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Jul 2, 2021

How Dark Money Defeated America (w/ Prof. Richard Wolff) - Thom Hartmann (plus, US Solar Return 2021)

An Under-Seige America but We Squeaked By Another Year!

Friday July 2, 2021: This week as I work on a Forensic Astrology topic and its horoscopes for my patreon subscribers, not a lot of Political Astrology is happening. With the July 4th holiday upcoming I wish all Americans a Happy Independence Day 2021! and point readers toward a previous post US Solar Return 2021 showing two YOD patterns of karmic opportunity and We The People's natal Moon in independence-loving Aquarius rising!


Image: Why not Celebrate! our country squeaking by?; pencil on paper.

And as always, you're invited to drop by my portfolio of drawings @Jude Cowell Art.

May 2, 2021

Astro-Notes regarding the US Federal Banking System

Sometimes in a post for little or no reason, I like to fuss about the US Federal Reserve Banking System. The following is one of those posts.

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've noticed that the Wikipedia page detailing the creation of the US Federal Reserve Banking System hardly does it justice and one must read certain books to discover more on the secret meetings, debates, adjustments, and passages of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Adopted in the Senate on December 23, 1913 by a vote of 43 to 25, control of the US money supply was not given to the National Treasury of The People, oh no, but to a private cabal of wealthy bankers. As you know, Senator Nelson Aldrich as one of the primary rats in the financial woodpile and was more intimately connected to the conspiracy than the American public knew at the time (his daughter was the wife of John D. Rockefeller Jr and their future progeny became politicians).

Further reading reveals that German banker Paul Warburg was a major force in the designing of what we now call The Fed which was clandestinely planned under the auspices of a Sagittarian New Moon of December 1, 1910 at Jekyll Island, Georgia (chart is linked, below).

Below you see a newspaper clipping from December 24, 1913 announcing the signing into law of the Federal Reserve Act by President Woodrow Wilson who owed his presidency to wealthy bankers and corporatists while pretending otherwise but who obviously knew which side of the Resolute Desk his advancement was oiled on:

1913 US newspaper clipping, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

"A Fine Christmas Present" one of the headlines reads! Oh yes. A huge gift for elite bankers, their descendants, and their complicit politicians most of whom flew under a Democratic banner back then. You know, sometimes political opposition is set up to be easily knocked down.

So if you're curious, here's a previous SO'W post from 2019 displaying The Fed New Moon of December 1, 1910 @8Sag49 (center horoscope; and see the anti-societal YODs of crisis and turning points involving sneaky Neptune, and pointing toward trickster Mercury, planet of meetings, planning, and negotiations) along with the DC Horoscope of the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto surrounding it, because, at 23Capricorn (a governmental degree), a significant midpoint picture was formed - 2020 Saturn-Pluto = 1910 Uranus which contains potentials for: 'sudden acts of violence' (Ebertin) and/or 'an attack regardless of potential losses' and 'brutal efforts to start as new order' (Tyl).

Dear reader, is it shocking to you that the Covid crisis is being used as a major opportunity by which to initiate an economic 'new order?

Jan 28, 2021

How To Stop Fascism - Thom Hartmann

January 28, 2021: Authoritarianism rises when societies are under stress and in crisis mode. Here's a brilliant segment from yesterday's Thom Hartmann broadcast (6M 13S). No comment, just Thom:

June 30, 2021 edit: Thomas Carl Hartmann was born May 7, 1951 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (hour unknown) with Sun @16/17Taurus and Moon either in late Taurus or, as late as 10Gem33 (at 11:59 pm). Given Thom's career as a communicator, author, orator, broadcaster, etc, it seems safe to assume that Thom's natal Moon is in the Mercury-ruled sign of The Writer, Gemini. Notable is his natal Mercury @28Aries+, strong and opinionated at Retrograde Station! Additionally, a Locomotive shape of planets denotes a high-powered executive determined on success - and Thom's natal Jupiter @3Ari29 leads a Locomotive! Plus, his chart shows two interlaced YODs with the Nodal axis involved with both, and full of special purpose, turning points, dealing with crises, and karmic opportunities.

Apr 26, 2011

Of YODS, Quincunxes, and Prince William's Royal Wedding

As part of her blog's ongoing aspect series on quincunxes (150 degrees), master astrologer Donna Cunningham has published an excellent analysis concerning YODS, quincunxes, and the April 29, 2011 Royal Wedding of the 'Eclipse Prince' William and Miss Kate Middleton.

Links to other Astrology articles on the happy couple and the Royal Wedding are included along with natal chart, YOD, and quincunx info on Britain's royal family members. Since YODs can indicate generational conditions or a 'family myth' passed down for decades if not for centuries, this generational influence may be why there are several involved in the British royal family's birth horoscopes. A YOD forms in the natal chart of the person who must deal with generational conditions or imbalances which apparently were not dealt with fully or properly by ancestors.

You know about family myths, right? Ex: in this family we don't abdicate the throne, for we must always do our duty... that sort of thing. Why, it simply isn't done! Then a crisis occurs, of course, when one family member does or doesn't do 'it' whatever 'it' may be in a particular family.

Plus, as you know, a YOD is sometimes called a Finger of God pattern indicating a special task or purpose, a turning point or crossroads, and/or a crisis which may affect the collective (depending on the stage one acts upon.)

Actually, YODs were first mentioned to me by Astrology expert, Erin Sullivan during a personal consultation because my natal chart contains one - if you don't mind using an angle, that is: Pluto/MC = Sun.

One then assumes that the MC (Career; Public Standing) is the place in my natal chart where YOD energies are embroiled along with the Sun and Pluto house positions and the houses where they rule. Aspects to all planets and points involved give further information about this difficult energy pattern.

Well, the ceremony is this Friday, and who doesn't love a romantic wedding?

So if you missed my previous article detailing Prince William and Kate's Wedding Day Astrology Report (with wedding horoscope shown), you are hereby cordially invited to check out their Earth/Water Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces blend of partnership energies!

And you may be surprised to discover which British royal was born with the same Sun-Moon blend...

Feb 19, 2011

Horoscope: Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse 1933 (then and now)

Update Nov 25, 2016: Donald Trump has been selected for the role of US president and many people see resonance between his white-supremacy-supported rise to power and that of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany. A single chart factor of note concerns the Fascism Rising Horoscope (shown below) with manipulative Pluto in late Cancer rising on the Ascendant for this degree area also spotlights the natal Saturn in Cancer of Mr. Trump. The Saturn-Pluto duo suggests violent people, mass murderers, and, when rising, martyrdom and victimization (Ebertin).

