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Oct 12, 2008

Inauguration 2001's Chiron-Moon-Pluto

Inauguration 2001, 12:01 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington, DC of George W, Bush showing 8th house of Shared Resources, credit and creditors, debt and debtors, insurance, investment bankers, undertakers and coroners, wills, legacies, psychological therapists, sex, occult studies, dreams, paths of evolutionary growth, death, and other crises of transformation.

In the 8th house of Bush's presidency which began Jan 2001, we see a triple threat - Pluto, the Dragon who guards the riches, and the saboteur; Moon (the people; fluctuations/changes; publicity); and Chiron (wounding; healing.) That this trio indicates deep, unsettling, and transforming emotions is obvious if you've been awake these last eight years.

Now interpretations of Moon conj Chiron, Moon conj Pluto, and Chiron conj Pluto are worth considering, along with the fact that the 8th house's cusp 12Sag42 = America's natal Ascendant in the commonly used Sibly chart.

'12Sag' also happens to be the meet-up degree (11Sag+) of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocracy pair of oppression, primal violence, racism, corporatism, fascism, communism, and class warfare, conj on Dec 30, 1999. They were in parallel mid-August, 2004.

If you doubt Pluto-Chiron's influence, you don't have far to look in the environment of America and the rest of the world - indeed, you'd have a difficult time missing the evidence of plutocratic influence!

The Inaugural 2001 2/8 house cusps are also Pluto-Saturn's opposition positions on the morning of 9/11/01. The current financial meltdown stems from 9/11 which is rippling still in spite of all the shopping on credit we were encouraged to do for our country's sake...which only made things worse for us NOW. "Take out a second mortgage and spend the money for fun stuff," the Bush administration advised. Puh!

So after eight long years, 8th house matters of the Bush presidency ARE America during his term/s - our nation's identity (1st house of Self) = Bush's legacy of debt and traumatic transformations of credit defaults, investment bank reorganizations and mergers, public pension fund dissolutions, deficit spending, nationalizing private liabilities, and our financial system as whole.

Am I overstating a president's ability to affect the economy? With Bush43 it doesn't seem so to me as flames of economic crisis lick at America's heels under his watch. If Bush and his cronies didn't know, they should have. But perhaps you disagree.

Millions of American families turned out into the streets is the result of the Bush presidency's cynically named Ownership Society. Economic meltdown ends his presidency, 9/11 began it - the worst president in US history has earned Herbert Hoover's ghost haunting him down White House halls in the dead of night, even at 3:00 am. And if Hoover's ghost follows him to the Bush family compound in Paraguay, it's well-deserved.

~And one note of interest is this: in the chart of FDR's signing of the war declaration of Dec 8, 1941 (4:00 pm est; Washington DC) in response to Pearl Harbor which was or was not a set-up to rile the American people enough to justify our entering WWII - Pluto, Moon, and Chiron are conjunct in Leo, a Fire sign just as Sagittarius is a Fire sign.

Others have noted the similarity of 9/11's riling of the people as a way to mobilize the US military into invading the oil-rich Middle East - with our vengeful blessing due to 9/11. History may repeat on its own, of course, but there are those who look back for clues on how to advance their plans in the here-and-now - which would make the attacks of 9/11 a false flag op. You may disagree.

So you see on the chart that I've highlighted two interlacing YODs (Finger of God pattern = special task or purpose; crisis; turning point) but one must accept North Node and Ascendant as credible points in both YODs for them to be counted - and I do, because of the gravity of the events during the Bush presidency.

You know that Bush admitted that his job was to "catapult the propaganda" and we see the results of his political monkeyshines as he used his natal 1st house Mercury-Pluto conjunction to good effect early on (Mercury-Pluto = 'the ability to persuade; communicating and demanding new perspectives' (Tyl), but after his lies, today's market meltdown isn't being helped by Bush's platitudes...he's the wolf-crying boy and no one believes his bubble-think. Some of us never did.

The Pluto-Moon-Chiron trio in 8th house also represents Bush's campaign to privatize our Social Security system and hand the profits to Wall Street, as I know you remember. He got little traction on that scheme and it's a good thing it was resisted, as anyone would now agree. Billions are being handed to Wall Street anyway, as it turns out. He got his way by hook or crook.

That the Pentagon's war spending and LOSS of billions of taxpayers' dollars down the rabbithole (see chart for Sun-Moon Image for Integration a la Lewis Carroll) is esp indicated in one of the YODs because 2001's North Node (NN) 15Can32 is pointing to the *Pentagon's natal Ascendant.

