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Sep 29, 2011

Charles Koch to Economist Hayek: "Use Social Security"!

Well, the following article is so fascinating, its link just had to be posted here to read any time I start to forget what total hypocrites all anti-social-program conservatives are whether they call themselves Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, or what-have-you--even *DINOs.

Letters have been outed from 1973 with Charles Koch (a Koch Industries brother and Tea Party backer) writing to famed laissez-faire economist Friedrich Hayek encouraging him to "use Social Security to support his medical needs. Hayek had taught in the US and paid into our SS system for ten years so Koch assured him he was entitled to what Koch and his ilk now like to call an "entitlement program."

You see, the professor had had some gall bladder surgery in Austria and feared "falling ill away from home" if he returned to the US to pontificate his economic theories.

But not to fear! For America's excellent Social Security insurance program came to Hayek's rescue!!

Personally, I think America's so-called "Ponzi scheme" should have been given a satin cape years ago. Besides--a Ponzi scheme isn't much of a Ponzi scheme unless and until it's stopped, at which time it collapses from its own weight--precisely the aim of the GOP and those such as the Koch Brothers who are determined that Wall Street get its greedy claws on the money while crashing our nation in the process.

And then, who can forget those halcyon days of 'President' George Bush schlepping round the country (on the tax payers' dime) peddling his disengenuous sales pitch about privatizing Social Security? Yet alas, his thin arguments didn't go over very well, did they? And though they've been fairly well shushed on the matter for now, GOP schemers continue to parrot the "SS is bankrupt" slogan whenever they feel so moved.

Now as you know, Dubya considers not privatizing the program that has made such a difference in millions of American lives (and in the lives of the odd foreigner, as we learn above) to be the "biggest failure" of his presidency--not invading the Holy Land, not bombing women and children, nor cynically sending US troops overseas to grab and guard US oil interests and fatten power elite portfolios--not even dooming America and the world to the misery of perpetual war--but to not handing SS monies on a golden platter to his Wall Street backers as the bankers who run the US government insisted.

So here's the Worst President in US History now, if you can stomach a re-listen of his attempt to sell us bank bailouts and TARP. But what he's actually doing is summing up the financials of his disastrous 8-year presidency::

Funny that the much-touted and obsessive conservative fear of "socialism" from the Obama administration ignores a key astrological factor concerning George Bush's natal chart which has always seemed very telling to me about Bush's hidden character--the Sabian Symbol (8 Leo) for his natal Ascendant (his nibs himself) is: "A Bolshevik Propagandist."

Or, as Dane Rudhyar gives the degree--and to me it seems to apply perfectly to Bush's 'Privatize SS You Suckers' Tour:

"A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals"...

'Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.'

(That would be Poppy Bush's 'New World Order' heralded by his Desert Storm invasion.)

Rudhyar expands on 8 Leo: "...ideally it could show how the vision of a cosmic order might heal the potential conflict between an obsolete Establishment and its youthful challengers. But reality today presents a more cruel picture of CATABOLIC ACTION.

...and one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power."

I'm not kidding--you can't make this stuff up!


*Democrats In Name Only, and close cousins of RINOs.

The first Symbol is from Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology; Rudhyar's book, An Astrological Mandala.

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Patty said...

Jude...You are brilliant!
It's the root of the problem...that Americans have mostly forgotten.