Original post begins here:

With a focus on societal conditions 1933 v 2011, let's look at a horoscope of the Solar Eclipse 5Pis29 of February 24, 1933.

(Click chart to enlarge. In green are highlighted many of America's natal placements but Germany's natal chart takes precedence in this post.)

Hour: Venus21AQ20 in 7th H; chart-ruler: Moon in eclipse w Sun and conjoining North Node (NN) 7Pi45, with Mercury 18Pis58 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Court Systems, and other institutions of society; far-distant lands and populations are in the mix as well with this Watery eclipse in the dual sign of The Two Fishes, Pisces, one of the archetypal significators of Franklin D. Roosevelt v Adolf Hitler. Another is that power-mad Pluto is in Cancer near Fixed Stars Castor and Pollux, the light twin-dark twin dichotomy or archetype of the constellations. My thought is that those in US politics now want to paint FDR as the 'dark twin' and abolish his social improvements of the 1930s and 1940s; yet the people need them enacted again and blostered to prevent further miseries befalling the Collective. Every number they 'cut' in Washington represents real people, as they well know. I further believe that the forces guiding the austerity mongers are the same as the dark twin forces active in 1933!

Which puts the benefits-and-pension-slashing GOP and all their enablers on the side of oppression, the kind that 'new world order' promoter and futurist visionary Adolf Hitler unleashed upon a public who deserved better treatment from its government. We are mired in a similar dilemma in America, circa 2011.

With its symbolic fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces represents the up-down principle which we see in society every day (ex: rich corporate executives v bums drinking in a garbage-filled alley...the well-scrubbed v the unwashed., yqcht v pig sty.) An individual may rise or sink in the world but everyone must swim at some time or another and make a go of it. In my spiritual studies, I find that the Watery quality of Pisces, symbol of Christ, is the Saved end of the Victim-Savior polarity of the Virgo/Pisces axis. The spiritual emphasis of the events and social conditions of 1933 resonate with those of 2011 through the sharing of a generational Uranus/Pluto square (to be discussed more fully below) and which undergirds the upheavals and protests now occurring throughout the world, and made easier to organize with the tech aid of Twitter and FaceBook.

Hitler was on the 'cutting edge of technology' in his day, too. Racism and eugenics played a huge part along with more accurate equipment and weapons of war; technicians and scientists colluded with the Nazis or were forced into cooperating.

Am I regressing from my topic of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933?Not really

But I wish! The natal chart of Germany (Jan 1, 1871 00:00 am LMT Berlin; historical record) has idealistic, eroding Neptune in Aries (19:01; degree of the Sun's exaltation) so 1933's Uranus, planet of disruption, upheaval, and innovation, electrified Germany's national Neptune (the masses; mass movements; media; fraud and deceit) which brought sudden events affecting the Collective while destroying society's comforts (austerity measures; theft of national resources) and diverting its dreams of the future into militaristic channels and chaos-inducing endeavors.

As a message to us in 2011, 1933's Uranus to Neptune (in Aries, sign of uprisings, riots, strikes, protests, and pioneers - tr Uranus approaches the Aries Point as I type) transit typifies an era when a spiritually-inspired aspiration to fulfill high ideals is needed by the people, yet the freedom to express social, political, religious, artistic, musical, divine, and/or other ideals is suppressed, potentially disappearing altogether.

Neptunian circumstances of loss and grief were a long time coming (then as now)) as traditions and bonds of family, church, communal sense/commonwealth, marriage, partnership, etc, were slowly eroded making them easier to topple (then as now; Hitler's desire to establish a worldwide 'new world order' shows him as the military arm of a long-standing movement toward global fascism and one-world-government - as you have noticed, they're baa-a-a-ack... - never having really gone away.)

Three days after the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse occurred, Hitler and his co-conspirators burned down the Reich stag Building of Parliament to give cover to his rise to power; eight days later, FDR was sworn in as US President for the first of his three full terms, the 4th term being uncompleted, 1933 to 1945.)

When Uranus-Pluto energies are blended or come into contact by aspect (Uranus square Pluto, then as now: frustrations, obstacles, and social improvements are explosively challenged or unpopularly implemented), we tend toward mass upheavals, riots, and strikes, as mentioned a word, revolution. However, an important factor in the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse chart which we do not see in 2011, is the triple conjunction of Neptune Rx, Mars Rx, and Jupiter Rx, all in bottled-up Virgo, sign of The Critic and The Purist (eugenics; racism and 'white supremacy'.)

Lords of the Eclipse: Jupiter and Neptune, activated by Mars Rx in Virgo in the Marseillaise marching formation

Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are the Marseillaise Trio of planets and exerted their combined force during the French Revolution; the trio relates to violence and anarchy and signifies the volunteers who marched on and invaded the palace of the King on August 10, 1792 (as in Cairo, Feb 2011.) As we've experienced since the last New Millennium, terror raises its ugly head more visibly at certain times in history which turns the events of the 1790s and 1930s into societal object lessons for all who would profit by them in our generation and those whwish for better outcomes for their loved ones' futures.

(In the US, the Reichstag Fire of 1933 resonates with the 9/11/01 WTC attacks engineered in part to cover the illegitimacy of the SCOTUS-installed Bush-Cheney regime which morphed into Financial Collapse 2008 which led us into the next phase, the Obama presidency, and the *glop we're now in.)

Transiting Chiron (the Healer-the Wounded) now stimulates the 1933 eclipse degree 5Pis29 and is on-degree of President Obama's natal Chiron. What better chance to open up to spiritual energies which will guide us if we wish better outcomes during this time around in the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto cycle? Yet for best effect, Chiron's sacred warrior energy must be utilized in non-violent ways for greater success. For success established on weak moral grounds isn't success at all, at least not of the lasting the long run, beginning with a weak base brings more harm than good - and brings negative social reforms.

Another generational transit to Germany's natal horoscope in 1933

Germany's natal Uranus 25Can09 received the destructuring, transformative energies of 1933's Pluto 21Can32 (near Castor and Pollux) as the Secret Hand of the god of the Underworld (in all its forms, exs: crime, sex, drugs, the occult, psychiatry, surgery, political string-yankers and warmongers) came ponderously along in natal 10th H of Public Status and Career.

