Oct 7, 2008

Kucinich on Dems' bailout betrayal

Kucinich on the Democrats' bailout betrayal tells more truth than Biden or Obama want you know about this financial charade we're being scammed by.

Kucinich notes that Barack Obama voted for the bill in case the markets fell sharply otherwise and he'd lose the election. That's what the kerfluffle was about, all that hemming and hawing and postponing going home to face irate constituents.

Scaredy cats and fatcats.

Without Kucinich, Paul, Kaptur, and Sanders, and perhaps a few others, we'd never hear a true word spoken on Capitol Hill from that Masonic Temple we call the Capitol Building.

And McCain is just as bad except that he can't talk economic language (doublespeak) as well in front of a camera as Obama.

Some choice we get with class warfaring Pluto-Chiron plutocrats who are laughing all the way to the bank. 1999 was the year of the Financial Services Modernization Act that destroyed the protections of 1933's Glass-Steagall Act...and Dec 30, 1999 was the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron.

How happy they must've been! FDR's New Deal finally placed on the road to ruin in one fell swoop...no money for pesky old entitlements now!

So when Capitol Hill Theater (Bailout from Hades, Acts I and II) was in full swing I wrote: just see what the outcome is no matter what they say on the floor or in the press (or words to that effect.) And lo and behold they had their way and ignored ours even though we contacted our "reps" 100 to 1 Against the 'bailout bill' for Wall Street.

You know this manufactured 'credit crunch' means that all the mega-liquidity the Fed and Treasury have poured into the system is being hoarded by banks - and by banks that are more like oil companies than most people realize.

So I can't wait to hear during tonight's townhall debate which is hemming and which one is hawing the loudest. Perhaps they'll take turns.

As you know, the Bailout Bill won't fix anything for the middle class but it will continue to undermine all but the topcats.

About the only thing the Robber Baron class is missing in 2008 from their Industrial Revolution Days of yore is their fancy tophats where they can be more easily recognized.

Monopoly, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Obama needs to be elected into power so he can do something about the 'manufactured' credit crunch. Kucinich has the luxury of taking the 'purist' position and speaking about his dissatisfaction with the Democratic party. Obama can only do so much until he has the power to do more.