Oct 26, 2008

new financial order? as planned

"Down For The Count: The whole system is contracting"

By Mike Whitney

The US Treasury and Federal Reserve are now underwriting the entire financial system. The free market has been abandoned altogether. Everything from commercial paper to money markets is now backed by the "full faith and credit of the United States."


Yes, Pope John Paul called for a 'new financial order' on Jan 1, 2004...not that he was the first wheeler dealer to do so; plus, he'd probably uttered the words before.

Guess he must known more about world financials than Benedict now lets on...headed-for-Capricorn Pluto (the pope) is having his final fling at '30Sag': "The Pope Blessing the Faithful" degree, so this pass compliments of the saboteur and assassin will have to do for quite a while as far as Pluto traversing the last degrees of Sagittarius goes.

Then there's the Dragon Guarding the Riches aspect of Pluto. We don't want to bullyrag him, but Mr. Invisible Helmet is proving to be, in these economically compromised and undermined times (with thieves scattering on every side) a busy catalyst for all occasions.

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