This transit describes a period when individual freedom is emphasized (then as now); career status, federal jobs and programs, and all national endeavors are exploited and/or corrupted. Yes, Pluto indicates coping skills but usually those are of a self-serving nature. Here Pluto transformed the German Collective (Uranus, ruler of AQ, here in home-loving, nationalistic, tribal Cancer) and underscored the generational effects of the activated Uranus-Pluto square in 1933.

Meanwhile, in the US, this eclipse's Pluto in Cancer visit was a Pluto to natal Mercury transit, quite a different thing: a persuasive message from a master manipulator, one Mr. Roosevelt by name (his cozy, soothing 'Fireside Chats' on the radio, a new techno-medium, started in 1933 as Hitler yelled his hatreds louder and louder. You may note that the 1933 eclipse's Saturn-Pluto midpoint 00Tau59 in 10th H conjoins Hitler's natal Sun position, aka, 'Hitler's trigger degree' because he became brutal when his Sun was triggered and tended to invade other people's territories; 00-1 Tau is a degree area of violence; tr Sat/Plu = n Sun: dominating others through strong will and determination; leadership based on effective plans and thorough preparation; enforced changes; threat of loss; hard work; illness; sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; privation; physical separation.)

Update 7:15 pm est: with its Mercury-Pluto propaganda tinge, you may be interested in Elsa's post today, US gov software creates fake people on social networks to promote propaganda. Surprised much?

A linchpin of our topic concerning the global power elite's take-over agenda and the above Saturn-Pluto conditions of 1933 is that transiting Uranus conjoined this midpoint of hardship and cruelty resulting in a mdpt picture:

Sat/Plu = tr Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; sudden acts of violence.

Now It's 2011 and Uranus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn

As you know, in 2011 we face a similar emphasis on this revolutionary aspect as seen in uprisings in Egypt and across the Middle East. In America, union-busting (Uranus-Pluto with a Saturn tone) has set off the plutonian take-control menu and the people's combative responses yet there are differences with Pluto across the Cancer-Capricorn axis now in Capricorn (government, law, and business), a Moon-Saturn polarity of emotional depression and dearth of needs for the people with its loss of home/family/employment motif.

But Moon-Saturn also relates to the ambition and strategy of Capricorn (the sign of Satan's goat) for those in control and acting from a higher perspective or perch.

So again in 2011/12 we're mired within a square (90 degr) aspect between revolutionary Uranus and Pluto, whose current cycle began with the 1965/66 Great Conjunctions @ 17 Virgo (Civil Rights and Anti-War Protests), the position of stationary Mars on April 20, 1792 when the declaration of war upon King Louis XVI by the Girondists began the French Revolution: Uran-Plu = Mars fanaticism; the mania of destruction; a stage of bending or breaking; enormous energy; coercion.

A turbulent will of a disenfranchised populace against oppressors in high places returns as a thread running from 1792 (and prior) to 1933 and on to 2011 and beyond as the human spirit yearns to be free.

Image: 'Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse' 5Pis29 Feb 24, 1933 12:43:50 pm GMT Berlin, Germany; two interlaced YODs (Finger of God pattern = special tasks, crises, turning points, crossroads, and major adjustments.; apex Jupiter at base of a Venus-Uranus sextile; apex Venus at the base of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile); a fanatic Uranus-Pluto square is in force; Pluto-Chiron midpoint (plutocracy of oppression; disenfranchisement; primal violence; fascism; communism; militarism; totalitarianism; nationalism; racism; propagandism, etc) @ 22Gem42 conjoins the karmic 12th cusp of the 1933 eclipse (in Berlin) and also conjoins US natal Mars (military and police forces; you decide its levels of meaning since upheavals were occurring in the US as well....then as now.)

There is much more to be said of this chart and this topic, both astrologically and politically, but as usual my blogging time grows brief. So I will ask for your opinions on the matter (by Comment) and will close with discussion of the two interlaced YODs in the eclipse horoscope shown here, highlighted on the chart in orange.

Base Jupiter sextile Pluto points toward apex Venus in Aquarius which forms a mdpt picture: Jup-Plu = Venus: creative power; willingness to impress others; love of humanity; directing large enterprises that involve evaluations.

Apex Venus in a YOD formation indicates those who are out-of-touch with prevailing social values; in similar fashion to Venus Rx, relationships are viewed from a different or odd perspective with Venus's traits of jealousy, envy, and revenge directing; a sense of equality is lacking; people are driven to direct energies upon collective values; partnerships take on new meanings within encompassing social goals; refinement of skills activate bwo the YOD at a turning point or crossroads, and the welfare of the masses is affected adversely or beneficially; constant efforts toward inner adjustments and reorganization enable individuals to establish a 'new security'; the stimulation of the YOD in 1933 as highlighted by the February Solar Eclipse (a spot of stored up energy) describes adjustments in social conditions and legal affairs. The murkiness of Pisces provides a temporary mask for the era's fascists to hide behind.

Base Venus sextile Uranus points toward apex Jupiter in Virgo, part of and influenced by his compadres in the Marseillaise Trio; the mdpt picture formed is: Venus-Uranus = Jupiter: a birthing; a fortunate acceptance of new or peculiar ideas in finance, relationships, or art; innovations.

And of course, in Politics and Business, the Venus-Uranus pair describes a rising and falling treasury, a strange appreciation for financial planning, ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial resources; leaders with unpredictable vanity.

And Jupiter-Pluto indicates pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; growth of security and spy agencies; greater powers for religious or political leaders; extreme depletion of resources; self-destructive forces stem from official corruption and moral laxity within society; tremendously potent natural disasters; criminal elements exercising great social influence; destruction of legal documents.

Well, many of the conditions of 1933 sound all too familiar in 2011, don't they?

And hopefully this dreary post concerning the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse horoscope of 1933 gives us a peek into a history that's all too closely stalking us in 2011. One of the most important things to remember (to my Flower Power pacifist way of thinking) is that social uprisings, upheavals, and protests that resort to violence stoop to the level of fascist de-humanization tactics and it's only a non-violent path that can lead to moral high ground and success for the sake of all humanity.

Yes, harder times are coming and our development of a collective communal sense of responsibility for our fellow man will play a key role in navigating the challenges ahead for it's a make-or-break situation for America and the entire world as a spirit of Fascism attempts to take over our lives once again.


