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Sep 30, 2011

Wall Streeters mock Occupy Wall Street marchers w champagne toasts (video)

Feeling mighty special, Wall Streeters with champagne glasses in hand, mock and smirk from their exalted balconies at Occupy Wall Street protesters below. How tres amusing their ef-you jokes must be!

What was that you say, dear reader? Pride comes before a fall?

Then smirk on, Wall Street gentry, for your day in the sun won't last forever and you'll reap the mocking you've sown.

This blogger of the Flower Power generation is heartened by how most of the protesters are young folk--it's a deja-vu of peaceful street marches for me. For after all, it's in large part their futures that have been stolen by Wall Street gangsters many of whom are of my generation, I'm very embarrassed to say.


Anonymous said...

Occupy Wall Street is now going national and international. There's a website set up (in lieu of Facebook) whose workers are trying to coordinate and update the national and international doings. This. This is how a true grass roots movement begins. Not with money from the Koch Brothers (perhaps they furnished the champaigne for those on the balcony?) Link:

Anonymous said...

Jude, do you think that champagne is union made? Love reading you as always.

You do realize that the reason they are laughing at this movement is because the movement has no real aims or demands, such as "Imprison Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Paulson, Larry Silverstien, et al," or, "Obama: SHUT DOWN GOLDMAN SACHS and B of A NOW" or most importantly "END DERIVATIVES."

No, instead it's just the usual crowd of idealistic young people who would have been Tianamen Square'd by now but for the fact that the USA is just almost a police state run by, well, Wall Street shills.

So, until this movement gets enough balls to start demanding the heads of about 300 or so people (for starters), it will fail to become a gravitational mass that can achieve anything.

And those rich assholes know it, probably because they have operatives Twittering this little revolution into the ground as we speak, making sure the energy never coagulates around anything with some real revolutionary force behind it.

Google Peter Ackerman and the CFR for how to foment and guide revolutions in the new media.

Jude Cowell said...

Appreciate the link to OccupyTogether, Anonymous, thanks. Hopefully this grassroots movement Won't Be Co-opted by corporations, it will be ruined if so.

Hi Ed, thanks for your comments-- glad to find you're still kickin'!

Are you writing these days?

So I read the article but am not certain its 3 Things Needed will be applied to this particular Revolution. Progressive Media is covering it as fully as possible and the police state condition of this country is again revealed to the general public--most of us are unaware of how far things have progressed in that dept.

Here's a link to that CFR info on how to foment/guide a Revolution from the CFR website. Thanks, Ed! Jude

Anonymous said...


Yes, I'm writing, have a small column in a local rag and I continue to confound the experts with tads of genius about how everything works.

I guess the problem with me is that I spent a good many years doing every kind of action I could to rid this nation of evil, but we did not do enough to stop the inevitable crash of the USA.

So, at this point, I think a vague occupation is too little, too late, and thus the champagne. The take-over is complete; the robbery is over. The means of non-violent revolution have been exhausted.