulent Jupiter-Neptune influences of 2009 and beyond. But one thing as an American and a Child of the Revolution (30 Cancer) that has never seemed doubtful to me is that the following excerpt full of the humanitarian flavor of Aquarius describes a timeless measurement and perfectly encapsulates our current worsening conditions brought on by the steady campaign fought by wealthy, secretive plutocrats against the American people in order to dismantle our social safety net, create chaos and misery, and set up a global government of pernicious proportions. Echoing from 1937, here are the words of President Roosevelt:

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

Did he mean karmic progress or simply economic and societal progress? Perhaps all three or something else. And yes, I know that FDR was a 'new world order' promoter himself but with a Democratic flair. As for the Aquarian nature of his words it displays in his natal horoscope with Sun in Aquarius and Uranus rising in Mercury-ruled Virgo which identifies him as one who can cope with whatever arises--and, as he himself is recorded as saying--gave him talents such as those required to be an actor, juggler, and magician. As you know, Mercury is also The Trickster, and genius Uranus is considered the planet of progress, progressive politics, disruption, originality, novelty, shocks, and radical reforms.

Also of interest is that at the moment of his Inauguration Address of January 20, 1937, transit Pluto (plutocracy, the papacy, assassins, and such) @27Cancer34 precisely opposed US natal Pluto (27:33) denoting two great powers locked in a titanic struggle for control, wealth of nations included. Well, it's been 79 years since FDR spoke those Aquarian sentiments and Pluto now approaches his natal Capricorn position in our nation's July 4, 1776 chart. My thought is that whoever and whatever groups 1937 Pluto represented now consider themselves in the final stages of their campaign to rule the world in time for, or around the time of, America's first-ever Pluto Return/s in 2022. That this destructive plan so long Pluto's obsession has spiritual as well as societal, financial, and political implications is beyond the scope of this post.


Blog Note: annoyingly my Internet connection problems continue off and on which makes publishing articles rather spotty as well. Even so, here's a hint of the more immediate topics through Spring which are now on my Coming Soon list and awaiting a publish for those who may wish to stay tuned, follow, or subscribe to SO'W (and a Big Thank You to those who do!):

More info on the March 9, 2016 Solar Eclipse @19Pisces; the Lunar Eclipse of March 23 @3Libra; Mars' Rx Station conjunct Antares in April (followed next day by a Pluto Rx Station--already posted); the Transit of Mercury in May; June's Aries Ingress (or Spring Equinox 2016, as I prefer to call it--chart good for an entire year). And since New and Full Moons can act much as 'wild card' eclipses do, uncovering hidden things and timing other Uranian disruptions, I'll post on as many of those as possible given my schedule and interruptions due to Comcast X-finity's so-so service.

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The Inauguration Horoscope 1913 of warmonger President Woodrow Wilson, another 'new world order' promoter as duly noted on the official White House website! Wilson secretly pledged America to enter World War I although he had campaigned as a peace and democracy candidate. You know--like politicians do now.

A few brief astro-notes on Henry A. Wallace, FDR's mystic Vice President and occultist.

FDR signs the Social Security Act August 14, 1935 (the signing video with brief astro-notes).

From 2011, FDR Assesses "Economic Royalists" in 1936 (video), includes brief astro-notes.

A list of famous quotes from FDR and a few words concerning his natal horoscope.

Social Democracy Is 100% American (video interview).

Perhaps Bernie Sanders will be president come November--check out a related article from January 26, 2016's Technocracy News by Jeremy Rifkin, Flashback: Radical New Economic System Will Emerge From Collapse of Capitalism, which was "the exact prediction of the technocrats in the 1930s, during the worst of the Great Depression--"

Jan 30, 2015

New Millennial Politics: a Feb 18, 2015 New Moon @29AQ

February 2015: In the Waning Darkness of an Aquarian New Moon

by Jude Cowell

Aquarius is the sign so often associated with New Age ideas and ideals leaning into a Utopian vision where Reason alone allegedly uplifts humanity. Certainly Politics as a practice and a profession is not exempt from Aquarian influences which now are at a peak within this the 15-year-old New Millennium with code words such as 'new order' and 'global government' being openly touted every day.

This 'new order' means the old order will be destroyed and US sovereignty and the nation-state are considered things of the past. Trade pacts and ill-protected borders do their parts in the dissolution game along with infiltrated courts and institutions.

