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Oct 19, 2007

Dark Wraithiness and the Favoring Moon

Have you visited the Dark Wraith Forums since Blogger was left behind in a swirl of dust for a new platform?

Discussion topics range from economics and finance, politics, and other scholarly and practical subjects of interest, and the blog is definitely lookin' good! (And it wasn't ugly before.)

As I moseyed around there this evening my eyes lighted upon the link of a blog completely new to me and one whose title I would naturally notice: The Moon's Favors which is worth your perusal as well.

Well-organized as I wish SO'W could be but for the tech-challenged brain and the dial-up-only-option of yours truly, this blog sports the ACLU's button for Find Habeas where we may remind ourselves that Habeas Corpus went missing without a trace on Oct 17, 2006, Washington, DC--and hasn't been seen since. Not a peep.

Now I've been known to watch the tv program Without a Trace where some episodes end with a found missing person, some sadly don't.

This little Habeas fellow must be found for your sake and mine--for America's sake, so see if you'd like to join the search for him, or just link to the site, okay? He's been gone just over a year now and the first few hours someone goes missing are the most critical. Even the tv show admits it.

So here are a few starry clues: Habeas Corpus last seen, Oct 17, 2006; sunrise DC: 7:23:52 am edt:

Sun 23Lib57 rising with the Latin-flavored asteroid, Hidalgo, a cabalero who expects to be in charge; associated with one in power who fights for the rights of others. But in this case, Hidalgo seems to be more closely linked to one with a strong capacity for self-assertion who fights for his own principles--whether right or wrong. Fancies himself the general in all situations.

Actually sounds like Gonzales, Bush, and Cheney all wumped up together, doesn't it?

At sunrise, the Sun/Mars midpoint is pointing toward Bush's natal MC...

Sun/Mars = MC: ready to fight for one's principles; efficiency; loving one's work; success; the character of a fighter.

Plus, the Sun/MC midpoint (goal or objective) at sunrise is conjunct Bush's feisty and fussy little Virgoan Mars...

Sun/MC = Mars: strong power maneuvering in the profession; promotion and success; the urge to fulfill one's mission at all costs; making personal decisions; a powerful personality.

'Twas a Virgo Moon at sunrise so we have a finicky, holier-than-thou, socially critical Sun Lib/Moon Virgo personality blend:

Image for Integration: "With minute precision, a sculptor chisels the finishing touches to his work of art for the 99th time, and then sweeps up before leaving for his art-therapy group." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

They chisel away at our freedoms, then sweep up the evidence! Birty dastards. And no one in Washington is stopping them. Sen Barak Obama is supposedly related to Bush and to Cheney (we're all related if you go back far enough...doh!), and our two-party system is an illusion. Yep, the old Divide and Conquer ploy works as well as ever, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Habeas Is Still Missing:

The mysterious disappearance of Habeas Corpus falls into the 8 South Solar Eclipse Series which began April 1, 1718 ("11Ari": "The president of the country" and that really is Cheney, with Bush as mouthpiece. "The Decider" decides on the matters which Cheney decides to send to Dubya's desk.)

The 8S Eclipse occurred on Sept 22, 2006 at critical degree 29Vir20, keywords: separation and loss; to be finished with something and feel sad at its completion; overstraining of strength may cause physical injury. (Brady, Predictive Astrology.)

Yet the sadness is all on our side, it seems.

Eclipse degree's Sabian Symbol: "29Vir": "A man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading."

And btw: this is the Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE) of George Tenet (Jan 5, 1953), and of the NASDAQ (Feb 8, 1971), in case you're wondering. And the recent years in which it manifested were: 1916, 1934, 1952, 1970, and 1988; next up in 2024.

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