Sources: midpoint pictures, Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey; YOD info from Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; Venus-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto info from Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Chart details not given above: FDR born Jan 30, 1882 8:15 pm LMT Hyde Park, NY (astrodatabank; Adolf Hitler born Apr 20, 1889 6:30 pm Braunau am Inn, Austria, from baptismal records; Solar Eclipse 5Pis29 falls in FDR's natal 6th house, in Hitler's natal 4th house, and in the 1st house (Self; Physical Body) of President Barack Obama, born Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, HI, courtesy of a much-touted and oft-contested B.C.

The Sabian Symbol for '6Pis' = "Officers On Dress Parade" = DISCIPLINE...

positive expression: schooled self-assurance and absolute responsibility;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: unimaginative exercise of special privilege.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Though Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac adds no word picture to '6Pis', it mentions that the degree relates to those who crave and hoard money which is amassed "by a reckless personal ambition aiming at only his own success" - a commanding figure with a "career of arms" and the "combative or downright aggressive" nature of a "successful soldier."

Or not, as the case may be, if ambitions outstrip careful preparations.

*Since the glop we're now in seemingly demands the further dunning of those who have little (according to political austerity fanatics) while the elite ruling class continues to hide what it gained by looting public treasuries and ripping off consumers, I fail to see how social conditions can improve to a more equal level unless and until the embezzlers, fraudsters, banksters, and political classes are held legally accountable and prosecuted for their thefts and wantoness against mankind. And that's with honest judges presiding though we have fewer of them than we had before Bush-Cheney. jc

Jul 7, 2010

America's 'morning' natal chart - the Dobyns version

You know, the Library of Congress website states that "Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in the morning of a bright, sunny, but cool Philadelphia day."

A bit poetic yet telling given how many versions of America's natal chart exists, and most of them set for the afternoon of July 4, 1776.

So today I break from my habit of using the 5:10 pm chart (Sibly) and find that the closest version I have in my files for an 'in the morning' chart is the one presented years ago by master astrologer Zip Dobyns. Here you see it displayed with a few of my markings upon the chart image (click to enlarge.)

Searching for factors that differ from the other US charts, the 10:36 am LMT version contains two *YODs: Mercury/Neptune = Moon (we-the-people), and Mercury/ASC = Moon (5th house.)

Naturally, the Mercury/ASC YOD disappears rather quickly but Luna stays within orb of the Mercury/Neptune YOD until 12:36 pm. Later afternoon charts such as the Sibly (5:10 pm LMT) do not contain the Mercury/Neptune YOD with apex Moon, so this may be a small chance to evaluate the Dobyns chart with a few indications presented here.

(Midpoint pictures are from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.)

Mercury/Neptune = Moon: intuitive thoughts bring confusion and questions; sympathy and receptivity; a misguided imagination (which may be self-induced, and/or induced from others who lie, cheat, and pepper us with constant propaganda -jc); ESP; personal impressions dominate thinking processes.

Mercury/ASC = Moon: projections of emotions to others; moody reactions when stimulated by certain people; judgments based on personal feelings or subjective assumptions; negotiations that concern women.

When transit Neptune recently 'came through' these degrees we experienced:

Mercury/ASC = tr Neptune: deception; fraud; falsehood; slander; being deceived or let down by others; thinking badly of others; laxity in how events are recorded; confusion about the motivations of others; open to deception; not knowing quite what to think about someone. (Actually, I'm not personally confused about certain people: they're crooks and swindlers.)

10:36 am LMT, Philadelphia, PA, July 4, 1776: Hour of Mercury (Rx); Venus, Mars, and Pluto are out-of-bounds as in our nation's other July 4 charts.

One large factor in favor of using this chart for America is our do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Geminian Mars @ Midheaven. Native Americans identified our martian tendencies early on as the US government, its reps, and many settlers spoke with forked tongues in order to take what they wanted and expand into the world. Our tendency to reneg on agreements is indicated as well since Mercury (agreements, treaties, negotiations, trade, commerce, communications) rules Gemini.

As you know, Mars signifies the Armed Forces and Police of a nation, and in general, males between the ages of 25 - 35, give or take a year or two. The goal (Mc) of being global cop, invader and occupier, and a police state at home comes to mind especially when we consider how many citizens are now locked up in the massive US prison system. Even debtors' prisons have been revived in some states in spite of difficult financial conditions and our tattered social fabric.

That the US is an active force (Mars) on the world stage (Mc) is obvious but the awareness of its true meaning and our multiple (Gem) motivations (Mars) are often not well understood at home by most of us, partially due to purposeful governmental and media-enabled cover-ups and obfuscations.

Two midpoints oppose natal Mars, and one conjoins it: the Venus/Uranus combo of energies which is more than broken relationships; it's also erratic or extravagant with money which works on several levels, not the least of which is the Pentagon's outrageous war budget for 2010 which totals more than all other discretionary spending put together! (Enlarge chart to read its midpoint picture with Mars, lower left.)

Not listed on the chart:

Moon/Neptune oppo Mars: self-aggrandizement; lack of self-control; relying on feelings rather than observations; anger and rancor from others; protests.

Moon/ASC oppo Mars: energetic self-projection; temperamental change at the slightest sense of frustration; impatience when others interfere with procedures; moodiness.

America's Problematic Mars/Neptune Square So Very Angular: our confused, deceptive, and/or inspired motivations

Now as you see, nebulous Neptune rises in the Dobyns chart indicating a psychic flavor to the chart and perhaps the oft-accused mysticism of Freemasonry and other secret societies in control of the US. Escaping form life's harsh realities is a constant occupation and perhaps turning on a TV these days, you'll view a plastic wind-up doll in a TV ad extolling the (dubious) virtues of yet another chemical mood enhancer for that 'moodiness' we just listed above. The insecurity of Neptune makes our fabled search for 'security' in the world something of a wild goose chase since Neptune's realm is the spiritual, not the physical!

Obviously, Neptune's link with the masses, mass media, and Hollywood's silver screen are indicated (as well as oil and gas), along with a tendency to become sympathetic yet dispirited concerning the many depressing social, economic, and human rights violations in the world. We do tend to give others the benefit of the doubt (often too readily, imho) and we attract odd characters who can easily steer us wrong.

