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Dec 2, 2007

Ron Paul: rectified!

Thanks to Granny Miller I am now in possession of a rectified natal chart for presidential candidate, Ron Paul, whose exact time of birth is unknown (says he.)

Granny is recommending a birth time of 7:45 am based on her rectification, i.e. timing of events which coincide with angular triggers, etc, and on election day transits for Nov 4, 2008--which she says look good for the Doctor!

Here you see dual charts with Solar chart top right, and rectified chart bottom left. The 7:45 am version adds some midpoint pictures:

Mercury/Neptune = ASC: being exploited, deceived, or harmed by others; potential overreactions; open to others' influence.

Sun/Venus = ASC: a kind-hearted personality.

Jupiter/MC = Sun: success and recognition; illumination of one's life purpose; new opportunities.

NN/ASC = Jupiter: humanitarianism; fortunate associations.

The rectified chart puts Sun and Mercury in 12th house and, as you know, it's quite usual for a politician to have a 12th house (unconsciously arrogant) Sun!

More details: previous post based on Paul's solar chart (sunrise for day of birth) is here.

Solar charts are always good for ego-related or creative issues. They're like a photo of the individual that's slightly out of focus--so all the warts may not be visible; you'll find that the Sun/Moon personality details stay the same.

Aug 9, 2007

That Feeling of Fate

Surfing so that you don't have to, I've come upon another well-written article by astrologer Lynn Hayes who opens up the astrology of the natal chart when interpreted with the progressed chart for you--their uses and differences, with her Musings on Fate and the Progressed Chart.

As Lynn explains so well, we're fated to express our natal charts.

Yet much may be gleaned from knowing our progressed charts--how we've evolved and what our natal tendencies have led to. Yes, the information found in a progressed chart is invaluable to the seeker.

Bravo, Lynn!

Apr 22, 2007

a starry eye on Newt

Today Newt Gingrich was on tv spouting his usual rational sounding political maneuverings. Since his birth info is in dispute with birth time unverified, no chart for you. But some details are still possible such as his Sun/Moon personality blend.

Born June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, PA, the Moon was in Sagittarius the whole 24-hour period so let's look at the Images for Sun Gemini/Moon Sag:

The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings, and baseball...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

The italics are mine...the Hill? It sounds like the staged patriotic songfest on the Capitol steps when they coup'd the House. Perhaps that measley performance for the cameras was Newt's idea. A bunch of singin' whiffenpoufs?

This Air-Fire Gem/Sag combo has several things to recommend it and tells of a flamboyant communicator who is an intellectual with a reverence for ancient learning (secret old manuscripts, anyone?)

There is an emotional immaturity which is, at least, spontaneous for this eternal scholar who is outspoken, loves traveling (restless), and is friendly but impatient.

He possesses a vivid imagination with huge heapings of optimism and quick wit. There is a tendency to talk too much and often indiscreetly (perhaps he isn't close-mouthed enough for White House intrigues!) and there is a need to know it all--and may seem to be a know-it-all.

Newt's (WHO would saddle an innocent infant with the name, Newt???) Sun/Moon blend is shared natally with such notables as: actor Douglas Faribanks, political activist Rennie Davis, Judy Garland, Barry Manilow, Guy Lombardo, Beverly Sills, and Prince Rainier of Monaco. It's also shared with philosopher/poet, Katherine Raine who wrote:

As a child I became a confirmed believer in the ancient gods simply because as between the reality of fact and the reality of myth, I chose myth...myth is the truth of fact, not fact the truth of myth.

Gingrich has stated that as a child he discovered books and "became big words." (I won't mention the big words I think he became if you won't.)

So if the GOP can figure out a way to make an end-run around Newt's romantic tangles and infidelities, do you think they'll run this nag in 2008?

He seems to break off relationships appr every 18-19 years which is in line with his Nodal Returns--or Half-Returns...which is not surprising to astrologers.

North Node = joining; associations, while South Node = separations; partings (if relationships are already weak, the Half-Return will usually time a break-up.)

His Prenatal Eclipse Series (PE), 17South, is one of "sudden success in group endeavors and relationships; good news" (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

A Solar Eclipse last occurred in this Series on March 9, 1997 at "19Pisces."

Gingrich's natal Venus and Pluto in Leo (as has George Bush--both in Leo--ooh la la!) are connected to his PE as you might expect with all his lady loves and wives scattered about the place (I exaggerate--or do I?)

If you can take more of the Newt, you may want to read Mr.A.Cat's opinion at Lim's Limericks where you'll find a photo of a GOP kittycat pondering Newt's romantic intrigues which may albatrossedly plague him as he pushes forward--and turns up on our tvs--into 2008.

Feb 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Nov 28, 1967

There have been a number of requests for Anna Nicole's natal chart so I publish here the version (her birth time is unknown) from where you may want to visit in the next few days as I'm quite sure there will be some discussion thereupon.

The world's ongoing Dance of Opposition between the grief, weakness, torment duo--Saturn-Neptune has been and is now stomping upon this 12:00 pm Asc-Desc axis. Perhaps the noon hour shown here is close to her actual birth time. The location of Mexia, Texas is more accurate than Houston as I had used with the previously-mentioned Sunrise/Solar Chart in my last post.

Obviously if this is her Asc-Desc axis (18AQ/18Leo), then the tr Sat-Nep opposition is personalized with the loss of her son, Daniel, and now of the lady herself...Neptune dissolving her physical body (Asc)...OR...poisoning in some fashion such as an overdose or bad drug combo on her part, or mayhem on the part of someone else, accidental or otherwise.

Will comment more tomorrow since it's the middle of the night at the moment...and yes, the Moon changed signs so that her Sun-Moon blend may be either Sun Sag/Moon Libra or Sag-Scorpio. She was a very intense woman when it came to need fulfilment.

UPDATE Friday: This AP article appeared--and has disappeared--from my news links:">Gabor husband may be Smith's baby's dad

It has updated info on the autopsy, DNA stalling, hearing set for Feb 20, etc.

Who's not your Daddy? There's Howard K. Stern (with his name on the baby's birth certificate), Anna Nicole's former 'boyfriend' Larry Birkhead, and now Prince Frederick von Anhalt--wonder if the Prince was only daydreaming with his old copy of Playboy in hand? And who thought I'd ever be adding Zsa Zsa as a label on SO'W?

Dec 11, 2006

The Astrology of Blogging

Well, I just discovered that while under-the-weather the last few days, I've been tagged by at least two of my illustrious astrology colleagues, Lynn at AstroDynamics and Urania at Urania's 9th House.

What are my chart indications for why I blog about the ancient art of Astrology?

Ok, guys, since you asked, here goes...Uranus in Gemini in 10th house quincunx Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cap, 5th house...chart-ruler Mercury also ruling 10th h with Rigel at Mc. Also in 5th house is Urania.

Mercury is not in major aspect to Saturn in 12th, but in mutual reception.

3rd house cusp in Scorpio, Vesta in Scorpio therein opposite 9th house Taurean Pallas for some patterning ability...good for artwork as well. 3rd house of Communications also contains a Sagittarian Chiron, inventor of Astrology. By progression, Vesta and Chiron are now conjunct.

Sun/Jupiter conj in Cap, 4th house, both trining Saturn.

Purchased my first two Astrology books, age 12, as Uranus crossed over Mc by progression--and as the illustrious Noel Tyl informed me in 1997, a new interest of mine at age 12 relating to Career should be taken up again.

And so I have.

If they're not tagged already, I'd like to tag: Kathryn, Nina, and Elsa!

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