Wealth-hoarder and transformer Pluto of The Underworld now creeps through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of law, government, and business, toppling heads of state and causing irrevocable damage to protective laws and useful traditions. In year 2022, America will experience her first ever Pluto Return and some say that 2016 will be the last presidential campaign in US history--if so, 2022 arrives only two years after a 'last presidency' ends for the term of office begins, of course, at noon on January 20, 2017 assuming that all goes as traditionally planned.

As Above, So Below

Astrology is a study, a language, and a tool that is useful (though not infallible) for 'peeking under the hood' of Politics to assess the squirmy creatures underneath as Stars Over Washington has attempted to do since 2005. And as a former resident of the District, this Sun-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter Capricorn can do no less while dissenting against misguided leadership corrupted by criminal elements not of a democratic persuasion who act in cahoots with the current crop of Utopian power-grabbers.

So if we look to the Cosmos on February 18, 2015 we find a new cycle of Aquarian influences beginning as marked by a New Moon at a critical-crisis 29th degree. Yet the Aquarian influence wanes and an anxious eagerness may be in evidence as 00Pisces looms upon the solar and lunar calendars for the Moon enters Pisces at 6:47 pm and the Sun enters at 6:50 pm est. Perhaps the lunation manifesting at 29AQ denotes that the time has come for certain actions to be taken for the planning stage has been successfully completed. And symbolically the murky realms of Pisces can provide high inspiration--or much cover for unsavory actions and events as 2015 proceeds.

Curiously, February 18, 2015 is the date set by the White House for a 'Security Summit' of global leaders which is ostensibly justified because of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, a tragic event which some believe was a false flag op so that new security measures could seem justified in France and across Europe. You know--like the 2001 WTC attacks that 'justified' the pre-prepared US Patriot Act and the Germanic sounding Department of 'Homeland Security'.

Here, the plutocratic pair of Pluto-Chiron in sextile form the base of a YOD (a pattern with potentials for crisis, crossroads, turning point, special task, health issues) that points to Jupiter Rx @16Leo02 and on the verge of leaving the 12th house of Politics and Karma (12th cusp 15Leo01, a degree that recalls the Full Moon of February 3, 2015 @14Leo). With the Leo-AQ axis emphasized, we may expect self will and humanitarianism to be on the collective menu until we morph into the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis at the March 20, 2015 Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse.

As noted in previous posts, transit Jupiter turns Direct on April 8, 2015 @12Leo (again conjoining President Obama's natal Sun) and passes shadow degree in early July when investment, expansion, and political plans and actions may proceed more freely.

Jupiter-NN: Compromised Legal Societies and SOTU Plans Retracted

Now in the February 18 New Moon horoscope set for Washington DC 6:47:13 pm est the Jupiter-NN midpoint rises @12Vir34. This midpoint was prominent in similar fashion (rising) in the horoscope of President Obama's SOTU 2015 address on the 6th anniversary of his 8-year presidency--an Inaugural Solar Return and a symbol of a new 2-year phase beginning for him and for his style of global implementation of a 'new order'. As you know, our military guided by the Pentagon, a 5-pointed death star, acts as the military enforcement arm on behalf of global government though the armies of other nations and entities are in process of being fitted up for the task once ours is totally used up.

As you know, archetypal Jupiter plays roles such as the General, the Banker, the Religious Leader, the Broadcaster, the Professor, and the Politician and is prominent in all horoscopes this year. When coupled with the North Node (NN) of future direction, he makes contact with the general public quite often, sometimes pleasant contact.

In the New Moon chart, the only applying Ptolemaic aspect made by chart and Midheaven ruler Mercury (in 5th house @4AQ05) is a sextile with Saturn (in 3rd house @4Sag27) and this denotes needs for better organization and management, setting priorities, and the protection of privacy (especially for communications), plus, a tendency toward bickering, not heeding warnings, and/or for listening to alternate opinions (Epstein). One of boundary crossing Jupiter's loves, freedom of expression continues to turn up in the news and spying on the conversations of others is a default position for many (I won't name names but ya know who ya are).