Blend in the only-in-the-Dobyns chart inconjunct between Moon and ASC and we have quite a picture of the American character...see what you think:

Moon inconj (150 degrees) ASC signifies us as a people so eager to show concern for others that we allow ourselves to give to those who don't deserve our efforts - they laugh at us behind our backs for our gullibility! (Of course, we also willingly give to those genuinely in need and this is not to be discounted - I'm simply attempting to make note of factors not present in other versions of the US natal chart.)

Moon inconj ASC makes us emotionally vulnerable to the problems of others yet it's difficult for us to discern the difference between those who really need our help and those who don't, a trait which has proven through the decades to be an expensive character weakness to indulge. And with many of our presidents being Freemasons, their understanding of the universal principles of Sacred Geometry has given them a reliable window on how to play us. (On one level, mega-bucks can be channeled and re-directed through charitable donations - it's not just been Al Qaeda doing it - the US government may have perfected the ruse!)

Yes, our leaders know that the American people are generous and willing volunteers. But unfortunately, 'Moon inconj ASC' describes a condition where our volunteer efforts undermine our health and compromise our well-being.

Recent examples are Gulf Coast clean-up crews and the 9/11 first-responders; I'm certain you can think of others.

Well, there are many other interesting factors to discuss from the US Dobyns chart and if you're interested, please leave a courteous comment or opinion with this post. For without your input, my time feels too obviously wasted as I type into the void and others laugh at me behind my back for being too willing to volunteer my services on behalf of my only nag in the race - the United States of America.


*YODs are triangular patterns with two or more planets in sextile (60 degr) at base and pointing to an apex planet (or planets); the pattern indicates a special task, crisis, or a turning point. Issuing a sassy Declaration of Independence from England definitely qualifies as all three, and health problems may also be indicated.

Some Moon/ASC details are from Rob Pelletier's excellent book Planets in Aspect; the rest are from old notes made long ago from various seminars. jc

May 22, 2010

Horoscopes of Mexico and the BP-Gulf Oil Spill w/ Hidalgo rising

The Deepwater (Neptune) Horizon (Jupiter) oil-spill-blowout-explosion-sabotage - whatever you wish to call the environmental and deadly disaster at this juncture, may result in criminal liability charges for the corporations involved: British Petroleum, Transocean, and Halliburton.

Halliburton's paw prints were left in concrete just minutes before the 'blowout' occurred around 10:00 pm on the evening of April 20, 2010, with asteroid Hidalgo rising Rx @ 1Sag23.

And in case you missed it, please don't:

Living On Earth did an informative interview this morning with law professor Jonathan Turley on the prospects of holding company executives accountable in criminal court if any of them knew that the blowout preventer device had been previously damaged and gave orders to keep working, or lied about key points. Read the interview text or listen to the broadcast by clicking LOE's link. You're welcome. ;p

As you know, the low cap for damage payments were set as part of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 - absurdly low for 2010 when going low - miles under the sea - is what the oil industry says it must do to find the resources we need. That they then hire lobbyists to fight against legislation which would lessen our extreme dependency on fossil fuels (cafe standards, alternative energy sources, etc) is what causes their arguments to be undermined and disbelieved by the the majority of the public. They lie.

Yet those of us who are shareholders play along with industry scripts in order to increase earnings and swell bottom lines. The rest of us naturally have more objectivity about what these sorts of for-profit fiends and Midasses tell us - things that secretly undermine our positions and rob our pocketbooks.

Astrologically, it seems telling to me that '1Sag' is the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree in the Sabian Symbols but it's too soon to go there (sabotage) so I won't except to say that the Ascendant of any chart is the WHAT? of the matter. (Desc = WHERE or WHERETO? Mc = WHY? Ic = HOW?)

Well, if the BP-Gulf oil blowout masks an act of revolution between Mexico and the US, it was a spectacular one and it will be difficult to trace its source/s. The names of the true culprits, if any, may never be told so I guess for the purposes of this post, 'Hidalgo' will have to suffice as our scapegoat. (However, back up the time of the blowout's chart to 9:44 pm CDT and you get a crisis degree: 29Sco58 - '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester", which is the degree of Inaugural 2009 Moon = we-the-people. Was this a trick against the people and government of the US?

And since the disaster's crescendo of explosions and fire ("around 10 pm," one survivor stated in a 60 Minutes interview last Sunday) didn't occur in a vacuum but as part of a process of events and actions or their lack, "A Halloween Jester" is relevant to the situation, 9:44 pm, give or take a minute, which led to "1Sag" which led to "2Sag," etc. Life is process and Astrology describes it.

Now Hidalgo has interesting connections: named after the priest who rang the church bell that started Mexico's revolution for independence from Spain - at *11:00 pm on Sept 15, 1810, Priest Miguel Hidalgo gave the signal, and each year on September 15 at 11:00 pm, church bells ring across Mexico to commemorate independence.

It may be a stretch, but I'll ask you anyway: did a modern day Hidalgo give a signal or otherwise instigate the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that night?

Horoscope Shown below: Mexico's national chart of Independence; the country's 12th house Jupiter 1Gem23 is precisely opposite Gulf oil spill's Hidalgo 1Sag23!

Click image to enlarge and read my notes added to the chart with the usual profusion (generosity! Jupiterian me had to train myself years ago not to draw to the edge of every piece of paper. It still tempts.)

Displayed just below is the Horoscope of the BP-Gulf Oil Spill, April 20, 2010, set for the moment that Hidalgo 1Sag23 Rx rises @ 9:50:37 pm CDT; Hour of Mars, no out-of-bounds planets (was incendiary Mars part of the platform's crew?); Mars in Leo (a Fire sign) in 9th house of Foreign Enemies; Mars is parallel (similar to a strong conjunction) Fixed Star Zosma (Delta Leo), keywords: the victim or the savior.

The only aspect Mars makes in the chart is a waxing (applying) square to Mercury 12Tau13 Rx in 6th house (3A29) - '13Tau' = "A Man Handling Baggage."

And of course, if you prefer '30Sco' rising, Mars would be chart-ruler with oil-drilling Pluto 5Cap22 Rx (2nd house) as co-ruler. Yet as you see here, Hidalgo rising gives Jupiter as chart-ruler: the applying aspects of Jupiter are: conjunct Uranus (6A45) and opposite Saturn (7A22.)