Now for the trio's various conjunctions in the Watery 8th house of the Subconscious (one of the three Psyhological houses: 4, 8, 12.) For Centaur details, I'm using Clow's book on Chiron and Richard Nolle's book, Chiron:

Moon conj Chiron: extreme sensitivity, day-today levels of relationships are almost impossible to bear; attracts intense transformative partnerships yet solid partnerships are needed from Saturn's grounding. (Uh-oh - restrictive Saturn in 1st house is Rx in greedy Taurus and about 8 months beyond his Great Conj with Jupiter, planet of expansion and largesse - May 28, 2000.) Nolle says Moon conj Chiron indicates chance discoveries.

Moon conj Pluto: a domestic tyrant who may permanently alienate people's affections; drastic changes in personality; lack of emotional control; vulnerable to others taking advantage and may also take advantage of others; driven (toward 8th house matters.) (Pelletier, Planets in Aspect

Alan Oken says Moon conj Pluto gives rise to sudden panic, emotional outbursts; hysteria from ungrounded fears may result. So calm down, everyone. (I said that.)

Pluto conj Chiron: well, you know how I feel about this conjunction of corporatism, nationalism, fascism, and other isms.
Clow says this conj is very strong and is an evolutionary vortex, and that the house position defines the nature of the transmutive force.

Nolle says its an appr 60-year cycle which has to do with mass currents of consciousness - the collective unconscious, the racial, cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels of reality.

We remember post-9/11 Cheney's and Rice's fearmongering 'mushroom cloud' and 'dirty bomb' rhetoric to keep us in check and on their 'team' for as long as it worked.

~Now I don't mean that these abominations are not possibilities, but that they were used against us in a propagandistic way. And a bin Laden video or 'capturing' as October Surprise is still possible in time for November 2008 elections...the GOP-ers are desperate because they are discredited and passe.

So one of the YODs has NN at apex -> Mercury-Pluto = NN: being recognized for communication and persuasion skills; the desire to be spokesperson for the community; intellectual domination. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The other YOD has Pluto as apex planet -> NN/ASC = Pluto: strange or fated associations; power plays with oothers for personal advancement.

Now I know that some astrologers say that only planets make a YOD, but I leave it to you as to whether the two midpoint pictures have meaning to the subject and whether the crisis flavor of YOD patterns applies.

Bil Tierney, in his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, says that an apex Pluto in a YOD configuration indicates one whose extreme perspectives are out-of-tune with the environment; momentous circumstances must be accepted; past patterns must die in order to be advantageously transformed; vulnerabilities must be purged ('toxic debt'); he has organizational control over super-structures of society; apex Pluto's appointed role is to be an agent - he ushers in the new order of things to come and thus revolutionizes the world concept.

This apex Pluto makes futile attempts to coerce and manipulate others, or is openly defiant in undermining existing authority at any cost.

(Interesting that J.P. Morgan has an apex Pluto in a YOD pattern in his natal chart.)

Another midpoint picture whic defines the Bush presidency quite well is the 10th house Sun-Neptune = Mercury: deceptions; illusions; self-deception; fear from lack of resourcefulness; false logic; speech defect.

~As previously noted, Neptune 6AQ03 is at the Medina degree and as such represents an approximate Neptune Return for Islam...near the Sun, the leader in a national chart, and as such representing George Bush.

Well, that's my look back in anger at the Bush presidency which will be ending, it is hoped, on Jan 20, 2009. The 8th house Pluto-Chiron = Moon has done its dirty work and we see the Bush administration ending with a whimper as America droops into 2009.

Now here's the one word I purposefully left for last concerning the 8th house trio and its undermining financial implications of fraud, greed, and corruption...regeneration. America has a hard row to hoe for the next few years, but we've been here before and we can regenerate by pulling together. Chiron in 8th house also indicates the healing we clearly need yet the healing must be on a genuine spiritual level in order to last.

Who knows? With Chiron now traveling in company with spiritual Neptune, perhaps a spirit similar to the post-9/11 solidarity we felt will light again upon our noggins and a grassroots movement toward refurbishing our nation's finances will result in job creation, hard work, and a return to living within one's the real world and not just on paper!

And may failed president George Bush not let the screen door hit him on his way out...actually, he may want to skedaddle out of Washington before the tar'n'feathers are ready for application.


*Pentagon, Apr 29, 1942, formed just after Pearl Harbor and FDR's 1941 war declaration which justified institutionalizing and enshrining the five-pointed Pentagon; 10:30 am edt, Washington, DC - with an out-of-bounds Mars 2Can02, and Jupiter in Airy Gemini 21:00. (Notice now Bush's financial "Five-Point plan.")

Pentagons' natal Sun 8Tau38, Moon 20Lib33, Mercury 19Tau07, Venus 23Pis03 being triggered by tr Uranus; Neptune Rx 27Vir30 conj Ic 27Vir09; Pluto 3Leo30 conj Chiron 8Leo34 snugged about the 2nd cusp of Money - with n Chiron conj Pentagon's midpoint of the speculator duo, Jupiter-Neptune. Saturn and Uranus are conj in 11th house of Group Associations, at 28Tau50 and 29:07 respectively.

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