Other chart factors in the Feb 18 New Moon horoscope are important as well yet for the sake of brevity I shall mention only a few more, many of which have been discussed in recent posts (exs: the Cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto, investing Jupiter Rx acting as the handle planet of a Bucket pattern, Neptune @6Pis59 as Final Dispositor, and the Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 in this chart's 2nd house of the National Treasury which occurred in October 2014. Type 'eclipses' into this site's sidebar Search field and you'll find a list including the powerful upcoming Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pisces, the position of testy Mars in the Feb 18 New Moon horoscope).

For these and other reasons, the New Moon of February 18, 2015 emphasizes financial matters

especially with Uranus @13Ari59 in 8th house squaring Pluto in the 5th house of Speculation, and golden Midas Rx @9Gem25 and trickster agent of panic, Pan Rx @10Gem33, topping the chart at Midheaven (The Goal Point in DC) in tandem with US natal Uranus (8Gem55) representing technology, genius, radical Politics, revolution, and a potential for disruption and upset. We may also expect the wealthy financial donors of our sold-out politicians to continue working toward their ultimate goal of total ownership of the tattered-on-purpose US government as February fades into March and Spring 2015.

Note: the Feb 18 New Moon conjoins America's reputed Pre-Natal Eclipse degree of 00Pis33 in the 12 South Series that manifested prior to July 4, 1776--I say 'reputed' because the August 14, 1776 Solar Eclipse in the 13 North Series--the initial eclipse of the Series and thus indicative of a major new start--seems more descriptive of our nation and its founding than the 00Pisces eclipse. Plus, as you know, the Declaration of Independence was signed in full on August 2, 1776 which falls within the required two-week window of influence by the August 14, 1776 eclipse.

For comparison, here are the themes of both 12 South and 13 North (12S, 13N):

12S (initial occurrence September 19, 1541 @6Lib10; also occurred on April 3, 1307, the year the Order of the Knights Templar was decimated and run out of France though some say the ones who escaped sailed to the New World of America where their descendants have worked for centuries to establish the 'new order' you see before you): 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; draining or worrisome issues seem worse, then clear'--a theme which does relate to our Founders who met and deliberated an American Utopia at risk of their lives and fortunes, and many of whom were members of secret societies and orders such as Templar Freemasonry. 12S last manifested on July 11, 2010 @19Cancer and influenced the successful capping of the oil well due to BP's Deepwater Horizon fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico, a watery Cancerian event. Next 12S occurs in 2028 @30Cancer during Chiron's 3 returns to natal discovery degree (3Tau08) in 2027 and 2028.

13N: 'large, ambitious group projects that require separation via the breaking of an existing bond; the separation leads to joint achievement' (both themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology). Obviously, this describes America's break from Britain and its King. 13N last occurred on January 4, 2011 @14Cap where transit Pluto now plods opposite US natal Sun in Cancer. Next, a 13N eclipse occurs in 2029 @25Cap within two degrees of US natal Pluto Rx which was out-of-bounds of the earthly plane in July 1776.

Jan 23, 2012

New Moon 3AQ Jan 22, 2012

Fortunately for both of us, Julie Demboski has now published her well-considered insights concerning the New Moon of January 22, 2012 but why does she call it a Forgiveness Moon?

Here are two Sabian Symbols for your consideration--see if they remind you of anything going on in the news this week since the week begins with this particular Aquarian New Moon:

1.22.12 New Moon @'3AQ' = "A Deserter from the Navy"...Keyword: DEFIANCE.

positive expression: genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties;

negative (unconscious/shadow side): complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

Sounds something like a certain Italian cruise ship captain who deserted his sinking ship, doesn't it?

The Illumination Point for '3AQ' is its opposite degree/sign, '3Leo' (conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury--his SOTU Address is at 9:00 pm est Tuesday, January 24, 2012 so will a new cycle of activity be announced? Plus, the New Moon @ '3AQ' conjoins Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in 10th house so a new cycle or project involving money and investment may be mentioned in President Obama's SOTU 2012 script.)

'3Leo' = "A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed"...DECISION.

pos: exceptionally effective self-mobilization for the sake of personal ambition;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: wholly inadequate appreciation for the self and its destiny.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; except for the 'unconscious/shadow side' part, I tend to add that myself because it's how I tend to think of the symbols' negative expressions.)

Hmm. Perhaps '3AQ/Leo' expressing simultaneously indicates on some level a defiant decision or a decisive defiance!