'Manager' Saturn is at a crisis degree 29Vir06 Rx and exalted in his 10th house of Public Status and Career, an indicator that someone in charge will suffer a fall from grace from this incident especially if they don't play fair and accept responsibility for their actions or the lack thereof (Saturn in 10th h.) This may be delayed (Rx) but it will come as long as the US justice system and Congress are not again bought out by culpable corporations. We'll see.

And Saturn's '30Vir'? "Having an Urgent Task to Complete, a Man Doesn't Look to Any Distractions." (Of course, you know that both Sun and Saturn in Mundane charts signify on one level our national leaders and lawmakers. Peep-eye, Congress and White House!)

Now here is the chart of the BP-Gulf oil spill with Hidalgo rising (@ 9:50:17 pm CDT) as a timer; New Orleans is used for the chart's location and the blowout's Neptune 28AQ16 conjoins New Orleans' natal Sun which puts the city further in the shade!

There are many chart factors of note, of course, and I eagerly await your comments and insights. Click to read my notations on the chart and you'll see listed two YOD patterns which indicate crises, turning points, or special tasks which must be fulfilled (often from one generation to the next.)

Yet testy Mars, whom I attempted above to implicate in this mystery play (because Mars is usually the one who takes action including blowing up things) is not tied in with either YOD, at apex or at the configuration's sextile base....but controlling Saturn and the 5th house Sun 00Tau55 are tied in (00/1Tau are degrees of violence, aka, 'Hitler's trigger degree', Adolf's natal Sun position.)

Nebulous Neptune, ruler of oceans, oil, gas, deception, confusion, and fraud, is in the YOD mix, too, as is Hidalgo bwo its conjunction with the Ascendant.

Here are the midpoint pictures formed by the YODs, aka, Finger/s of God with any, all, or none applying to the catastrophe; YODs may also have health or death connotations:

Sun/Neptune = Saturn: the discipline to shape reality through dreams and visions; persistence in working toward ideals and dreams; impeded blood flow, bad or unhealthy blood; afflictions through physical debility; emotional struggles or pain; bereavement about separation.

Saturn/ASC = Sun: taking responsibility squarely into one's life plan; strategizing personal freedom; making something happen through hard work; overtaxing the body-health system; effective business practices (actually, not so much - jc); increased need for approval; appearing friendly but reserved; hiding the real you; a need to dominate others. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

So let's get back to Don Hidalgo, si?

The asteroid (#944) was discovered October 31, 1920 (ah...Halloween as in Scorpio's 'Jester'!) in Bergedorf, Germany, near Hamburg, by astronomer Walter Baade.

In the Random House College Dictionary, Hidalgo is defined as: 1. a man of the lower nobility in Spain; 2. a man of landed property or special prestige in Spanish America; a state in central Mexico; Hidalgo y Castilla, 1753 - 1811, a Mexican priest, patriot, and revolutionist.

Yes, the asteroid was named for the priest who championed liberty for the Mexican people. Wonder what President Obama and Mexico's President Calderon really discussed at the White House last week? The highway corridor? The long-planned NAU (North American Union) meant to blend the US with Mexico and Canada? The oil spill?

The state of Hidalgo in central Mexico has been known for its mining industry: gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, mercury, and sulphur have been produced there though I don't know its current production rates, if any. Hidalgo was orginally occupied by the Toltecs, then the Chichimec, and finally the Aztec Indians.

The region was conquered by Spain in 1530 and became a separate state in 1869. Priest Miguel Hidalgo was a Creole using only his father's last name; as a priest in the town of Dolores, he introduced several things to aid the people's livelihoods such as olive groves, vineyards, a porcelain factory, and a silk industry.

But when Napoleon invaded Spain in 1808, Miguel Hidalgo became involved with a group supporting the independence of Mexico from Spain. He was quite successful initially but was captured on March 21, 1811, and excuted on July 30, 1811.

There is one more reference for Hidalgo which could possibly describe someone on the platform, under the sea, or in the corporate chain of command but perhaps I should term it merely a 'clue'...

Since Hidalgo is the lowest rank of nobility entitled to be addressed as 'Don', the asteroid's presence in charts can signify a person named 'Don'! So if you hear of anyone by that name involved in the investigations of this incident, give them a closer look and please let me know about them, if possible.

Of course, the word 'don' brings teachers, professors, and college heads into the mix as well, and I don't forget Dick Halliburton Cheney's pal, Don Rumsfeld, who has oil dealings in his past. Both men are world class speculators.

Hidalgo's keywords: self-assertion; a rebel; someone wanting higher status due to feelings of disenfranchisement, illegitimacy, being in a minority, or in some other way feeling distinct from others.

Well, it's understandable that a definite Spanish-American flavor is rising in the BP-Gulf oil spill horoscope and one culprit's name just could be Don. As I said above, this is a horoscope of a mystery play of planetary actors, and with saboteur Pluto's ongoing opposition to America's natal Venus and Jupiter (3 - 6 Cancer) we know there are dark forces lined up against our prosperity and success, transformative forces which threaten unpromising outcomes for joint ventures and titanic power struggles which are being fought for Pluto's obsessive need for total and permanent control.


*Mexico's natal data from Celeste Teal's book Eclipses where she cites Maggie Hyde's "Tomorrow News" in the June 2002 issue of American Astrology; I assume the data is from both historical records and the memories of the Mexican people.

You may wish to consult the natal chart of New Orleans, LA: Feb 17, 1805 (NS) 12:00 pm LMT, New Orleans; natal Neptune 28Sco06 and Jupiter 4Sag38 are rising in the above oil spill chart...the Jupiter/Neptune combo relates to lots of oil and gas, and to grand schemes and speculation.

Jup/Nep = ASC: speculating; sharing great hopes with others; living in an illusory bubble world; interpersonal roles which add to a sense of the unreal; living in a world lighted by an emotionally rationalized agenda.

The Jupiter/Neptune combo was involved during a few similar historical events: the sinking of the Titanic, the USS Maine Explosion (a false flag op meant to to start a war - it worked); the East Coast Power Blackout; the big Alaskan Earthquake, and curiously, since New Orleans and the Gulf coast are so direly affected by this disaster, the application of the first-ever Medicare patient. (Munkasey, Midpoints.)

Marjorie Orr's book The Astrological History of the World gives the founding data for Spain, if you're interested: Jan 19, 1479 noon, Madrid, Spain.

