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May 23, 2007

a Goodling day

With Mercury and Venus out-of-bounds it seems that one of them represents Monica Goodling and her immunity from prosecution for testifying about purgegate.

Will she fall on her sword for Rove and Bush? The granting of prosecutorial immunity seems to indicate otherwise. But she's a woman protecting her chickens from hawks!

And naturally the Moon indicates a woman and is important in seeing how a day will proceed based on the Moon's applying aspects:

The Moon's only applying aspect (looking at 9:30 am edt) is her square to the Sun (3A34) and this square will be perfected at 5:02 pm. (The fault-finding Sun Gem-Moon Virgo combo is shared natally by Pres John F. Kennedy and Robert McNamara.)

Other factors at 5:02 pm edt:

IC "28Cap"..."A large aviary"...conjunct the powerful natal Pluto of the USA. This relates to the Pentagon and a certain association of generals (AVIARY.)

Oppressive Pluto/Chiron midpoint will have just crossed the IC, the Foundation of the chart.

Rising will be 23Lib49 with Fixed Stars Arcturus ("a different approach") and Spica ("potential for brilliance"), both Stars connected natally to the founding of America.

However, the current position of the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (the two planets in opposition on 9/11/01, and which always bring misery, cruelty, violence, and war when in hard aspect) is 23Lib44. The blending of their energies in midpoint isn't so jolly either.

Sat/Pluto = ASC: cumbersome and difficult circumstances; mourning and bereavement; sadness. Sat/Pluto is conjunct Bush's natal IC also which affects MC, the Career and Public Status Point:

Sat/Pluto = MC: hard, hard work to arise from difficulties; major separation as a last resort; flight; severity; one-sidedness; application of tenacity and endurance.

The YOD pointing at Venus indicates a special purpose or task for a lady, and she's at "17Can" = "The germ grows into knowledge and life"...but Venus is applying to a helpful trine with reformist Uranus, whose Symbol is:

"19Pis": "A master instructing his pupil"...ELUCIDATION...

pos: high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight;

neg/shadow side: a desire to live by rule and a conceit of empty knowledge.

(update Thursday: Gonzo may be said to have "instructed" her about his recollections according to her testimony!)

If Uranus is instructing Monica Goodling's testimony today, I hope his name doesn't start with Karl Rove or George Bush or that's what we'll end up with--empty knowledge.

Apr 16, 2007

Gonzo's reprieve

Yes, it figured that Gonzales would have a Tuesday reprieve but what a sad and miserable reason at VA Tech, and my condolences go out to them all on campus and to their families and friends.

One tries not to think of false flag operations at times like this, of course, but will Thursday be any better for Al G's appearance on Capitol Hill?


Tuesday's closed-circuit Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon (which was not mentioned in my last post) will be "replaced" on Thursday by a
Grand Trine involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury (communications; testifying, etc.)

Jup/Sat = Mercury: studying hard and asking the right questions (softballs?); desire to make changes; a fortunate separation.

Sigh...if George wants Gonzo to stay, he'll stay. Besides, Al must know where so many bodies are buried.

Mar 16, 2007

Valerie Plame goes to Congress

After some requests I'm posting Valerie Plames's natal chart (sunrise) with this morning's transits set for Capitol Hill.

You see that tr Sun is conjunct her n Venus and tr Venus is conjunct her n Sun! Very appropriate given today's comments that she was a "platinum blonde" who looked like a "movie star" as she strode into the hearing room this morning.

On a side note--or is it?--Jupiter at 19Sag08 is conjunct the Chiron/Pluto midpoint of the Patriot Act chart (Oct 26, 2001)...that's Chiron/Pluto: plutocracy, oppression, racism, class warfare, and all that. And there's Jupiter (the judge--hey, that's Al Gonzales' nickname, isn't it?)...Jupiter to expand, over-expand, and/or broadcast the concept.

This morning, tr Moon conjoined tr Neptune, nebulous planet of obfuscation, veils, and covers...and the glamorous lady spy was in the House, her identity as a spy revealed for all to see. Glamour is also a function of Neptune, as you know, as were all the photographers present for her testimony.#