Jun 3, 2011

Contagion, Neptune in Pisces, and Alan Watt on video 6.3.11

From June 2, 2011, the following series of videos present to you the Alex Jones Show featuring Alan Watt with updated details concerning the one-world-government agenda. The interview begins by discussing contagion and super-bugs as planet Neptune, dissolver of boundaries (such as cell walls), keeps a toe just inside its own sign of Pisces, yet is poised to return for a brief spell into late degrees of scientific Aquarius.

As you know, murky Pisces, ruled by expansive Jupiter and co-ruled by higher octave planet Neptune, relates, along with its opposite of Virgo (health, discrimination, categorizing function, digestive tract where much of our immune system is centered) to such topics as contagion, epidemics, contamination, poisons, and disease in general. Treachery is also indicated and population control is on the menu.

Of course you've been hearing in the last several days of an E. coli outbreak in Europe particularly in Germany where I'm sad to say people have been sickened and some have died from what sounds like a Frankensteinian bug (two strains
combined - by human hands of a reptilian persuasion?) First the powers that be blamed cucumbers! Turns out they blamed too soon.

(Click E. coli article link above for updated news about the outbreak with video. It's being named 'the worst ever seen'.)

Meanwhile the Russian government has stopped importation of food products from the affected region, another economic blow for the EU and a new example of food supply issues previously detailed on this blog in recent Solar Eclipse posts. Disturbingly, the June 1, 2011 eclipse in Gemini (trade, commerce, transport, communications, news, duality) is one, but the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 in Cancer (food, sustenance, nurturing, domestic scene) is even more worrisome.

Plus, the Cancer eclipse's influence is strengthened because it marks the birth of a brand new Saros Cycle - and manifests @ 9Can12 which is very near America's July 4th Independence Day 2011 and snugged between US natal Jupiter and Sun by degree.

The world can't seem to catch much of a break anymore, can it? It is my belief that there are social engineers making sure it can't and for their own selfish purposes which they consider to be more important than you, me, or our children.

So check out the June 2nd interview with Alan Watt, if you dare though I can't say it's for wilting flowers who wish to get their mainstream news served daily on a plate of roses laced with candy canes and lemon drops. Want unicorns with that?

Even in constantly propagandized America it's become obvious that there are two tiers of Medicine, one for the power elite, the other for the rest of us (if you can get treatment at all.) Discussed here are the two tiers of Science where superbugs don't invade (Neptune) the cells of the elite class who get the 'real' inoculations. You may disagree, but it's worth a listen just to see if the information rings any bells with you.

And if you don't care for Alex Jones, a bombastic sort of speaker, I do understand but please look beyond style to the basic info being provided, would ya? Keep a grain of salt handy, yes, and don't draw any conclusions before you take in the entire presentation at your leisure.

Warning: an open mind may be required!

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

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The Neptune in Pisces phenomena we're experiencing through health and contagion issues are also manifesting in the current upping of computer viruses and hackings but that's a topic beyond the scope of this article. And of course, invasion across sovereign boundaries also qualifies along with water and flooding catastrophes.

Nov 9, 2010

GM Foods: mad scientists at work!

Just because Science can, doesn't mean it should: results from when both Uranus and Neptune were transiting Aquarius, sign of the 'mad scientist' archetype, with science-loving Uranus now in confused, deceptive, victimized Pisces, sign of infections:

(NaturalNews) – As scientists are busy manipulating the genes of edibles including corn, soybeans, canola, papaya, zucchini, and now rice and salmon, an interesting fact comes into light about what exactly scientists know and don’t know about human genes. According to geneticist Steven Salzberg of the University of Maryland, “Not only do we not know what all the genes are – we don’t even know how many there are.”

Genetically modified foods alter healthy bacteria - and thus, our immune systems - so perhaps we should all read on... and protest before geneticists (and those who enable them) create a monster they can't tame. Unless, of course, population control and saving the world's real food for a select few upper-crusters are really their primary goals.

Well, salmon has always been my personal fave - but I vow to no longer purchase or serve it. Infuriating!

Feb 19, 2008

A man unmasked?