Checking Spain's natal horoscope for the degree area of 29 Sco - 3 Sag we find: Neptune 00Sag55 and Uranus 1Sag55 (the Illuminati planets which were active during the Attack on Pearl Harbor - another war-starting event for the US, and FDR was one of our several Freemason presidents who may have had Illuminati leanings.)

Progressing Spain's chart to April 20, 2010, we find Sec Neptune Rx 00Sag52, Sec Mars 1Sag30, and Uranus 3Sag09 Rx. Further study is indicated.

Nov 23, 2009

Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse: more details

The Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 in the 12 North Series is now on the radar and will occur quicker than a puppy can chew your left shoe.

Click the link to read my previous notes on this Eclipse which Celeste Teal, in her book Eclipses, gives as focusing on national affairs bwo Capricorn, sign of business, politics, and law.

Will there be a royal wedding under the influence of this Eclipse? Perhaps. Ms. Teal predicts a ceremony of some sort in the US and says that people will be 'well-disposed toward the government' - now that would be a refreshing change!

With Jan 2010's manifestaion of 12N falling in 3rd house of the chart set for Washington, DC (2:11:12 am est), communications, neighborhoods, and siblings are somehow affected. Excitable opinions and increasing publications (more?!) will be featured on the front burner.

The word 'siblings' for me brings to mind secret socieites because of entities such as The Brethren and other Family-related enterprises.

Speaking of The Family, Terry Gross will have Jeff Sharlet return as a guest tomorrow on her NPR radio show Fresh Air (11.24.09) to update us on this secretive quasi-religious, strongly political group based in DC. His book The Family is linked in the sidebar of this blog under 'On America' if you've been under a rock and are curious about it.

The Jan 15, 2009 Solar Elipse triggers America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition, and with its 3rd house emphasis, we may expect a ramping up of propaganda (Merc/Plu) using the usual manipulative tactics and directly affecting the 2010 elections. Joy of joys: more lies and dirty trickeries that pass for 'campaigning' are being prepared as I type.

With 12N, Mercury's rulership of trade, commerce, and travel are also highlighted for the US; Pluto's secret hand, spying activities, mind control, and criminal pursuits may have a spotlight from the Eclipse shone upon them more than is comfortable for the god of the underworld. Peep eye! Will a secret meme be 'leaked' from out of the bowels of the Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Chamber of Commerce, or the Fed?

We may expect that Pluto's extreme wealth - including mined substances like gold - will continue to be in the news as the economic gap engineered by the power elite continues to widen into an abyss deep and wide enough to swallow the entire nation and its tattered 'Treasury' which surely must be one of Pluto's favorite words. Now I know the Dragon must guard his treasure but this one could definitely benefit mankind more by being vanquished.

Well, before I repeat myself more than either of us like, check out a previous post on the 12N Eclipse chart's image with details such as Sabian Symbols, midpoint pictures, and a triple YOD (Finger of God) pattern indicating crisis, cosmic imperative, and/or special tasks.

Plus, YOD patterns may also indicate a health emphasis (or crisis) so perhaps we-the-people will approve of the health insurance reforms now being yowlingly birthed in Congress.

Stranger things have happened. At some point and place, they must have.

Oct 12, 2008

Inauguration 2001's Chiron-Moon-Pluto

Inauguration 2001, 12:01 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington, DC of George W, Bush showing 8th house of Shared Resources, credit and creditors, debt and debtors, insurance, investment bankers, undertakers and coroners, wills, legacies, psychological therapists, sex, occult studies, dreams, paths of evolutionary growth, death, and other crises of transformation.

In the 8th house of Bush's presidency which began Jan 2001, we see a triple threat - Pluto, the Dragon who guards the riches, and the saboteur; Moon (the people; fluctuations/changes; publicity); and Chiron (wounding; healing.) That this trio indicates deep, unsettling, and transforming emotions is obvious if you've been awake these last eight years.

Now interpretations of Moon conj Chiron, Moon conj Pluto, and Chiron conj Pluto are worth considering, along with the fact that the 8th house's cusp 12Sag42 = America's natal Ascendant in the commonly used Sibly chart.

'12Sag' also happens to be the meet-up degree (11Sag+) of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocracy pair of oppression, primal violence, racism, corporatism, fascism, communism, and class warfare, conj on Dec 30, 1999. They were in parallel mid-August, 2004.

If you doubt Pluto-Chiron's influence, you don't have far to look in the environment of America and the rest of the world - indeed, you'd have a difficult time missing the evidence of plutocratic influence!

The Inaugural 2001 2/8 house cusps are also Pluto-Saturn's opposition positions on the morning of 9/11/01. The current financial meltdown stems from 9/11 which is rippling still in spite of all the shopping on credit we were encouraged to do for our country's sake...which only made things worse for us NOW. "Take out a second mortgage and spend the money for fun stuff," the Bush administration advised. Puh!

So after eight long years, 8th house matters of the Bush presidency ARE America during his term/s - our nation's identity (1st house of Self) = Bush's legacy of debt and traumatic transformations of credit defaults, investment bank reorganizations and mergers, public pension fund dissolutions, deficit spending, nationalizing private liabilities, and our financial system as whole.

Am I overstating a president's ability to affect the economy? With Bush43 it doesn't seem so to me as flames of economic crisis lick at America's heels under his watch. If Bush and his cronies didn't know, they should have. But perhaps you disagree.

Millions of American families turned out into the streets is the result of the Bush presidency's cynically named Ownership Society. Economic meltdown ends his presidency, 9/11 began it - the worst president in US history has earned Herbert Hoover's ghost haunting him down White House halls in the dead of night, even at 3:00 am. And if Hoover's ghost follows him to the Bush family compound in Paraguay, it's well-deserved.

~And one note of interest is this: in the chart of FDR's signing of the war declaration of Dec 8, 1941 (4:00 pm est; Washington DC) in response to Pearl Harbor which was or was not a set-up to rile the American people enough to justify our entering WWII - Pluto, Moon, and Chiron are conjunct in Leo, a Fire sign just as Sagittarius is a Fire sign.

Others have noted the similarity of 9/11's riling of the people as a way to mobilize the US military into invading the oil-rich Middle East - with our vengeful blessing due to 9/11. History may repeat on its own, of course, but there are those who look back for clues on how to advance their plans in the here-and-now - which would make the attacks of 9/11 a false flag op. You may disagree.

