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Mar 16, 2007

Valerie Plame goes to Congress

After some requests I'm posting Valerie Plames's natal chart (sunrise) with this morning's transits set for Capitol Hill.

You see that tr Sun is conjunct her n Venus and tr Venus is conjunct her n Sun! Very appropriate given today's comments that she was a "platinum blonde" who looked like a "movie star" as she strode into the hearing room this morning.

On a side note--or is it?--Jupiter at 19Sag08 is conjunct the Chiron/Pluto midpoint of the Patriot Act chart (Oct 26, 2001)...that's Chiron/Pluto: plutocracy, oppression, racism, class warfare, and all that. And there's Jupiter (the judge--hey, that's Al Gonzales' nickname, isn't it?)...Jupiter to expand, over-expand, and/or broadcast the concept.

This morning, tr Moon conjoined tr Neptune, nebulous planet of obfuscation, veils, and covers...and the glamorous lady spy was in the House, her identity as a spy revealed for all to see. Glamour is also a function of Neptune, as you know, as were all the photographers present for her testimony.#

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