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Aug 14, 2007

America's shadow

An Occupation of Iraq is Not Ours to Choose

By Ward Reilly

The only chance we have of saving our nation is to ensure that Bush and Cheney are not allowed to retire into the sunset. If they are allowed to do that, the concept of our nation is lost forever, and we will all be branded as war criminals in the eyes of the world, because "We The People" allowed all of this to happen.#

Mr.Reilly is right, you know...America's shadow must be ID'd and faced...from Hiroshima to Baghdad, and--God help us--Tehran.

Information Clearing House has the article.


Twilight said...

Good article, Jude. Some of those comments are pretty strong stuff!

"Stop the world, I wanna......." :-)

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Twilight, you are so right, they are.