So you see on the chart that I've highlighted two interlacing YODs (Finger of God pattern = special task or purpose; crisis; turning point) but one must accept North Node and Ascendant as credible points in both YODs for them to be counted - and I do, because of the gravity of the events during the Bush presidency.

You know that Bush admitted that his job was to "catapult the propaganda" and we see the results of his political monkeyshines as he used his natal 1st house Mercury-Pluto conjunction to good effect early on (Mercury-Pluto = 'the ability to persuade; communicating and demanding new perspectives' (Tyl), but after his lies, today's market meltdown isn't being helped by Bush's platitudes...he's the wolf-crying boy and no one believes his bubble-think. Some of us never did.

The Pluto-Moon-Chiron trio in 8th house also represents Bush's campaign to privatize our Social Security system and hand the profits to Wall Street, as I know you remember. He got little traction on that scheme and it's a good thing it was resisted, as anyone would now agree. Billions are being handed to Wall Street anyway, as it turns out. He got his way by hook or crook.

That the Pentagon's war spending and LOSS of billions of taxpayers' dollars down the rabbithole (see chart for Sun-Moon Image for Integration a la Lewis Carroll) is esp indicated in one of the YODs because 2001's North Node (NN) 15Can32 is pointing to the *Pentagon's natal Ascendant.

Now for the trio's various conjunctions in the Watery 8th house of the Subconscious (one of the three Psyhological houses: 4, 8, 12.) For Centaur details, I'm using Clow's book on Chiron and Richard Nolle's book, Chiron:

Moon conj Chiron: extreme sensitivity, day-today levels of relationships are almost impossible to bear; attracts intense transformative partnerships yet solid partnerships are needed from Saturn's grounding. (Uh-oh - restrictive Saturn in 1st house is Rx in greedy Taurus and about 8 months beyond his Great Conj with Jupiter, planet of expansion and largesse - May 28, 2000.) Nolle says Moon conj Chiron indicates chance discoveries.

Moon conj Pluto: a domestic tyrant who may permanently alienate people's affections; drastic changes in personality; lack of emotional control; vulnerable to others taking advantage and may also take advantage of others; driven (toward 8th house matters.) (Pelletier, Planets in Aspect

Alan Oken says Moon conj Pluto gives rise to sudden panic, emotional outbursts; hysteria from ungrounded fears may result. So calm down, everyone. (I said that.)

Pluto conj Chiron: well, you know how I feel about this conjunction of corporatism, nationalism, fascism, and other isms.
Clow says this conj is very strong and is an evolutionary vortex, and that the house position defines the nature of the transmutive force.

Nolle says its an appr 60-year cycle which has to do with mass currents of consciousness - the collective unconscious, the racial, cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels of reality.

We remember post-9/11 Cheney's and Rice's fearmongering 'mushroom cloud' and 'dirty bomb' rhetoric to keep us in check and on their 'team' for as long as it worked.

~Now I don't mean that these abominations are not possibilities, but that they were used against us in a propagandistic way. And a bin Laden video or 'capturing' as October Surprise is still possible in time for November 2008 elections...the GOP-ers are desperate because they are discredited and passe.

So one of the YODs has NN at apex -> Mercury-Pluto = NN: being recognized for communication and persuasion skills; the desire to be spokesperson for the community; intellectual domination. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The other YOD has Pluto as apex planet -> NN/ASC = Pluto: strange or fated associations; power plays with oothers for personal advancement.

Now I know that some astrologers say that only planets make a YOD, but I leave it to you as to whether the two midpoint pictures have meaning to the subject and whether the crisis flavor of YOD patterns applies.

Bil Tierney, in his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, says that an apex Pluto in a YOD configuration indicates one whose extreme perspectives are out-of-tune with the environment; momentous circumstances must be accepted; past patterns must die in order to be advantageously transformed; vulnerabilities must be purged ('toxic debt'); he has organizational control over super-structures of society; apex Pluto's appointed role is to be an agent - he ushers in the new order of things to come and thus revolutionizes the world concept.

This apex Pluto makes futile attempts to coerce and manipulate others, or is openly defiant in undermining existing authority at any cost.

(Interesting that J.P. Morgan has an apex Pluto in a YOD pattern in his natal chart.)

Another midpoint picture whic defines the Bush presidency quite well is the 10th house Sun-Neptune = Mercury: deceptions; illusions; self-deception; fear from lack of resourcefulness; false logic; speech defect.

~As previously noted, Neptune 6AQ03 is at the Medina degree and as such represents an approximate Neptune Return for Islam...near the Sun, the leader in a national chart, and as such representing George Bush.

Well, that's my look back in anger at the Bush presidency which will be ending, it is hoped, on Jan 20, 2009. The 8th house Pluto-Chiron = Moon has done its dirty work and we see the Bush administration ending with a whimper as America droops into 2009.

Now here's the one word I purposefully left for last concerning the 8th house trio and its undermining financial implications of fraud, greed, and corruption...regeneration. America has a hard row to hoe for the next few years, but we've been here before and we can regenerate by pulling together. Chiron in 8th house also indicates the healing we clearly need yet the healing must be on a genuine spiritual level in order to last.

Who knows? With Chiron now traveling in company with spiritual Neptune, perhaps a spirit similar to the post-9/11 solidarity we felt will light again upon our noggins and a grassroots movement toward refurbishing our nation's finances will result in job creation, hard work, and a return to living within one's the real world and not just on paper!

And may failed president George Bush not let the screen door hit him on his way out...actually, he may want to skedaddle out of Washington before the tar'n'feathers are ready for application.


*Pentagon, Apr 29, 1942, formed just after Pearl Harbor and FDR's 1941 war declaration which justified institutionalizing and enshrining the five-pointed Pentagon; 10:30 am edt, Washington, DC - with an out-of-bounds Mars 2Can02, and Jupiter in Airy Gemini 21:00. (Notice now Bush's financial "Five-Point plan.")

Pentagons' natal Sun 8Tau38, Moon 20Lib33, Mercury 19Tau07, Venus 23Pis03 being triggered by tr Uranus; Neptune Rx 27Vir30 conj Ic 27Vir09; Pluto 3Leo30 conj Chiron 8Leo34 snugged about the 2nd cusp of Money - with n Chiron conj Pentagon's midpoint of the speculator duo, Jupiter-Neptune. Saturn and Uranus are conj in 11th house of Group Associations, at 28Tau50 and 29:07 respectively.