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Feb 18,2008

All items are here: LegitGov Breaking News

'Dodgy dossier' was 'wrong', its author says Feb 17, 2008:

The government official who wrote the first draft of the "dodgy dossier" that helped propel Britain into war in Iraq today admits, "We were wrong." John Williams, a former Foreign Office aide, said last night that publication of his document would expose how members of Tony Blair's team were locked in a mindset that made military action inevitable.#

Perhaps this (oily) charade revealed is part of the influence of our current Unmasking Eclipse of Feb 6 when true motives are revealed...with more to come, no doubt.

Then there's the recent Saturn-South Node transit which may be underpinning Musharraf's separation from authority--and Castro's? The Saturn-SN conjunction perfected in October 2007 and now SN has moved into Aquarius, a sign associated with the collective.

The language of Mundane Astrology is a fascinating and helpful way of translating world events, isn't it?

Jan 14, 2008

Mercury the Messenger gets fly-by from Messenger!

In a spree of mythological perfection, NASA has named its Messenger after the planet it intends to fly by today.

Either that or there's an astrologer in the bunch!

So where is Mercury in the zodiac as this "different approach" makes the news?

Setting the chart for Cape Canaveral, FL and putting Mercury, planet of communications, planning, and travel (esp air) at MC--the Goal/Aspiration Point of any chart--we see Mercury positioned at 10AQ25 (tropically speaking.)

Aquarius is associated, of course, with science (esp the modern, progressive kind), air travel, group projects, and humanity...and is the sign which contains the Angel Point (15AQ.)

Chiron, the Key and *Bridge between Saturn and Uranus, is approaching the Angel Point now as the Saturn/Uranus opposition becomes exact.

*Is Bush attempting to "play" Chiron, the Healer as he visits the Middle East? The combination of Saturn/Uranus and their cycle represents that region, particularly Palestine and Israel. But if Bush is an "angel" he's one of the dark ones. For in arrogant defiance of decency and love of humanity, he's over there calling for more war! That man can't get enough bombing, can he?

But let's go back to bright Mercury:

Click chart to enlarge and you will see two midpoints with Mercury as focal point (and thus is MC focal at 1:39:25 pm est) and they are:

Sun/NN (the public; new contacts; shared experiences; intellectual associations) = Mercury: communication; news; commentary.

Sun/NN = MC: becoming prominent through associations; fighting other people's battles.

Jupiter/Uranus (high expectations; deep respect for knowledge; breakthroughs; opportunities; long distance travel) = Mercury: planning on success; a series of fortunate breaks; confidence; gathering ample knowledge; ready wittedness; a fortunate occupational turn.

Jup/Uranus = MC: optimism; fortunate powers of adaptibility; attainment of good knowledge and understanding; becoming known for who one is.

Prospects sound good already for getting to know 'who' Mercury is!

This chart indicates that NASA willbe able to gather all the info they want on this hot, speedy little planet, and with Mercury at MC, the ASC degree is parallel the helpful Fixed Star, Arcturus, keywords: a different approach.

Today's fly-by is the first of three passes to Mercury-of-the-wing'ed-helmet-and-heel and I'm wishing them good speed and happy outcomes.

Yet! the chart has connections indicating the public's continued fascination with the presidential campaign today: Moon "11Ari": "The president of the country."

But with Mercury as my natal chart-ruler, I don't want to steal the Messenger's Uranian thunder today and I'm sure we'll be hearing communications from and about the candidates without a speck of prompting from me!

UPDATE: Messenger's closest approach to Mercury was to occur at 2:04:39 pm est. Setting another chart for that time at Laurel, MD (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab) places idealistic (and perhaps deceptive or dissolving) Neptune at MC...

"20AQ" = "A big white dove, a message bearer"...keyword: CONVICTION...

pos: a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do;

neg: sanctimonious self-deception.

Check out the Mercury Messenger website where you can type in your city and find out the best time of day to look for Mercury--either just before sunrise or just after sunset--and keep up with the mission.

Sep 2, 2007

Is the Pentagon dragon ready to roar?

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government 02 Sep 2007:

All links and summaries to articles below are available here: Breaking News

Pentagon 'three-day blitz' plan for Iran 02 Sep 2007:

The Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days, according to a national security expert. Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, said last week that US military planners were not preparing for "pinprick strikes" against Iran’s nuclear facilities. "They’re about taking out the entire Iranian military," he said.#

Shadows around every corner and "dark actors playing games," as a certain Dr. David Kelly informed a journalist. Did we ever find out who she was? Don't tell me it was Judith Miller. No. That had to have been a nightmare. Anyway, shadows and dark actors are all we get with the curent infestaion of "world leaders" as they tle themselves.

