Sep 30, 2011

Wall Streeters mock Occupy Wall Street marchers w champagne toasts (video)

Feeling mighty special, Wall Streeters with champagne glasses in hand, mock and smirk from their exalted balconies at Occupy Wall Street protesters below. How tres amusing their ef-you jokes must be!

What was that you say, dear reader? Pride comes before a fall?

Then smirk on, Wall Street gentry, for your day in the sun won't last forever and you'll reap the mocking you've sown.

This blogger of the Flower Power generation is heartened by how most of the protesters are young folk--it's a deja-vu of peaceful street marches for me. For after all, it's in large part their futures that have been stolen by Wall Street gangsters many of whom are of my generation, I'm very embarrassed to say.
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