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Dec 11, 2006

The Astrology of Blogging

Well, I just discovered that while under-the-weather the last few days, I've been tagged by at least two of my illustrious astrology colleagues, Lynn at AstroDynamics and Urania at Urania's 9th House.

What are my chart indications for why I blog about the ancient art of Astrology?

Ok, guys, since you asked, here goes...Uranus in Gemini in 10th house quincunx Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cap, 5th house...chart-ruler Mercury also ruling 10th h with Rigel at Mc. Also in 5th house is Urania.

Mercury is not in major aspect to Saturn in 12th, but in mutual reception.

3rd house cusp in Scorpio, Vesta in Scorpio therein opposite 9th house Taurean Pallas for some patterning ability...good for artwork as well. 3rd house of Communications also contains a Sagittarian Chiron, inventor of Astrology. By progression, Vesta and Chiron are now conjunct.

Sun/Jupiter conj in Cap, 4th house, both trining Saturn.

Purchased my first two Astrology books, age 12, as Uranus crossed over Mc by progression--and as the illustrious Noel Tyl informed me in 1997, a new interest of mine at age 12 relating to Career should be taken up again.

And so I have.

If they're not tagged already, I'd like to tag: Kathryn, Nina, and Elsa!

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