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Sep 12, 2007

Putin's Neptunian dissolve

Putin Dissolves Russian Government

As Neptune continues meeting with Vladimir Putin's natal North Node at IC (endings; partings), Putin has used the dissolving action of Neptune in order to name his own successor as was done for him in 1999.

One of the stronger transits to Putin's natal chart has been powerful, transformative Pluto (26Sag18 today) conjunct his natal Mars 26Sag31 in 2nd house of earning ability and values.

The transit of Pluto to Mars is obviously fraught with control issues, and relationships with males in the environment can be intensely competitive at this time, even dangerous. (Yet one supposes that Danger is Vladdie's middle name.)

Pluto/Mars contacts cause a seeking of greater control, not less, so this dissolution to pick a successor may not be all Putin has up his sleeve. There is an increase in stamina and determination, whatever the direction of one's efforts, and a single-minded approach which can be risky if revenge or anger are involved--and they usually are with the zealously fanatic Mars/Pluto combination on the scene.

Transit Mars (21Gem48 today, conj US n Mars) will soon oppose Putin's natal Mars, so there will be someone diametrically opposed to his actions and methods who will gum up the works within the next few days...opposition exact Sep 21/22.

Mars oppo Mars is the "butting head against the proverbial stone wall" transit when shows of aggression are met with equally determined force from others. Making headway is blocked or delayed--until perhaps enemies are taken out of the picture in some way.

But not to fret! for expansive Jupiter will soon be at his natal Mars (first week of Dec 07) so his Achilles Heel will be a feeling of over-confidence with an over-estimation of his abilities. Otherwise, his plans will be successful if wisdom and moderation are used. And December may bring him a luxurious vacation...such is Jupiter's traveling effect upon Mars.

Sept 11's Solar Eclipse occurred in Putin's natal 10th house of Career and Public Status so the "bringing to the surface issues to do with paperwork and communications" flavor of this Series (9 New South) may have made a shake-up of his government at this time a necessary distraction from the Russian president's past actions.

And you know that the globalist torch must be passed to the next brazen crime boss, after all, must it not?

Vladimir Putin: Oct 7, 1952 9:30 am BAT St. Petersburg, Russia; source: Sun 13Lib56, Moon 2Gem55.

Noon Hour Update: Putin Names Surprise Nominee Victor Zubkov for PM

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