Oct 26, 2008

Full Moon in Gemini Dec 12, 2008

A few details on Dec 12, 2008's Full Moon in Gemini have been added to Jude's Threshold if you'd care to have a peek.

The post directs you to a very interesting Astrology Forum thread concerning Dec 12's Full Moon which occurs the same month as the US Secondary Full Moon - by Progression - on the 4Vir/Pis10 axis which will be America's Christmas gift for 2008 and beyond.

One thing I doubt I've mentioned yet concerning America's Secondary Progressed Mars now gone retrograde at 18Lib+...that on another level it represents Wall Street players, gamblers, and other bankers - it's obvious as can be, no?

Mars itself as an actor in a chart signifies 'young males' so stock traders come under the purview of Mars; Rx can be 'weakened' or 'energy turned inward' (or 'strengthened' at Stationary degree.)

But the interesting tidbits about our Mars Rx are the Sabian Symbols for both '18' and '19 Libra'...in relation to Wall Street and America's rotten banking and insurance industries whose frilly underpants have been hung out to dry for the whole world to see:

'18'..."Two Men Placed Under Arrest";

'19'..."A Gang of Robbers in Hiding."

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