Once upon a time, any little pipsqueak nabob would've been well-satisfied with the title of dictator. Mob bosses, princes, and yes, even kings, would settle for control over the unwashed masses and a lifetime supply of breads and cakes.

But only in the egalitarian--the Aquarian--sort of way...meaning, at a distance, puh-leeeese!

Sharing the spirit but not much else; sharing little in the way of grounding, it's called in astrology. Reminds me of the song I loved to hate so long ago: You Were Always On My Mind.

Elvis regaled us with it, and Willie Nelson took a swipe at it with his lace hanky as consolation prize. But were you ever fooled by the song's sentiments of the arch-smarmy, namby-pamby thought about ya but couldn't be bothered to stir myself cop-out? I knowww.

Someone has issues and it's not just me!

Mar 19, 2007

Gemini North Node: George W. Bush

There's a handy book by Jan Spiller, Astrology for the Soul, which is useful for Nodal info--even though I confess to being a Saturnian astrologer which means I see heredity and genealogy where Uranians seem to see "past lives" or reincarnation.

And through Scriptural studies I have a different understanding of the word soul believing it to be what we each are, not a thing that we have: "...and man became a living soul" (Genesis.)

Still, I find Ms. Spiller's book useful for Nodal information--I just translate the info into a more Saturnian view and it works dandily.

One of the many interesting debates within Astrology is whether--for example--having North Node (NN) in Gemini is same as having NN in 3rd house--if your Gem NN is not actually posited in 3rd house. Some astrologers are determined that it is not the same. I agree, yet there do seem to be correspondences afoot.

Let's consider the natal NN of George Bush and see if Spiller's Nodal info rings true for his natal placement of Gemini NN in 11th house (AQ's natural house)--then we'll look at "NN in Aquarius" also esp since Bush's NN is conjunct Uranus, associated with the sign Aquarius (I don't use outer planets as rulers, just higher frequencies--but Uranus/NN = associations with unusual or reformist groups.)

Gemini NN's Attributes to Develop:

asking questions to learn how others think; healthy curiosity; seeing both sides of a situation; tact; logic; using a non-threatening approach when expressing ideas; listening; openess to new ideas and experiences; seeking factual information before making decisions.

Gem NN's Tendencies to Leave Behind:

aloofness; self-righteousness; needing to be right; thinking one knows what others are thinking without actually listening; assuming others know 'where they're at'; espousing "Truth" without taking others' views into consideration; careless spontaneity; taking shortcuts; acting on intuition without checking facts; resisting ideas that are foreign to one's belief system; prejudging present situations based on past experience.

Don't know about you but all the above resembles his nibs from my observations.

Now for AQ NN:

Attributes to Develop:

making decisions for the group's best interests; active participation in groups; awareness of equality; creating win/win situations; desire for friendship; recognizing how others are special; willingness to champion humanitarian causes; objectivity--seeing the "total picture"; sharing unconventional ideas.

Tendencies to Leave Behind:

insistence on getting one's way; attachment to risk-taking; making changes just to exercise authority; need for approval; melodramatic tendencies; willfulness and stubbornness; unawareness of others' importance; prideful responses based on fear; unbridled passion--going to extremes; knowing what "ought" to be.

Well, there's Shrub for ya. Does any of this sound familiar?

At this morning's speech which Bush gave from the Roosevelt Room (guess he thought some FDR cooties might rub off attractively) the Sun and Moon were both in fiery Aries.

Here's the bold Sun Aries/Moon Aries combo for today from Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzy Harvey:

quick-thinking; innovative; passionate; blunt; self-centered; intuitive; adventurous; touchy ego; maverick with a crusading temperament; progressive; bossy; hasty; a one-track mind that can miss important nuances and invite antagonism rather than cooperation.

Image for Integration:

An invincible Hercules, propelled by a primeval power, bursts into the dark castle, unties the fair maiden, and together they ride off into the sunset.

Is the 'dark castle' Iraq--or is Iraq the 'fair maiden'?? Perhaps it describes Bush trying to "get ahead" as they say of the negative headlines of late. Either way, I'll hold his horse's bridle while he mounts up and rides off to anywhere but here.

Shrub as Hercules? He only wishes. has both astrology books mentioned above.