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Dec 4, 2006

there's a Full Moon tonight

At 7:24:47 pm est over the White House a Full Moon shines down upon Bush's furrowed brow.

This Moon 12Gem43 is conjunct the US natal Desc (Sibly version 5:10 pm Phildelphia) with the Sun opposite upon US natal Asc, the WHAT Point of the chart...12Sag43...the Sun is spotlighting the USA.

This Sun/Moon duo mimics the Saturn/Pluto opposition which affected the US Asc/Desc axis Sept 11, 2001 and with a Full Moon phase indicating Culmination, it may be that all of America is fed up and down with Bush's simian and furrowed brow.

And as you know, a lunation upon an Asc/Desc axis highlights relationship issues, as we're seeing with the Bush/Maliki tie (will it end soon so soon?)

Rising in the Full Moon chart is US natal Mercury 24Can12, also an indicator of thinking/communicating (Mercury) about home or security issues. Natal 8th house is rising since that is where natal Mercury is positioned in the US chart, so this may very well relate to money, resources, legacies, insurance, debts, and other such concerns (also death and transformation, I may as well admit.)

The Republican Congress' failure to pass necessary funding bills may be part of this picture--makes you wonder if they failed to pass bills to spend more trillions because there was a mere pittance left in Fort Knox, doesn't it?

Are the drunken sailors trying to sober up? Puh and Fie upon their sorry noggins.

Rising degree = 20Can08, a critical or crisis degree--so is the politicians' cash cow--the American taxpayers' piggy bank--running on empty?

Hidden Ways and Means:

Since there are so many meetings of interest in Washington this week (and an watered down report on the war on Wednesday), I'm giving the Symbols for the three planets which are placed in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house of the Full Moon chart...since that is where politicians do most of their work and wheel their devil's deals.

The Full Moon's degree you may find in several places online, I'm quite sure, with a minimum of Googling or Ixquicking..."13Gemini." Perhpas you'll find a mention of John Bolton's parting from the UN mentioned along witht he Culminating phase of the Moon. (How something begins is how it will end--Bolton was spirited through by a squirrelly Bush end-run recess appointment, so it's no surprise he won't be sticking to the UN post...questioonable start, questionable end.)

Now the 12th house planets/actors:

Using the Rudhyar version, Mercury 25Sco19..."23Sco": "American Indians making camp after moving into new territory"...(hmmm...they've been in the news of late, too)...

Keynote: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements. Keywords: EFFICIENT FUNCTIONING (could this refer on some level to the Swift banking surveillance program in Brussels which has been squawking at us?)

Mars 29Sco10 (critical/crisis degree and is also the natal degree of prankster Tom Delay's Moon, btw)..."30Sco": "Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks"...

Keynote: The periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies.

Keywords: RELIEF FROM TENSION (Jupiter was at 29Sco36 as Litvinenko was pronounced dead, Nov 23...Venus was at this degree Nov 17 when he was transferred to University College Hospital in London, fyi...busy degree lately, isn't it?)

Is someone thinking that the Litvinenko investigation has been sufficiently swept under a giant rug? Or will it prove too large even for operator Mars and moneybags Jupiter to handle?

Now you know that a Full Moon is the end of a cycle, yet her bright light may be shown upon the actions of the recent past.

With Putin's current Minor (thinking; mental plane) North Node conjunct this crisis 29th degree of Scorpio, perhaps his out-of-bounds tactics, along with the US government's known out-of-bounds mettling-where-it-doesn't-belong tendencies will get a fair airing to some small 29th degree.

If you think the Iraq quagmire is not a crisis now, what planet are you living on?

It's psychotic how they think they assassinate for all the "right" reasons as if common murderercould never be correctly ascribed to them. It can. I do.

And although Bush tells an Iraqi cleric today that he can't get no satisfaction in Iraq, he should take a long look at himself--because that's exactly how a bunch of us have felt about his nibs since 1999.


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