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Mar 26, 2007

Novak: Bush is alone

No kiddin'!

If you read Robert Novak's column Bush is isolated from GOP lawmakers in the Chicago Sun Times, you may find Novak attempting to save what's left of his "party of better management" which has been revealed to be otherwise.

In this article you will learn that Alberto Gonzales is the "least popular Cabinet member on Capitol Hill" and that the "I-word (incompetence) is used by Republicans in describing the Bush administration generally."

Well, it took them a while to discover that their "commander-in-chief" wasn't so very good at governing...thing is, they don't seem eager to criticize the things he's done--undermining America, her Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Conventions, etc--just how he's done it all. Guess if he'd been "competent" he'd still be the cat's meow to the GOP.

Instead, he's alone and unable to "help" his GOP brethren who are not lining up in support of Gonzales as they did for Rumsfeld--and the Rs got snookered on that one when Bush cut Rummy loose, so who can blame them?

Current transits to Bush's natal chart:

Months ago I posted on Saturn's visit to Bush's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself) which occurred around Katrina Time--when we first heard Bush choke on the word accountability, one of serious Saturn's favorite words.

And here's my Oct 2006 mention of the Saturnian Scythe now bedeviling Bush, the lonely leader.

Now as you know, Saturn is still in Bush's first house and has recently conjuncted his n Pluto--the same transit I posted on concerning Al Gonzales--power and control issues--scroll down to read.

Also in first house is Bush's n Venus, and I remember posting around Katrina Time that this would be a time when Bush won't be "feelin' the love." Under Saturn-to-Venus, relationships become fraught with seriousness, including joint ventures, and more structure is imposed upon them.

Bush's Pretzel Parties may be stymied or curtailed altogether as a gloomy picture prevails under this transit.

We may also consider his n Venus/Pluto midpoint (Pluto 10Leo35; Venus 21Leo30) with Saturn hanging out between...

Ven/Pluto = Saturn: the sense of tragedy; immorality.

Seems to me Bush brought both to the world and in that he's been overly over-achiever in the tragedy realm.

Simultaneously today, tr Mars 21AQ52, and tr Neptune 21AQ07, are opposing n Pluto and Venus.

Ven/Pluto = Mars: a brutal and coarse expression of feeling; temperamental emotionalism (he must be awfully p-o'd these days, ya think?);

Ven/Plu = Neptune: immorality (again); possible instability in relationships.

Tr Neptune opposite Pluto is a generational influence unless and until one is personally involved in power/control structures, as he is, so:

Political and economic power are eroded by current society's thinking and ideals--one's power structures are threatened.

Tr Neptune opposite Venus: relationships suffer under very confusing, unclear influences now...deception, mistrust, and undermining conditions affect dealings and interactions with others. Promised cooperation is on shakey ground--false promises are prominent (watch out, Al G!)

Diplomatic gestures are self-serving or empty and are not likely to advance in any meaningful way. Social status and joint projects are subject to strange circumstances, misunderstandings, and loss.

The last reminds me of the Brit sailors in Iranian waters--some have related the situation to the Gulf of Tonkin Reso-illusion that finagled the US into Vietnam...history repeats?

Over at the National Press Club today, 1:00 pm edt, former GA congressman Bob Barr, David Keene (American Conservative Union), constitutional scholar Bruce Fein (served in Reagan adm as associate deputy atty general), and direct-mailing pioneer Richard Viguerrie are presenting their new American Freedom Agenda.

This so-called AFA is being billed as an effort to "restore civil liberties under assault by the executive branch."

As long as they're not following the Bush-Cheney-Rove model of naming things the opposite of what they do (I'm lookin' at You, "clean" water and "clear" skies) we can all be onboard, but it rtbs...remains to be seen whether or not this will amount to anything helpful to America for the proof is always in the pudding, and by their fruits you shall know them.

Melinda Henneberger has more info at HuffPo if you're interested in the scoop on these late bloomers in the Stop Bush department.

Perhaps it's a wonder America is still kickin' at all--extremists attacking her without while the GOP and their allies undermine her from within. Bad timing? Or a well-planned assault to cause the sheeple to go along with the proffered New American Union with Canada and Mexico?

Funny--I thought that's what America was and is--a "freedom agenda."

Having Bob Barr and Richard Viguerrie as America's champions to save the day? Priceless.

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